Thailand in June is a wonderful place for anyone who loves culture, food, nature, and adventure. Though it may rain during this time, the lush greenery that it brings is truly stunning. Fewer tourists around, so that you can enjoy a more relaxed vacation. Thailand has a truly fascinating history; you can see this in the charming buildings and traditions that are still alive today. You can eat delicious street food and explore the many temples throughout the country. During this time, you can also witness the transformation of waterfalls into majestic cascades. So, if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly and memorable trip combining culture and natural beauty, Thailand in June is the perfect destination for you!

Is June a good time to visit Thailand?

June is one of the best times to visit Thailand. It’s the beginning of monsoon season, with frequent rain showers and high humidity. It may not always be ideal for outdoor activities; however, it means that there will be fewer crowds and great deals on flights and hotels. The rain also adds to the natural beauty, making the landscapes greener, the waterfalls fuller, and the overall atmosphere more tropical than usual. So, if you’re looking for an affordable and unique experience, June could be a great time to visit Thailand.

Weather in Thailand in June


Thailand’s weather in June is cool, as it is the beginning of the monsoon. This may result in high humidity levels, making it uncomfortable outdoors. That said, you can experience Thailand’s lush greenery in full bloom.

  • Temperature: Low 25°C, High 32°C
  • Humidity: Around 80%
  • Chance of Rain: 70% chance
  • Daylight: 13 hours
  • Sunrise: Around 05:58 AM
  • Sunset: Around 06:30 PM

Things to do in Thailand in June

Count on this list of things to do in Thailand in June to plan your upcoming holiday. There is surely something for every preference, so don’t forget to add these experiences to your itinerary.

1. Visiting Temples

Temples in Thailand

Temple-hopping is one of the biggest reasons why you should visit Thailand. Amid the intricate architecture lies history and spirituality of great significance. In June, the temples have a calm atmosphere with fewer tourists, ensuring a more intimate experience. Among the well-regarded ones, Wat Phra Kaew stands out as a beacon of Thailand’s religious heritage. It is home to an Emerald Buddha, a symbol of the nation’s spiritual identity. Its elaborate craftsmanship and rich history draw visitors from all around the world. Apart from Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand has countless temples, and each one is unique. From the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya to the tranquil jungles, experience a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity through temple hopping.

2. Visit Waterfalls


While planning a trip to Thailand, you should check out its beautiful waterfalls during the monsoon season. You’ll be amazed at how the landscape looks after the rain has rejuvenated the vegetation. One of the most majestic-looking waterfalls is Khon Kaen Phaeng, which also happens to be the widest waterfall in all of Southeast Asia, and in June, during the peak of the monsoon season, the waterfall is truly breathtaking. The water plunging from the heights, surrounded by lush greenery and misty air, is a must-see. It is a reminder of how powerful and beautiful nature can be.

3. Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking Thailand

June is a great time to visit Thailand if you love adventure and nature, because the rainy season makes the landscape lush and green. Travel towards the northern region to explore many national parks and reserves, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Doi Inthanon National Park is one of them, boasting Thailand’s highest peak! During the monsoon, the forests come alive with blooming flowers and flowing rivers. Use this opportunity to check out waterfalls like Mae Sa Waterfall. The forest shelters many rare bird species, big elephants, and apes like gibbon monkeys. While trekking, you may even run into local tribes.

4. Explore Local Markets

local markets thailand

Thailand is a vibrant country with a rich culture and delicious food. And it is the local markets where you will experience them both. You can find anything and everything in these markets. It’s a vibrant place to sample the tastiest foods, as Thai people enjoy eating while shopping. So, you will find food that is fast, tasty, and easy to hold and eat while wandering the markets. One of the must-visit markets is the floating market. There are many such markets accessible via a tiny, thin boat. Watching all the shopkeepers and customers move about in the boat is an exciting experience. So, adding a local market shopping session to your travel program is something you should not miss out on.

