Thailand in July Guide

If you don’t mind wet weather, you are in for a treat – Thailand in July is one of the best and most affordable places to vacation. The country experiences rain and thunder, so most tourists like to stay away but those who are in touch with their inner pluviophiles will have a great time. Apart from rain, cloudy skies, and cool atmosphere, there are massive discounts and offers. So, you will have the most affordable vacation full of Thailand’s best attractions and activities. The following information is the perfect guide for a fun and exciting July Thailand vacation.

Is July a good time to visit Thailand?


Many might feel that July might not be the best time to visit Thailand, but once you get to know how peaceful the country is, and how many discounts and deals are on, you will change your mind. You can stay in the best hotels and resorts for a steal. You’ll never have to wait in restaurants to get a table. The usually crowded tourist spots become empty. You can take your own sweet time exploring everything. Even though the ocean-related activities come to a pause, you can have a lot of fun at indoor attractions.

Weather in Thailand in July

Thailand Weather in July is wet and cold. The monsoon usually comes in the month of June, and July is the peak time. The rains considerably cool down the country and awaken nature. All the rainforests, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls come alive. Many tourists love to see them during this season. Therefore, if you love rain, you are going to love the July weather.

  • Temperature: Low 25°C, High 32°C
  • Humidity: Around 89%
  • Chance of Rain: 65% chance
  • Daylight: 13 hours
  • Sunrise: Around 05:55 AM
  • Sunset: Around 06:50 PM

Things to Do in Thailand in July

Despite the monsoon, there are many things to do in Thailand in July that will elevate your vacation. So, plan your itinerary based on the following activities mentioned:

Enjoy Nature

Enjoy Nature in Thailand

The best thing about Thailand in July is its abundance of nature. Heavy rainfalls replenish all the rainforests of the country, meandering streams turn into roaring rivers, and waterfalls return to their glorious states. Many people head out to the forests to enjoy the lush green nature. Though a few dangerous places are closed, many walking and hiking trails are still open. One popular activity during this time is hiking to the waterfalls. As mentioned earlier, waterfalls come alive in July and many people visit these waterfalls to swim, take pictures and videos, and enjoy the powerful splashes. Pam Bok Waterfall is the one where most people head to soak in the picturesque view. During this month, the beauty of Thailand’s nature will surprise you.

Temple Run

Temples in Thailand

For indoor activities, you can always find respite in Thailand’s stunning temples. Thai temples are a prime example of amazing architecture and design. You can start your temple journey with Wat Arun, the gorgeous temple in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River. It’s perhaps one of the prettiest temples in the world. Wat Pho, and the statue of the reclining Buddha is another temple you cannot miss on your Thai trip. The statue is huge! And speaking of statues, Wat Phra Kaew, the temple that holds an emerald statue of Buddha is also much-loved by tourists. But these are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many temples like Wat Khaek, Wat Chalong, Wat Tham Suea, and the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya that you can include in your temple itinerary.

Visit Elephant Sanctuaries

Visit Elephant Sanctuaries

Monsoon is a great time to visit Thailand’s wonderful elephant sanctuaries. Elephants have always held an important place in Thai culture. But a few years ago, many of them faced abuse owing to growing tourism, rapid urbanization, and even some sanctuaries carelessness. But now, many of them are housed in ethical sanctuaries, where they have enough space and unlimited food to feel safe and happy. So, you can visit these sanctuaries where you can see the elephants bathing in the rivers, playing in the rain, and interacting with their caregivers. Some sanctuaries that house docile elephants also allow tourists to interact with them. This activity will change your perspective on these giant creatures.

Explore Urban Activities

full moon party thailand

Thailand is also a treasure trove of urban activities. Thailand has one of the liveliest nightclub scenes, where you can find many clubs, pubs, and lounges that serve great music and delicious drinks in the night. You can easily find a party you like. You can also try the famous full moon parties held on the beaches every full moon. However, if partying is not your thing, you can try Thailand’s renowned spas. The country is known for having some of the best spa treatments that attract people from all over the world. Their spa treatments range from traditional Thai massages to elaborate skin care treatments. So, check online reviews and book spas that offer therapies and treatments that will make your heart, mind, and body relaxed.

