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Italy has decided to ease the travel restrictions imposed on foreign tourists

. Henceforth, visitors to Italy will not be required to fill out the EU passenger locator form.

Majority of the countries have now eased the Covid restrictions. As everything is getting back to normal like the pre-pandemic era, Italy has finally decided to ease their travel policies and allow tourists from all over the world to visit their beautiful country.

With the latest travel guidelines released by the government of Italy, now, visitors will not be required to fill out the EU passenger locator form at the airport. It is a very long, hectic and complicated process which was introduced during the Covid times for international contact tracking.

The Covid-19 green health pass, which was mandatory to enter public places like malls, theatres, gyms, etc., is no longer needed for the visitors. But still, to enter the public healthcare infrastructure like hospitals and nursing homes, one must show the green pass showing the proof of full vaccination or else a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 from an authorized doctor, or if both the cases are not possible, then a recent negative test report would work.

Now, you must be thinking of the masks and the social distancing norms. But here is the only thing that some people would not like. Italy has made it mandatory to wear face masks in public places like public transport, movies, and hospitals, and maintain social distancing as the country will enjoy the tourist season.

After two long again, Italy, once again, is getting ready to welcome tourists from all around the world to their beautiful nation with ample natural resources.

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