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CLYMB Abu Dhabi is the newest and the ultimate adventure park in the UAE. Curious to know the reason behind it! It’s simple; whatever you choose to do here, you’ll be able to take it to the next or perhaps the extreme level. Located in Abu Dhabi’s absolute leisure hub at Yas Island, this completely indoor attraction is home to the largest of its kind skydiving flight chamber as well as the tallest of its kind climbing wall. So excited to know about this indoor skydiving and indoor climbing Abu Dhabi experience! This exclusive post on

CLYMB Abu Dhabi

is just for you.

Clymb Abu Dhabi – Key Highlights & Interesting Facts

clymb abu dhabi

  • CLYMB Abu Dhabi opened its door on November 29, 2019.
  • This exclusive leisure and sports facility has been developed by Miral which is largely instrumental in transforming Yas Island into one of the UAE’s greatest integrated leisure attractions.
  • It’s fully set indoors; you’ll not only get to enjoy the Abu Dhabi climbing wall which is the tallest of its kind in the world (at 140 feet) but also experience the world’s widest skydiving chamber, which sprawls over an area of 32 feet.
  • CLYMB Abu Dhabi is striking for its intricate geometric architecture that resembles a giant crystal. Interestingly, it represents the region’s rugged yet awe-inspiring mountainous landscape.
  • Yas Island has to its credit some of Abu Dhabi’s prestigious attractions such as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, and Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. And CLYMB Abu Dhabi has been opened to boost Yas Island’s status as an internationally-acclaimed entertainment destination for families, little ones, and aficionados of sports, among others.
  • There is an air-conditioned passageway that easily connects the facility to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Mall. Moreover, Yas Island’s other attractions such as Yas Waterworld, Yas Marina Circuit and Warner Bros are just a few blocks away.

Is Clymb Abu Dhabi for all?

CLYMB Abu Dhabi may appear to be distinct and challenging, but the professional team behind it ensures that it is ideal for all abilities. In fact, you don’t have to be a pro to try these activities; even beginners and little ones (above three years for Skydiving & above four years for climbing) are welcome here.  But just make sure that you’re accompanied by a legal guardian, especially if you’re below 18 years of age.

All about Clymb Abu Dhabi – Timings, Location, How To Reach

Clymb Abu Dhabi Timing

Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs

Friday & Saturday: 13:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs

Clymb Abu Dhabi Location

It’s located on the world-renowned Yas Island and is linked to Yas Mall via an air-conditioned passageway.

How to Reach Clymb Abu Dhabi?

From Abu Dhabi:

  • There are two routes.
    • Al Raha Beach Highway (E10 Highway): You’ll drive towards Dubai covering Maqta Bridge and passing via Raha Mall. You’ll then head to the slip road with the sign Yas Island West. Now look for signs which lead you to Yas Leisure Drive and finally to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and CLYMB Abu Dhabi.
    • Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Highway (E12 Highway): You’ll drive towards Mina Zayed Port via the Corniche Road and then make your way to E12 Sheikh Khalifa Highway. From here, look for signs which lead you to Yas Leisure Drive and finally to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and CLYMB Abu Dhabi.
  • If you plan to reach here via bus, take 190 Bus Route which will take you to Yas Island.

From Dubai:

  • From your Dubai hotel or location, drive towards Sheik Zayed Road that takes you to Abu Dhabi. As you take the slip road for Yas Island, look for signs which lead you to Yas Leisure Drive and finally to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and CLYMB Abu Dhabi.
  • If you plan to reach here via bus, make your way to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Bur Dubai and then take 190 Bus Route which will take you to Yas Island.

Clymb Abu Dhabi Tickets

Coming Soon

Things to Do at Clymb Abu Dhabi

  • Indoor Skydiving at Clymb Abu Dhabi

If you think that this is an ordinary indoor skydiving adventure within a narrow air tunnel, then you’re in for a great surprise. Yes, along with all staples of an indoor skydiving (such as enjoying the rush of freefall without using a harness or ever jumping off the plane), it gives you the once-in-the-lifetime opportunity to take in the world’s both tallest and widest indoor flight chamber at about 9.7 meters (32 feet) width and 32 meters (104 feet) height.

Apparently, the air tunnel at CLYMB Abu Dhabi will give you ample space to move up and down. It also features 16 high-end fans which are a contrast to the standard four in an ordinary chamber. Not to mention, this indoor skydiving experience promises you to take to exhilarating heights.


