Built lavishly on reclaimed land in the South of Singapore, Gardens By the Bay is a nature park spread in 250 acres. Built as a part of the strategy of turning Singapore from a ‘Garden city’ to the ‘City in a garden’, Gardens by the Bay aims at focusing the attention on enhancing the quality of life by improving the greenery and flora in cities.

The three gardens include cooled conservatories, dining and events spaces, lakes, waterways, ariel bridges, including the showpiece super trees covered all in plants and measuring a height of up to 50 meters. Want to know some interesting

facts about Gardens by the Bay

Facts about Gardens by the Bay

Main Attractions at Gardens by the Bay:

The Flower Dome

A cool dry conservatory, the Flower Dome replicates the Mediterranean climate including the parts of Africa, some parts of Italy and Spain. Offering a spectacular skyline of the Marina Reservoir. Boasting of plants and flowers from all over the globe, it is full of baobab and bottle trees. Walking through the flower Dome is a real sensory delight for the visitors.


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Supertree Groove

The Supertree at the Gardens by the Bay is supertall trees with 25 to 50 meters in height. These super trees provide the much-needed shade during the day and offer a mesmerizing illuminated display of lights at night. Serving as a beautiful venue for many events, the Supertree Groove canopies are a major attraction for the tourists.

Cloud Forest

Replicating the cool climate from high up in the mountains, Cloud Forest is a knowledge powerhouse for a better understanding of the rare flora gems, different vegetation, and the disappearing rare plants.

The Children’s Garden

One of the most loved attractions of the Gardens by the Bay, the Children’s Garden consists of trampolines, hanging bridges, balancing beams and a lot more kid-friendly attractions. Suitable for all ages from 1 to 12 years of age, The Children’s Garden is an ideal family attraction located near the adventure trail and treehouse.


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The OCBC Skyway

It’s hard to match the view and the experience to walk on the 22-meter-tall and unbelievably beautiful Super tree skywalks. At this height, visitors are not only surrounded by exceptionally beautiful Garden but also the vistas of the Marina Bay.

gardens by the bay facts
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Here are some of the most interesting facts about Gardens by the Bay that are sure to encourage you to visit it on your next trip.

• The Gardens by the Bay is a collection of 3 public gardens initially started under National Parks Board (NParks) but soon grew out to be an independently managed organization.

• One of the most interesting Gardens by the Bay facts is that it is home to 2000 exotic species of over 7,00,000 natural plants on display for the visitors.

• In order to reduce energy, cost inside the domes, the underground chilled water pipes are used. These water pipes are cooled by the energy generated from burning the detirus of the plants. The process reduces energy consumption by the domes up to 30%.

• During the construction of the garden, a research facility costing a whopping $7 million dollar was set up to study the most efficient methods of blooming the non-native flowers.

• The research facility comprised of 6 glass houses to help stimulate the climatic conditions to fit to grow natural plants and flowers.

• In its opening year 2012, the Gardens by the Bay was awarded at World Architecture Festival with the World Building of the Year award. The Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome too received the award for the Best display building in the same year.

• Bay South garden is the largest of the 3 gardens at the Gardens by the occupies an area of 5,40,000 sq.m. All of the Garden’s 18 super trees are located in the South Bay.

• A food court known as Satay Club was also opened in the year 2013 to offer the guests a choice of 28 different stalls to select their meals from. The food court is spread in an area of 20,000 sq. meters and has a seating capacity of 1000 people.

• The Gardens by the Bay was conceptualized in the year 2003, designed by Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter in September 2006, had the ground breaking ceremony in November 2007 and was officially opened in June 2012.

• Before accepting the design made by Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter, there were 70 entries by 170 firms from 24 countries. An 11-member jury of international recognition considered the designs and selected the one.

• The tallest standing Supertree measures at 50 meters (almost as tall as a 16 storey building) and the shortest measures 25meters. Each of the Supertrees is filled with around 163,000 plants of more than 200 species and varieties, including bromeliads, orchids, and tropical flowering climbers.

• All the 11 Supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions. Some even have photovoltaic cells to illuminate the trees at night. The other Super trees are integrated with the Cooled Conservatories and thus, serve as air exhaust receptacles.

• More than 162,900 plants comprising more than 200 species are planted on the 18 Super trees. These varieties include bromeliads, orchids, ferns, and tropical flowering climbers have been planted on the 18 Super trees.

• Each Super tree consists of a trunk core made of reinforced concrete wrapped with a steel frame. Planting panels are installed on the trunks for the planting of the living skin. Each canopy is embedded with environmentally sustainable functions, then assembled and hoisted via a hydraulic jack system.

• Singapore’s vision of creating a city in a garden has come true to a great extent with the Gardens by the Bay. A charmingly beautiful garden and an exceptional tourist destination to visit, Gardens by the Bay is your answer if someone asks you, have you ever been to the world’s most revered manmade tropical garden.

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    1. Avatar for Chetan Jadhav

      Excellent blog, Chetan. As a Singaporean, I really love and appreciate that you dug out these interesting facts of Gardens by the Bay and wrote out such an immersive read.

    2. Avatar for Chetan Jadhav

      Are these facts all true, because some of them are quite astonishing. After reading the blog, I am thinking of adding this place to my Singapore itinerary.

      • Avatar for Chetan Jadhav

        Yes, all these interesting facts are true, and I recommend adding this place to your Singapore tour itinerary. You won’t be disappointed.

    3. Avatar for Chetan Jadhav

      I was worried my kids would get bored here but mas, this place is stunning. They especially loved the Supertree Grove and how it produces electricity.

      • Avatar for Chetan Jadhav

        Glad your kids liked it. Garden by the Bay is a place designed to be fun and educational at same time.

    4. Avatar for Chetan Jadhav

      Are Gardens by the Bay bigger than the Singapore Botanic Gardens? I am planning to visit Singapore soon and would like to see either of them.

      • Avatar for Chetan Jadhav

        Both are huge but the Gardens by the Bay are bigger in terms of area. Try seeing both as they both are wonderful attractions.

    5. Avatar for Chetan Jadhav

      I love gardens. I am going to check this place out. What are the timings of the gardens? Can I get access to all places if I go there early?

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      Fiona Nelson Campbell Reply

      yes, it’s amazing! we spent 8 hours there last week mainly in the 2 domes and we stayed for the light show and did the trolley ride around the other gardens, the Meadow etc……can’t wait to go again next year… it’s the no 1 tourist thing to do in Singapore and you have the other Harbour interests and the Marina Sands close by

    7. Avatar for Chetan Jadhav

      This is such an amazingly beautiful place, we have visited each time we’ve visited since its been completed. Your facts make this place even more interesting.

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