If your summer vacation is coming, think no further than Switzerland in June. Not only will you get great weather, but you will also have higher temperatures, moderate crowds, attractive discounts, and leisure time to explore the wonderful attractions and experiences of Switzerland. The top holiday destination for many, Switzerland is a snow-covered paradise that all true travel-addicted nomads want to experience. So, pack your warm clothes and prepare for an epic Swiss holiday. Let the following words be your guide.

Is June a good time to visit Switzerland?

So, May to September is considered to be peak tourist season, but the crowds don’t really start coming until June and July because during June, the snow melts and many hiking trails become available. The mountainous terrain, with its lush greenery, waterfalls, and crystal-clear lakes, are the main natural attractions that draw not just international tourists, but also the locals who want to enjoy their country’s nature, so without a doubt, you can say that the best time to visit Switzerland is June.

Weather in Switzerland in June


One of the biggest features that draws people is the Switzerland weather in June. It’s pleasantly warm. You won’t even feel the need to wear baggy winter wear. Just don a light jacket and a good pair of shoes, and you are ready to go wherever your itinerary takes you.

  • Temperature: Low -13°C, High – 23°C
  • Humidity: 73%
  • Chance of Rain: 40%
  • Daylight: 16 hours (Approx)
  • Sunrise: 5:32 am (Approx)
  • Sunset: 9:24 pm (Approx)

Things to do in Switzerland in June

Since the weather is great and heading towards its peak temperatures, the snow on the hiking trails in the hills starts to melt, opening up a host of things to do in Switzerland in June. Here is a list of great activities and experiences you can indulge in Switzerland in June:



Switzerland is a mountain country, so the best natural feature here is the Alps. In June, most of the snow has melted away so all the hiking trails open to tourists and hikers. The trails are in full bloom, so you can enjoy wonderful, lush greenery. You can find good camping grounds and even stay overnight to enjoy Switzerland’s bountiful nature. Another great advantage of hiking is the beautiful lakes, glaciers, and waterfalls. The Lake Oeschinen Loop, Stechelberg, and Lauberhorn are some picturesque places worth hiking to and through.

Ride Aboard Cable Cars & Cogwheel Trains

Cable Car

One of the most fun things you can do in Switzerland is to take a ride aboard cable cars. These cars will take you up and down between Pilatus Kulm and Kriens. These rides are quite exciting and bestow some of the most stunning 360-degree views. Known as the dragon cable car, this service is the safest yet the most fun way of going up and coming down almost 7000 feet. But that’s not all —the main activity here is the cogwheel train ride that takes you up to the top of Mount Pilatus. The views aboard this train ride are some of the best in the world.

Boating at the Rhine Falls

Europe’s largest waterfall is flowing in its full glory during the month of June. Since all the snow and the glaciers are melting owing to the warm weather, the Rhine Falls come alive. You can get up close to the waterfall through a boat ride. You are bound to get wet with the icy water, but the views are worth it. This is a popular activity, so head there early. You also have different durations for the boat trip, so you are free to choose from small, quick laps to long, leisurely rides.

Water-based Activities

Since June is when all the snow melts, all the beautiful water bodies around the country come to life. So, this is a good time to enjoy some water-based activities like swimming, boating, and kayaking. You can go by the beaches and relax in the sun as well, as it is not too harsh, and might even feel like a good respite from the chill. You can also cruise on the Lake Lucerne where you will see some of the most stunning sights in the country while enjoying many other experiences aboard the ship.

Eat Cheese & Chocolates


Swiss cheese and chocolates are exported all over the world. So, being in Switzerland in June is a great opportunity to try them right at their source. Many tours take you to the best chocolate-making companies in the country, and the most exciting one of all is The Lindt Home of Chocolate. Here, you will not only learn about the history and traditions of Swiss chocolates, but you will also get to sample some of the tastiest chocolates in the world. However, don’t feel full yet because you have to head to the town of Gruyere as well where you will learn about the special and its history in the magnificent cheese factory.