5. Relax in a Thai Spa

Thai Spa

Thailand is world-renowned for its spa treatments. Almost every country exports Thai masseuses who bring their traditional relaxation techniques. But getting some spa treatments in Thailand is even better. The massage techniques have been developed over decades and involve massaging specific points on your body to release tension. Treat yourself to some of these relaxing Thai massages. You can also opt for Swedish massages or even hot stone massages. A spa day in Thailand is a must-do if you want to enjoy your vacation. Plus, you will get appointments easily in June.

Places to see in Thailand in June

Visit the following best places to visit in Thailand in June to make the most of your trip.

1. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s tourism has recently been booming. Why? It is one of the most unique places in Thailand, quite different from popular tourist spots like Bangkok and Pattaya. This city is known for its revered temples at every turn. Wat Chiang Man is the oldest temple, whose traditional architecture and design elements are still intact. A contrast to this is the Wat Phra Singh, home of the Lion Buddha. There are also more temples on the outskirts worth exploring. Other must-sees include the Grand Canyon. This is their version of the famous valley, which is made from limestone. You can also visit the less-crowded Bua Thong Waterfall and the elephant sanctuaries.

2. Pai

Pai Thailand

Another town that is completely different from the mainland cities is Pai. This place is blessed to have so many natural wonders, like hot springs, gorges, and gushing waterfalls. This attracts many hikers and nature enthusiasts to the place. There are two hot springs that you can check out. Tha Pai Hot Springs and Sai Ngam are the two hot springs that everyone loves. But if you are a cold-water person, head to the Mo Paeng Waterfall and enjoy its cool waters. Pai also has a Buddha temple that has a gigantic white Buddha statue that overlooks the town. As the sun goes down, the vibe of the place changes to laidback, and you can just walk the streets and enjoy the beautiful streets, tiny shops, and cozy restaurants. Pai is a must-visit if you want to see a different side of Thailand.

3. Bangkok


Bangkok is Thailand’s capital. It is a city of culture, history, and modernity that has endless things to do for first-time travellers. You must check out the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun, showcasing Thailand’s royal heritage and spiritual legacy. The Chao Phraya River offers a different perspective of the city’s landmarks, whereas Chatuchak Weekend Market offers local crafts and delicious food. Sukhumvit is a vibrant nightlife area and a must-see, as it is famous for its trendy bars, nightclubs, and street food stalls. Bangkok is an unforgettable experience for those who are seeking cultural immersion, culinary delights, and lively nightlife.

3. Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an out-and-out family destination, and owing to this, the crowds are low in number. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, you and your family can enjoy the beaches and many water-based activities. If you are looking to relax on the beach or take a nice swim, this place is great, but there are also some activities that you should indulge in, as this is one of the best places for water sports in Thailand. The island has some wonderful coral reefs in its waters. These colorful reefs teems with marine life. So, grab a snorkel or scuba suit and enter a beautiful world like no other. Those who like spirituality can visit Wat Phra Yai, which is also known as the Big Buddha temple. There’s a lot to do and see here at Koh Samui.

4. Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

Many people come to Koh Phangan for the awesome full moon parties that go on for the whole night, but many also come here to enjoy the nature of the place. Lush green forests full of amazing flora and fauna attract nature lovers. There are also a few waterfalls, which you can enjoy with your friends and family. Koh Phangan also has a few temples that display amazing, classical architecture of the various cultures of Thailand. Koh Phangan has something that will appeal to people of all ages and tastes, so this place is a must during your Thai vacation.

Thailand Festivals and Events in June 2024

Thailand Festivals

Events and festivals in Thailand in June are another great factor that makes people want to come here this month. Join these celebrations that will help you understand and connect with the locals even more.

Festivals in Thailand in June 2024

Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival

Here’s a festival that you won’t find anywhere else. Celebrated in Dan Sai, the Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival is like Thailand’s version of Halloween. There are parades of people in elaborate costumes; there are fun pranks; there’s dancing; and there are even people joking around, playing with wooden phalluses. It’s an atmosphere like no other.

