8 Countries Where Weed Is Legal and Fun

Ever thought you can order weed just like coffee? Here are a few countries that have legalised weed smoking and you can freely spark up a joint.

The tourism culture is shifting to new and quirky experiences. Smoking weed is the talk of the town. Although consumption of a certain limit of marijuana is supposed to have medicinal benefits, some countries have given it a green flag for recreational purposes. From flying with weed to staying at weed-approved resorts, the legalisation of marijuana consumption has grabbed the headlines.

If hazy moments and pot parties tickle your fancy,  here is the list of countries where Marijuana is legal, decriminalise or socially tolerable:

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1. Uruguay

The ultimate weed-friendly country, Uruguay is the first to legalise medical and recreational cannabis nationwide. Back in 2013, it caused célèbre when the government made weed fully legal for anyone 18 and up. You got to register with the government and then involve in acts of possessions, selling or growing. With commercial grass available in regular pharmacies, this tiny county is living the dreams of every smoke lover.

2. Canada

One of the latest additions to the weed legalisation company list is Canada. Yes, you read that right — Canada is the most well-known country to have legalised recreational cannabis. Marijuana has been legal in the country since 2001, but it created a buzz in 2018 when the country went easier on its cannabis laws. Both Canadians and tourists can possess up to 30 grams of marijuana in public and their vehicles. It is not wise to smoke in public as a foreigner. They can attend an event or just share a joint with locals.

3. Czech Republic

Fancy an expensive weed? The Czech Republic is touted as the beer capital of the world. The country has been progressive and it has brought some reforms in its weed laws. Medical cannabis has been legal since 1 April 2013. However, now consumption of up to 15 grams is also considered civil and not an offence. At the Czech Republic, one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, tourists can make smoking rings, play musical instruments and sail to another world.

4. The Netherlands

Dotted with centuries-old windmills, canal cruises, tulip fields and weed cafes, the Netherlands is one of the legendary destinations to smoke weed. Not legal, the country has decriminalised (not a criminal offence) weed consumption. International tourists who love being high can seamlessly find weed in a coffee shop. Interestingly, consuming the weed in these shops is legal, but bringing it back to your rooms or hotels could draw attention.

5. Spain

Another smoker-friendly destination is Spain where they have tolerant cannabis laws. It has become a Mecca for smokers — thanks to its hundreds of smoking clubs. One can cultivate weed for personal purposes but can attract fines and punishment when done for commercial uses.

6. Jamaica

Heard the famous Bob Marley’s ‘Never mind, got to legalise it’? After about four decades of the song launch, this Caribbean county finally liberalised its drug policies and decriminalised weed in 2015. After changes, the law permits the possession of up to two ounces (57 grams) of ganja or 5 plants for personal use. And luckily if you are a Rastafarian, you can smoke it up like a chimney without any legal restrictions.

7. Colombia

Well, selling Marijuana in Colombia is unlawful but one can carry 22 grams for personal use. If one wants, he can also grow up to 20 plants. However, it is a big no-no to grow weeds for commercial purposes.

8. Belize

Another American country where weed is legal, Belize allows up to 10 grams of cannabis in private premises. People can smoke their stuff at home, on sailboats or at others’ at someone else’s property without fines. Home production is also allowed only if you have permission.

Intrigued by the breathtaking beauty and unbelievable diversity around the world, Shambhavi has taken the agenda of inspiring travellers to embark on their new journeys with passion and information. She has a pen in one hand and a camera in the other. She is a food-enamoured introvert who is fond of plants, reads fiction and taps feet to Bollywood music.

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