29 hours work week in the Netherlands
What if you are told that you have to work just

29 hours a week?

You would scream with joy and take that offer! But unfortunately, India and many other countries do not have such a working day policy. You have to work at least 40 hours a week in India. Some companies even stretch it to 45 hours, while some have six working days in a week which is completely out of the talk.

The Netherlands, however, has a unique working days policy that allows a 34hour work week for men and 29-hour work week for women, which accounts for an average weekly working time of 29 hours. This is as close as a four-day workweek.

Most of the countries have prioritized a five-day work week plan with two weekly offs on Saturday and Sunday, which is different for different countries depending on their culture and traditions, as like Middle-East has weekly offs on Friday and Saturday.

The Netherlands has created and utilized this policy to make their people find a perfect balance between their personal and professional lives. They still have a five-day work week but fewer working hours per day. This has boosted the employees’ productivity levels, which has now resulted in achieving the desired targets for an organization as well as the contribution to the nation’s GDP.

Even the Netherlands has a very high employment ratio which is about 76%. So, logically speaking, there are 76% chances of you getting a decent paying job in this European country.

The Netherlands, being one of the top tourist spots in Europe, has friendly travel policies to attract global tourists to the nation. Many travel agencies prefer their clients to visit the Netherlands for their holidays.

Even if you are trying to reach the Netherlands for employment purposes, such travel companies help out to get you a preferred location and travel means.

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