Places to Visit Switzerland in June

There are a few places in the country that you must see. Without them, your Swiss vacation would be incomplete. So, here are some of the best places to visit in Switzerland in June:


Interlaken in switzerland

Located between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, this picturesque city should be on the top of your must-visit list. Owing to its amazing location, the city has the most mesmerizing nature. Any picture you take outdoors, you are going to get a stunning backdrop of the mountains. Interlaken once used to be entirely cut off from the rest of the country, but after the transportation system improved, people started to visit and realized what a gorgeous place this is. Today, in Interlaken, you can enjoy fantastic activities such as kayaking, cruises, hiking, funicular train rides, cable car rides, and even adventure activities like paragliding.


Lucerne switzerland

Another gorgeous city surrounded by mountains is Lucerne. The city is named after Lake Lucerne on the banks of which the city was built, and this is the place where you come for some leisurely fun. One of the best features of the city is the medieval architecture that is still very well-preserved, especially in Altstadt. You will feel like you have stepped back in time. Kapellbrücke, also known as Chapel Bridge, is one of the oldest wooden bridges in the world. The bridge also features 17th-century paintings. Other note-worthy places are the Water Tower, Musegg Wall, and Löwendenkmal (Lion Monument).



Known for beautiful churches and serene lakes, Zurich is a gem that is not to be missed. Start your tour at the Swiss National Museum, the best place to learn about Switzerland’s history. Next, check out Kunsthaus Zürich, the museum that stores medieval art, and then head to Lake Zurich for some relaxation. And, of course, no Zurich trip is complete without admiring Marc Chagall’s stained-glass windows in Fraumünster Church or Roman architecture-inspired Grossmünster. Zurich is also known for its great shopping, so do indulge in retail therapy as well.


Geneva switzerland

One of the most popular cities in Switzerland, Geneva also has many unique experiences to offer, such as Vieille Ville. This is an old town dotted with preserved homes and architecture that looks like it has been frozen in time. Geneva also has many museums, but the one you shouldn’t miss is the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Museum. The St. Pierre Cathedral and Jet d’Eau are also worth seeing. Once done sightseeing, head to the Geneva Lake and enjoy its many water-based fun activities. This is a wonderful city full of life and charm. No wonder the UN headquarters are located here.


One of the best places to visit in Switzerland is the geographically unique city of Basel. It is near the convergence of the Swiss, German, and French borders. Another important geographical feature is that the city is located on a bend in the Rhine River adding to the beauty, which is further enhanced by the cherry blossom trees that bloom in June. Apart from natural beauty, it has the most number of museums in Switzerland. So, take some time out to explore the museums as well. Basel is a wonderful city where you can see the history and the future of Switzerland.

Events & Festivals in Switzerland in June

Some other great reasons to go to Switzerland are the events & festivals in Switzerland in June. The month has special events and festivals that will add more enjoyment and charm to your Swiss vacation.

Festivals in Switzerland in June


The festivals in Switzerland in June are something else. Apart from celebrating culture, many festivals also celebrate music, as the Swiss people love music. Here are some awesome upcoming festivals that you must check out:

9th Symphony Beethoven – Ode to Joy

If you love Beethoven or just love dancing at live music and orchestras, you should check out the 9th Symphony Beethoven – Ode to Joy. This concert will mainly feature San Francisco’s Golden Gate Symphony Orchestra and musicians from Graubünden and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which will be featured in this awesome festival celebrating one of the greatest musicians to ever exist. It will be a great experience for all music lovers!

When: 13th June to 16th June, 2024

Location: Gurlaina Ice Rink, Scuol

OpenAir St. Gallen

This music festival has been around for 47 years and has one of the most loyal following in the world. OpenAir St. Gallen is an open-air music fest where many talented artists come and mesmerize the audiences with their musical prowess. There is no one single genre. The fest allows many different types of music and musicians. People from all over the world come to this festival and enjoy some great music in wonderful and blissful surroundings.

When: 27th June to 30th June, 2024

Location: Sittertobel, St. Gallen Schweiz

Swiss National Costume Festival

This awesome festival is hosted by Zurich city, where seven open stages are set across four different locations in the city. Folk music groups, choirs, solo performers, dancers, singers, traditional costume participants, and even yodelers gather to celebrate Swiss culture. The general public also participates by wearing their best traditional costumes. This is a wonderful festival that is attended by many from all over the country.

