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With Dubai Expo 2020, more than 25 million people from across the world are looking forward to gathering in Dubai in order to be part of all its surprises and attractions for the whole six months. Yes,

Expo 2020 Dubai

is going to be nothing short of a grand affair as this wonderful city has gone all out to make it the biggest and the grandest ever expo. Want to know more about Dubai Expo 2020? Starting off right with its history, here’s all you should know about the upcoming World Expo which is touted as the world’s third’s biggest event after the FIFA World Cup and Olympics.

What is the Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 aims to connect people and ideas from different corners of the world, to build something unique, innovative and sustainable for the future. Starting in October 2021, the show will run for six months until March 2022 with participants from 190 countries. Expo 2020 expects to bring around 25 million people to Dubai, and 70% from outside the UAE. Dubai South is the place that would host the entire event, and people would get to visit different pavilions dedicated to various countries and their innovations, without crossing the oceans.

History & Evolution of World EXPO

The first World Expo was held in London’s Crystal Palace, at Hyde Park, in 1851. But its origin is largely attributed to the exhibitions as part of French traditions. Till the mid-19th century, it mainly served as a platform to display achievements of the Industrial Evolution. Later, it began to highlight technological inventions and then focused on the diversity of themes during the 20th century. In fact, the World Expo has come a long way; it’s now more of an international platform where countries from all over the world meet to showcase not just their most innovative scientific and technological advancements, architectural developments or achievements as a whole but also to promote various cultures and of course discuss about everything that strengthens global relationships and brings progress to the world.

Dubai Expo 2020: Some Significant Facts

  1. The World Expo takes place once in every five years with a brand-new theme.
  2. The host city varies every time and all aspects of the event are determined by the Paris-based Bureau International des Expositions (BIR), an intergovernmental organization.
  3. The duration of the event is six months.
  4. The last expo was held in Milan in 2015.

How did Dubai win the Expo 2020 bid?

After the submission of candidature and clearing of all parameters, the host city of the World Expo is finally chosen by the BIE Member States on the basis of a voting system. And with 116 of 168 votes, Dubai effortlessly won the bid by beating other contender cities (such as Brazil’s Sao Paulo, Turkey’s Izmir, and Russia’s Yekaterinburg) and it was confirmed as the Expo 2020’s host city at the BIE’s 2013 general assembly.

Dubai EXPO 2020 Start and Finish Dates?

Dubai EXPO was originally scheduled to kick off from 1st October 2021 to 31 April 2021. But it has been now postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. And the new dates are from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022.

What’s special about Dubai EXPO 2020?

  1. It’s the first-ever World Expo going to be held in the entire MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia) region.
  2. Expo 2020 coincides with the Emirates’ 50th-anniversary celebrations, thus making it extra special.
  3. This mega event is expected to create an incredibly positive impact on the region’s economy, especially boosting its tourism, hospitality, real estate, banking, and retail sectors.
  4. It will create close to 300,000 jobs in the country.
  5. More than 190 countries will participate in Expo 2020.

Main Theme & Sub Themes of Dubai Expo 2020

The main theme of Dubai Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting minds, creating the future’ and this well lives up to its goal to create a better future for the world by connecting people and inspiring ideas. And the whole concept is executed through its three key sub-themes: Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. Opportunity is all about bringing out immense capabilities that lie within people and community thus unlocking more innovative ways for the betterment of the future. As indicative of its name, the idea behind Mobility is to enhance the movement of people, goods, etc. in this era of digital connectivity. And when it comes to Sustainability, it places emphasis on the development through sustainable solutions which further ensure the protection of the natural resources and ecosystem as a whole.

How Dubai is getting ready to host EXPO 2020?

Dubai is already a destination of prestigious records and attractions. And when it comes to hosting an event of such an extraordinary scale and complexity, it is obvious that Dubai will pull out all stops to make it the best ever. So let’s see how the city is getting ready to host 190 countries and welcome over 25 million people during the six-month-long event.

