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If you are interested in studying hotel management, or any aspect of hospitality, you will no doubt be aware of what makes it such a unique industry. A hospitality management career can take you anywhere in the world, from the energetic pulse of cities like New York and London to beautiful, remote resorts in deepest Asia and Africa. You engage and work alongside people from across the globe, building a global perspective. And, finally, you learn a broad composite of skills that can be utilized in many other industries.

switzerlandAs a future hotel manager or hospitality professional, you want to learn from the best and study in the most ideal location. But when it comes to studying hotel management, what country is the frontrunner for hospitality? The USA? India? Australia? No. The correct answer is Switzerland, the birthplace of modern tourism.

The home of hospitality

Hospitality has a long history in Switzerland. Over 150 years ago, palace-style hotels were built across the Montreux Riviera, one of the country’s most breathtaking spots and most prominent tourist attractions. These hotels announced the arrival of the golden age of luxury tourism in Switzerland. Society’s elite, from royalty to millionaires, traveled in their thousands to the country in order to stay in stunning hotels overlooking the Alps.

Switzerland is the best place to study hotel management because of the way hoteliers adapted their approach in order to accommodate these high-profile guests. Wanting excellent service, hoteliers had to change and innovate in order to gain customer satisfaction. They structured and systematized the management and operational processes in order to meet guest expectations. From this, Swiss hospitality was born.

The Swiss brought many skills to hospitality, including: • Attention to detail and rigor • Timely service and respect for the customer • Immaculate presentation • Innovation

A unique education

Switzerland offers a unique and exciting pathway to hospitality management. For example, you will gain hands-on skills through experiential learning. Modules you study should involve practical-based learning, whether it be in purpose-built classrooms or through internships with leading companies. An internship will see you take the skills you learn in class and apply them to a real-life work environment. This could be a five-star hotel, a luxury brand, a Michelin-starred restaurant or a beautiful resort.

Another positive factor about studying in Switzerland is that the skills you learn can be applied to different industries. For example, if you develop a passion for finance during your studies, you could use your new attributes in customer service, management and more in a high-powered finance company. Hospitality graduates don’t have to simply progress into hospitality roles – the possibilities are truly endless.

Travel opportunities

Aside from an amazing education, you will also be an ideal location. Centrally located between Italy, France, Germany, and Austria, Switzerland is the ideal country to reach the majority of Europe. No matter what method you use to travel, other countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania are only short stops away.

Some Swiss hospitality management schools also have campuses located in other countries. Some of them have campuses that spread across the globe. For example, you could spend one semester studying at a campus in Switzerland, before transferring to China or the United Kingdom.

Choosing a hospitality management school

When it comes to making a decision, ensure it is the right one for you. Does the program offer everything you’re looking for? Will you make the right industry connections? Will you get the right blend of theoretical and practical experience? Each program is different so ensure you do your research. It is also beneficial to visit the schools on an Open Day, where you can get a taste of student life.

10 Best Hotel Management Colleges in Switzerland

  • EHL- Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne
  • Glion Insitute of Higher Education
  • Les Roches Global Hospitality
  • SHMS- Swiss Hotel Management School
  • Hotel Insitute Montreaux
  • Cesar Ritz Colleges
  • Culinary Arts Academy
  • IHTTI School of Hotel Management
  • HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Insitute
  • International Management Insitute (IMI)


Switzerland is the best place to study hotel management or any other hospitality-related service. It is where the core principles of hospitality were born, key factors that are followed by the world’s finest hospitality institutions. You will study in an amazing environment, learn among students from around the world and graduate ready to be a leader.

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