When: Tentative dates 7th to 9th, 2024

Location: Dan Sai

Events in Thailand in June 2024

HM Queen Suthida’s Birthday

One of Thailand’s most beloved figures is Queen Suthida, and her birthday falls on the 3rd of June. Hence, this day has become a cultural celebration, with a public holiday being declared. People use this time to enjoy themselves with their family. They go for picnics, decorate their homes in yellow, visit temples, and partake in ceremonies happening everywhere. The royal family also celebrates the occasion. This is a fun day in honor of the much-loved queen.

When: 3rd June 2024

Location: Countrywide

Travel Tips to Visit Thailand in June

Here are some additional Thailand travel tips for June that you can use to make your Thai trip even better:

  • The rains start to appear around June in Thailand, so pack things accordingly.
  • June is a great time to avail of discounts and offers on various tours and hotel stays.
  • Other than the usual touristy things, you can attend the festivals and events that occur in the country during the month.
  • Make bookings well in advance, as there has been an uptick in tourists coming to Thailand in June.
  • If there is rain, you can enjoy many indoor activities with your family and friends.

Things to know before visiting Thailand in June

What should I pack for Thailand in June?

Pack light and breathable clothes like cotton or linen, along with quick-drying clothes, due to June’s rainy weather. Dress modestly during your temple visits, covering your shoulders and knees. Include swimwear, sandals, walking shoes, high-SPF sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, and a reusable water bottle. Consider packing a travel adapter and a quick-dry towel.

What to wear in Thailand in June?

Thailand is hot and humid in June, so pack light and breathable clothes! Choose loose cotton or linen clothes that dry quickly, and be prepared for rain showers. Bring modest clothing to temples.

Getting Around Thailand in June

Domestic flights are the fastest way to get about; trains are comfortable and offer a chance to view the beautiful scenery on the way; buses are more cost-effective; and songthaews, shared taxis and tuk-tuks are useful for local transportation.

Where to Stay in Thailand in June?

Thailand has a variety of options, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels; on the other hand, northern cities offer more charming guesthouses. Southern beach destinations have options like beachfront resorts and budget bungalows. Try and figure out accommodations before heading to Thailand to make things smoother.

What should I eat in Thailand in June?

Treat yourself to Thai specialties like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Gaeng Keow Wan, Massaman Curry, and the famous mango sticky rice. You may get the greatest and most reasonably priced versions of them from local street vendors.

FAQs about Visiting Thailand in June

The following FAQs about Thailand in June are the most common questions tourists have about visiting Thailand in June:

1. How is the weather in Thailand in March?

Expect temperatures with highs around 25°C and lows around 32°C and high levels of humidity and rainfall.

2. Will it rain during my trip?

Rain showers are likely as the rainy season begins, so pack a raincoat or umbrella.

3. Are there any major festivals in Thailand in June?

There aren’t many national or cultural festivals, but you can enjoy events like the birthday of HM Queen Suthida and the Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival.

4. Are there any advantages to visiting Thailand in June compared to other times?

You’ll experience fewer crowds and potentially cheaper prices compared to the peak summer season. It is also a good time for outdoor activities like hiking or relaxing on the beaches.

5. What should I pack for my trip?

For changeable weather, a raincoat or umbrella, comfortable walking shoes, and an optional hat and sunglasses.

6. What currency should I bring?

The Thai Baht, or THB, is Thailand’s national currency. For the majority of your transactions while here, Thai Baht will be required, but larger establishments like malls, hotels, and restaurants still accept credit cards.

If you plan a trip to Thailand, June is a great time to consider. You are sure to experience the country’s unique culture and also relax along with the beauty of lush forests and landscapes. Using the above information, you can easily spend 5 days in Thailand or more and have the best trip. Although it might rain during this time of the year, you can still enjoy colorful festivals and absolutely delicious Thai cuisine. With fewer tourists around, you can explore beautiful beaches and lose yourself in the greenery of Thailand.

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