  • To start your indoor skydiving at Clymb Abu Dhabi, make sure that you reach the spot on time.
  • Meet your friendly instructor who will give you instructions on safety measures and significant body control techniques.
  • Suit yourself up for the experience; wear your flying jumpsuit, helmet, goggles and shoes (all provided).
  • Once you’re ready to fly, you’ll be taken to the flight chamber for an as-never-before indoor skydiving experience.
  • Indoor Climbing at Clymb Abu Dhabi

climbing wall abu dhabi

CLYMB Abu Dhabi’s dedicated indoor climbing space may be the world’s tallest climbing wall, with its SUMMIT at a height of 42 meters (138 feet). But, that doesn’t mean it’s just for expert climbers. There are five walls of varying levels and heights, which indicates that even intermediates, beginners and those with no prior experience can try this activity.


  • Check-in on time to kick off the experience.
  • Meet your climbing instructor who will help you to identify your ability or skill level (which will be one of below)
    • Level 1: You’re absolutely new to this experience. Don’t worry; there will be a trained instructor to guide you throughout the experience.
    • Level 2: You’re a beginner who can do bouldering and auto-belay on your own.
    • Level 3: You can do Top Rope (wherein the climber is fastened to a rope that is attached to the top of the wall with the help of an anchor) as well.
    • Level 4: You’re an expert rock climber adept enough to handle several climbing styles including the Lead Climbing course which is both challenging and scarier.
  • After this, your instructor will give your safety instructions and also teach some climbing techniques (based on your skill level).
  • Next, you’ll get ready for the adventure; wear your harness, helmet, climbing shoes, etc (all provided)
  • That’s it’ now off you climb!

Things to Know Before You Visit Clymb Abu Dhabi

  • Pre-book your tickets to avoid any hassle as part of your CLYMB Abu Dhabi experience.
  • Know that entry is free for spectators but this is based on its availability.
  • Guests as young as three years or four years are allowed at CLYMB Abu Dhabi. While there is not any upper age limit for indoor rock climbing / indoor skydiving, it’s recommended to not take part in these activities if:
    • You’ve back, heart or neck problems (seek your doctor’s advice in this case)
    • Your weight is above 115 kilograms. That said; depending on other vital aspects, it’s up to the crew to decide whether you can fly or not.
    • You’re pregnant
    • You have a history of severe epilepsy
    • You’ve undergone surgery or serious injury in recent time
    • You wear any hard cast
  • For skydiving, it’s ideal to wear sportswear (but no collared ones) upon which you’ll don your flight suit. Protective gear such as earplugs, goggles, and a helmet are included.
  • For climbing, it’s ideal to wear comfortable loose outfit or preferably sportswear and complete your look by putting on exclusive climbing shoes. Protective gear plus climbing staples such as harness, helmets, etc are included.
  • Before your chosen experience kicks off, you’ll be asked to sign a Climb / Flight waiver form.
  • There are several food and beverage facilities attached to the attraction. To dine with a view, choose Base Camp Bites which faces the Summit or head to Altitude Café with the vistas of the flight chamber.
  • Ample, complimentary parking is available close to the facility’s entrance.
  • To make the most of your visit here, combine your CLYMB Abu Dhabi experience with a trip to its nearby attractions (check below for more ideas).

Top Attractions near Clymb Abu Dhabi

  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The first of its kind Ferrari based theme park is the ultimate attraction for adventurists and motorsport enthusiasts. Come prepared here to experience some of the world-class rides and attractions including Flying Aces and Formula Rossa which is the world’s fastest roller coaster ride. And yes, it’s for your smaller ones too, with Bell’Italia and Junior Grand Prix, among others.

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  • Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

This lets you catch up with your most adored superheroes and favorite cartoon characters, thanks to its six inspiring zones which collectively host over 30 amazing rides, slides, games, etc.

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  • Yas Waterworld

If pulse-racing water rides and slides interest you, this is the place to go. There are over 45 unique rides. More interestingly, it’s developed to honor the traditional Emirati heritage and is built around the concept of ‘The Legend of the Lost Pearl.’

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  • Yas Marina Circuit

A trip here gives you the chance to see one of the world’s most expensive and state of the art racing circuits. It’s also the venue of the prestigious Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


With all the information on CLYMB Abu Dhabi available, it’s now your turn to experience this remarkable facility for yourself. Given its location at Yas Island with some of the best indoor activities in Abu Dhabi, we would recommend you to come here prepared to spend a whole day. And if you need any help to plan your perfect Yas Island outing, our team is just a call or a click away.

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