Hatta Mountain Safari
If you eagerly waiting for your annual holidays to arrive for taking a break, why not try weekend getaways and short breaks in your hectic calendar to refresh your mind and body. Combining the rugged mountains and the ambidexterity of the desert in one tour, a weekend trip to Hatta Mountain is one of the best adventurous journeys you can undergo in your life. Experience the natural and wilder side of Dubai. It is an incredible way to explore the different landscapes, move through the natural habitats and experience the breathtaking scenery from the top, something which you definitely cannot afford to miss while you are in Dubai. The Hatta Mountain offers a picturesque view of the fossil rocks along with natural springs and valleys. Hatta Mountain Safari from Dubai, one of the rare combinations of tours in Dubai which is not only interesting but at the same time equally beautiful.

What You Can Expect in Hatta Mountain Safari

Hatta Wadi

Hatta Mountain Safari

The entire tour should take at least half a day and the journey passes through the 200-year-old Hatta village which is located at the rough Hajar Mountains. Guests and tourists are picked from their locations at around 7:30 am in the morning. We start off on the 4×4 rough terrain vehicles which are the ideal suite to cater to this rough but exciting journey. The Hatta Wadi tour kicks off with an action-packed dune-bashing in the desert before we head to the Hatta Mountain. The drive continues on the road until the mountainous ranges are reached. The rocky landscape will give you a rough driving experience. It is recommended to hold on to something tight to avoid getting injured. As you pass through this rough landscape, there are several beautiful scenarios and refreshing breezes which you would come across. There would be villages surrounding the mountains which give you a perfect backdrop. Drop off for some click moments as such moments are very rare in our busy city lives. It is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is a treat to your eyes as you watch the Hatta natural water ponds and the dry river beds which get flooded after rains. Take a swim across in one of these wadis and refresh and rejuvenate your senses with this freshwater swim.

Hatta Villages

hatta heritage village dubai

Hatta Wadi is one of the oldest heritage villages in Dubai. As you pass through your journey, there would be several local street marks and carpet shops. Do polish your negotiation skills if you intend to purchase something. Located in the Rocky Al Hajar Mountains and around an hour’s drive from Dubai city (105 kilometers from the Dubai International Airport). The Hatta Heritage Village is one of the oldest heritage villages in Dubai. Inhabitation dates back to almost two centuries back. Visiting the village itself will give you a feel of 16th-century architecture and art. The houses and buildings are constructed using customary materials that are quite unique from the urban modernized architecture of Dubai city. It is definitely a different feeling altogether, as you can feel the atmosphere being fresh and the ambiance quite relaxing in comparison to the busy lives in the city. The village has become quite popular among locals and tourists for a getaway spot during weekends. We are sure this hour and a half drive to the village are surely going to last a spellbinding effect in your lives.

Hatta Fort Hotel

Hatta Fort Hotel

Head to the famous 16th century built Hatta Fort before your lunch. Quaint chalet-style rooms, fascinating rock-feature swimming pools, restaurants are what you will associate the Hatta Fort Hotel with. It would remind you of an ancient Portuguese architecture, which is quite evidently different and unique from an Arabian architecture. Enjoy the mouth-watering sumptuous lunch which is surely going to give your taste buds a treat. Head to the traditional local souks where you get a good collection of antiques such as Arabian pottery and carpets and much more. There is an ancient mosque which is more than 200 years old. Do visit it if you are a firm believer of old is gold.


There are several tour operators offering packages for the trip to Hatta Mountain, and the prices for each operator would vary depending on the inclusions of the tour.

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