Krabi beach

One of the most popular beach destinations in Thailand is Krabi. Located in the southernmost part of Thailand’s Andaman coast, Krabi is loved by laid back vacation seekers and water sport enthusiasts alike. The underwater life of the area leaves the tourists awestruck.

While the whole island is a tourist’s paradise, Krabi town specifically is a great tourist attraction. The town offers a refreshing change from the water fun and has many

great things to do in Krabi


1. Visit the Tiger Cave

Tiger Cave

Also known as Wat Tham Suea, Tiger cave is one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Thailand. A must in the itinerary of almost all Krabi tour packages, Tiger Cave is one of the most beautiful Krabi attractions. Be prepared, in order to see the stunning vistas at the top of the temple, you will have to climb a strenuous 1237 steps. The cave has tiger paw prints and many different stories associated with it. Visit the temple not only for the spiritual factor but also to see one of the best views in the town of Krabi. In case you don’t want to climb the entire height, you can even go to see the emerald Buddha inside a smaller cave.

2. Daily Night Markets

Night Markets

There are two-night markets in the town of Krabi. The first one is located near Maharat Road. It serves one of the best street food of Thailand including rice and chicken, catfish curry, salads, sweets, and soups. Don’t forget to try the steamed shellfish there. The other market is more like an open-air food court located at the Khong Kha Road. It has small restaurants with plastic chairs and tables serving a sumptuous variety of dishes. Visiting night markets is one of the most loved things to di in Krabi town by tourists and locals alike.

3. Krabi River


This southern river in Thailand stretches to up to 5 kilometers with its main channel in the Andaman Sea. A paradise for birdwatchers, Krabi river is home to many migratory and resident birds that are a source of evening time pass for the locals. Essentially clean, promenade should be visited towards the end of the afternoon for best vistas. You can even enjoy a boat stroll along the tranquil river. The Krabi river Marina boasts of some beautiful restaurants serving delicious seafood.

4. Kanab Nam limestone cliffs

Kanab Nam limestone cliffs Krabi

One of the most famous landmarks of Krabi, the Kanab Nam limestone cliffs stands proud at 100 meters tall and acts as a gateway to the town of Krabi. Exploring the site will help you discover many hidden caves and spiritual sites. Visit the place like a lost traveler and you’ll find a traditional Thai fishing village, hidden in the mangrove forest and high-rise mountains. Kanab Nam is one of the best places to visit in Krabi.

5. Krabi Town Nightlife

Town Nightlife

The nightlife of the town of Krabi is cool and happening. Offering ample entertainment opportunities after dark, Krabi’s nightlife never lets the city sleep. An abundance of partying and naughty entertainment scene dominates the dark hours of Krabi. While it may not be as happening as Pattaya or Bangkok, Krabi as a distinction in its own. From sumptuous food to dance bars, pubs and street food, the Krabi nights can be as fun as the days here.

6. Floating Restaurant- Ruan Pae

Floating Restaurant Ruan Pae

Ruan Pae is your answer to authentic Thai dining on the river bank. While many may call it an old fashioned style of dining, Ruan Pae offers a relaxed ambiance, great atmosphere, and delicious seafood. It is not for the ones looking for a fine dining experience, it is rather local dining with a raw and traditional feel to it.

Opening hours: 17:00 to 22:00 every day

Address: Off Chao Fah Pier

7. Khong Kha Pier Night Market

Krabi markets

Night markets in Thailand are very common. The Khong Kha Pier night market clearly rules the scene with its delicious food stalls, cheap souvenirs on offer, authentic Thai pastes that you can carry along to your home country and make authentic Thai curries and so much more. Not many know that the market has various fresh fruit juices and shakes stalls that are simply out of the world. Don’t go to the night market just for the food, but also for the heavenly shakes out of the regular fruits and veggies.

8. Enjoy a heavenly Thai Massage

Wherever you may be in Thailand, there’s no way you are leaving without the authentic Thai Massage and Krabi is just the perfect place for a heavenly Thai massage. One of the best masseurs in the world offer to give your body, leg, and back massages that can soak all your tiredness away. The best part about the massage centers in Krabi is that while there are various high-end spas, there are a lot many affordable massage centers too that offer the most authentic spa experiences without digging a hole in your pocket.

9. Take a Thai cooking class

cooking class

Thai cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines in the world and the most interesting to learn. While in Krabi don’t forget to take a cooking class. Easily available from experienced home cooks, Thai cooking classes are also the best ways to understand the eating culture and cuisine brilliance of the traditional Thai cooking. The history behind the dishes, the reason for a particular style of cooking and the curry secrets makes it a must thing to do in Krabi.

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Krabi town gives every tourist that perfect glimpse into the culture, history, and beliefs of a place, without which, a true traveler never considers his trip complete. Visit the tinsel town of Krabi to completely soak in an important part of Thailand’s culture and beauty.


Q1. What is Krabi Town famous for?

Krabi Town is known for being the gateway to the stunning beaches and islands in the Krabi Province. It is a bustling town with a laid-back atmosphere and offers visitors a chance to experience authentic Thai culture, cuisine, and hospitality.

Q2. Name some must-do things in Krabi.

  • Tiger Cave
  • Krabi River
  • Floating Restaurant- Ruan Pae
  • Heavenly Thai Massage

Q3. Why try the Thai cooking classes in Krabi?

Thai cooking classes, which are easily accessible from seasoned home cooks, are also one of the best strategies to comprehend the eating culture & culinary brilliance of traditional Thai cookery. It is a must-do activity in Krabi because of the history behind their meals, the explanation for a particular cooking method, and the curry secrets.

Q4. What is an ideal time to explore Krabi Town?

November to April is the perfect time to explore Krabi Town as the weather then is dry and pleasant.

Q5. What is the currency people use in Krabi Town?

Thai Baht is the currency people use in Krabi Town.

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