When: 28th to 30th June, 2024

Location: Zurich

Events in Switzerland in June

Events are always a great way to enhance your vacation and get a taste of the local culture. So, here are a few interesting events in Switzerland in June that you can add to your itinerary:

Diablo Festival

One of the best things to do as a family, the Diablo Festival is back and will be bigger this time. If you have kids on your Swiss vacation, make sure to take them here. From magic shows and puppet shows to workshops and sports, this weekend’s event has all the fun. You are guaranteed to have a great time here and make many wonderful memories.

When: 22nd & 23rd June, 2024

Location: Théâtre de Beausobre, Morges

Cherry Storm of Zug

To mark the beginning of the cherry season, St. Michael’s Church rings the bell, also known as the cherry bell. A race is then started to remember the men, women, and children who used to run to the fields to pick cherries. This quick yet fun race is run by the locals carrying the tools of the old times, but there is no cherry-picking at the end. There is a massive lunch, though.

When: 24th June, 2024

Location: Zug

Travel Tips to Visit Switzerland in June

  • Get all the information you can about the Schengen tourist visa before you start planning your Switzerland trip.
  • In June, most of the outdoor locations become available, so make sure walking, hiking, swimming, etc. are on your itinerary.
  • Cherry season is around the corner. June is a great time to feast on some of the most delicious cherries you’ll ever eat.
  • June is a great time, so many tourists will be planning Swiss holidays. Make sure all your bookings are done in advance.
  • Bring with you some adaptive chargers as the European electrical systems are quite different from what you might have in your country.

Things to Know Before Visit to Switzerland in June

What to Pack for Switzerland in June?

Packing light is the way to go as it will be much warmer in the month of June, so skip thick and heavy warm clothes. Universal chargers for your phone and laptop are a must, along with essentials like medicines.

What to Wear in Switzerland in June?

Light jackets, sweaters, and scarves are fine to wear against the slight chill you might face in hilly regions, but the rest of the country will have pleasant weather. Walking and hiking boots are a must try, and do pack swimsuits if you plan on swimming.

Getting Around Switzerland in June?

Thanks to a fantastic public transport system, you won’t have to be dependent on private transport. Traveling this month is an adventure thanks to the cable cars and funicular trains. Buses are a great way to get around too.

Where to Stay in Switzerland in June?

Many staying options are available in June. But this is also the start of the tourist season, so be quick. You can choose from hotel rooms, homestays, Airbnb’s, lodges, hostels, and resorts. Lakeside Resorts would be a great choice in June.

What to Eat in Switzerland in June?

It’s cherry season, so you can indulge in a few cherry-based delicacies. Cheese and chocolates are great all year round, so try them as well. Do indulge in cheese fondue and other delights like raclette, Älplermagronen, Rosti, and more. Swiss food has its own identity, which is different from other countries, so try this awesome cuisine.

FAQs about Switzerland in June

The following FAQs about Switzerland in June can also help answer any doubts and queries you might have about visiting Switzerland in the month of June.

1. How’s the weather in Switzerland in June?

This is the month when the environmental conditions transform into the best weather of the year. It’s not cold, but it is not very hot either, so you can travel around in your usual clothes. You can also get out more during the day as there are extended sunlight hours, which means you can get a lot done.

2. Any chances of snow or rain?

Yes, there is a small chance that it may rain or snow, but not intensely that will spoil your plans to travel and explore Switzerland’s wonderful attractions and experiences. So, don’t worry and enjoy your time in the sun.

3. Why is June better than other months to visit?

This month is the start of the peak tourist season, so you won’t have as dense crowds as you will have in the latter months. Plus, the weather is fantastic and there are a good number of events and festivals that will keep you entertained.

4. Can I visit the mountains in June?

Yes, this month, the snow melts away, so getting to the mountains and the many towns located within them is quite easy. You can have a good time exploring these gorgeous places.

5. Any special activities that become available in June?

Hiking, swimming, kayaking, and paragliding are activities that can be done in June owing to the lack of snow and pleasant weather. If you are an adventurer at heart, you must do them all.

Switzerland in June is one of the best times to go there as there are many advantages like the weather, the start of tourist season, and vibrant events and festivals. So, plan a vacation now, as Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has so much to offer.

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