  1. A huge investment of over 25 billion dirhams has been made for the city’s infrastructure revamp.
  2. The main expo site (Dubai South), which spans over a massive 438 hectares area, is swift on its way to completion.
  3. There will be three districts, named after the event’s sub-themes and collectively taking up of over 222,000 square meters. Interestingly, this is equivalent to more than the area of New York’s Grand Central Station.
  4. Who’s of who of the architecture and construction industry has been roped in for the design and build of the main expo site and other key attractions. This includes Santiago Calatrava, Foster + Partners, and Fentress.
  5. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park will be largely instrumental in implementing the event’s theme, thereby catering to the expo’s energy demands while incredibly minimizing the region’s carbon footprint.
  6. A dedicated metro route has been developed for the event and this comes with a capacity to transport over 45,000 passengers in an hour’s time.
  7. There will be over 100,000 hotel rooms in order to cater to the large influx of people during the event.
  8. An extensive line-up of impressive attractions and projects is fast getting ready to excite, engage and entertain visitors, from Dubai Aladdin City and Blue Waters Island with Ain Dubai to Dubai Frame and Dubai Creek Tower to Dubai Canal and theme parks such as Dubai Parks and Resorts, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Play DXB, and Ski Dubai.

Dubai EXPO 2020 Site

Dubai Expo 2020 site is getting ready at Dubai South, close to Al Maktoum International Airport and in a location between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As mentioned earlier, the overall area of the site is over 400 hectares and this covers 200 hectares of a gated site with four entrances.

Right in the middle of the site is the central pavilion, Al Wasl Plaza; true to its name, it serves as the key hub which well connects three huge districts, named after the expo’s sub-themes, and all other attractions including the UAE pavilion whose design takes after a falcon in flight. More than that, Al Wasl Plaza excels in its offerings and design too. Filled with fountains, parks, and palms, it comes with a dome of 65 meter high which opens to the sky and also serves as a 360-degree projection screen in the night.

Besides meticulously hosting about 200 countries, the site comprises Performance Park, Children’s Park and Expo Village. As the whole plan is designed and developed around the sustainability aspect, more than 80% of this site’s infrastructure will be reused after Expo 2020. For instance, Al Wasl Plaza will be retained as an events venue while the sustainability pavilion will act as a Children and Space Centre.

Highlights & Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss

  1. From architectural fineness and scientific improvements to technological trends, you can look out for the major achievements of the participant countries.
  2. The great news for foodies is that they will get to savor culinary flavors from all over the world during the event, with over 200 food and beverage outlets.
  3. The expo site is full of incredible experiences. One of the main highlights is the rotating observation tower which allows you to take in the expo from an unmatched standpoint. Moreover, the shaded canopies modeled after the UAE’s national tree (Ghaf) will keep the visitors cool.
  4. Don’t miss out on the impressive attractions which Dubai has lined up as part of Expo 2020. Take to Ain Dubai, the world’s highest observation wheel; step into the Museum of Future; visit Dubai Frame; and most of all, check out its greatest array of theme parks, entertainment venues, and gardens.
  5. Take time to explore the region’s inspiring culture and heritage. There are some timeless cultural attractions and experiences and attractions awaiting you, such as the Dubai Museum, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, dhow cruise, desert safari, etc.

Exclusive Dubai Expo Events & Attractions

  1. Enjoy living canvas where you can admire beautiful art creations by local and international talents.
  2. Watch world-class performances brought to you by brilliant performers.
  3. There will be fashions shows, digital theaters, and dance shows – all of which promises unrivaled cultural experiences throughout the event.
  4. Kids will get to participate in some amazingly unique activities; they will get to create robots, learn about 3D printing and indulge in a variety of interesting games.

Dubai Expo 2020: Something for Everyone

Expo 2020 is one of the most anticipated events in the world, not only due to the ground-breaking exhibitions and innovations but also because it would have something for everyone. Right from kids to adults and food & art lovers to adventure enthusiasts, everyone would have the time of their life at Dubai Expo 2020.

  1. World-renowned celebrities from different fields are expected to grace the expo during its 6 months run.
  2. Watch comedy shows by both amateur and professional artists who would not fail to tickle your funny bone.
  3. There would be several family-friendly attractions including games, play areas, etc. to keep the tiny tots engaged and entertained.
  4. It is a great opportunity for those who want to broaden their horizons by meeting and interacting with people with different cultures, opinions, and backgrounds.
  5. Every country participating in Expo 2020 would get the opportunity to project their culture during the event.
  6. With 200 food outlets and 50 cuisines available at the Expo 2020, it would definitely be a field day for lovers of food. There would be something for all kinds of palates and budgets.

So with so much to look forward to during the event, be sure to visit Dubai during Expo 2020. Yes, don’t miss out on all the captivating spectacles as part of this mega event. Just as we’ve rounded out for you all relevant info on the upcoming expo, we can also help you plan a perfect Dubai trip themed around Dubai Expo. Get in touch with our experts; they’re willing to answer all your queries on this much-awaited event.

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