Enjoy Indoor Experiences

Grand Palace Thailand

There are many indoor things to do in Thailand when rain may prevent you from stepping out. Start with visiting the Grand Palace. This was the seat of power for the longest time. Thailand was run by the royal family and government officials residing in the palace. Though a few of the offices remain today, the Grand Palace is mainly a tourist spot. You can visit the museum section of the palace. You can also check out the National Museum in Bangkok which is full of Thai history and culture relics. Once done, you catch a cabaret show. Thailand is famous for these elaborate and artistic cabaret shows by beautiful ladyboys. There’s music, dance, acrobats, special effects, and more. These shows are very popular, so book your tickets in advance.

Places to Visit in Thailand in July

The monsoon season has an amazing effect on some places in Thailand, leveling up the beauty of the place. So, here are the best places to visit in Thailand in July:


Kanchanaburi Thailand

July is the month when Kanchanaburi is at its greenest. It is a town near the Erawan National Park, so the greenery and the city are in full bloom, making them attractive to tourists. In the park, there are many waterfalls. Take pictures, bathe, or swim in the cool waters; the waterfalls are much fun. Kanchanaburi is also home to the (in)famous Death Railway. During World War, many POWs were used to build the railway track and the bridge. Many died during construction and were buried nearby. In their memory, a memorial was built in Kanchanaburi, and some of their things were kept safe in two museums. You can visit these places to pay tribute. Even though the people of Kanchanaburi haven’t forgotten the tragic past, this naturally beautiful town is moving ahead with time.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui thailand

Now, you might think Koh Samui would be lashed with rainfall in July, but it’s quite the opposite. The island receives moderate rain, and there are many days when the sun shines bright. This is also owing to the island’s geographical location. So, there is no need to stay indoors; indulge to your heart’s content in the many things to do in Koh Samui. Start by hiking to see the lush forests teeming with unique flora and fauna. Then head over to the beach for some relaxation or, if you are in the mood, try outwater sports! Koh Samui is the best place for water sports in Thailand. You can also hop on to the adjoining islands of Tao and Phangan and continue your good times there. Koh Samui is a wonderful island, so be sure to enjoy it to the max!


Bangkok Thailand

Apart from being the political and economic capital, Bangkok is also a fun and entertainment capital. So, this is a city that you cannot miss. You can tour the many wonderful temples within the city confines like Wat Arun, Wat Benchamabophit, and Wat Traimit, and take in the pious atmosphere. You can shop at the amazing and huge malls of the city, like the MBK Center where there are many entertainment activities. Bangkok also has many amusement parks, gardens, bargain markets, and restaurants and cafes. In the evening, indulge in some bar hopping as it is fun, and, of course, end the night savoring the street food as some hawker centres and stalls in Bangkok are so good; they have been bestowed with the covetous Michelin star. But this is not all. There are so many things to do in Bangkok that you can easily spend your whole vacation here.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin Thailand

If you are traveling to Thailand with your significant other, Hua Hin should be on your list. This gorgeous, idyllic city is blessed with everything you’d want in your vacation destination. There are stunning resorts and hotels with sea views. There are towns and villages nearby with amazing restaurants and cafes. There are street markets and night markets where you will find awesome bargains. But the best place in Hua Hin is the Phraya Nakhon Cave. This place feels like an alien world with a complete ecosystem. The cave has a small opening above from where the sun shines through. Getting to the caves is a task, though. You have to do a short hike on Tian Mountain that may take you a couple of hours. However, once you see the cave, you’ll realize the hardship is worth it. This is quite a unique place.


Pattaya Thailand

A city that can give Bangkok a run for its money is Pattaya city. In the past few decades, this city has emerged as one of the top tourist favorites in Thailand. Here, you can do a huge variety of things for a good time. From visiting the stunning Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens and Million Year Stone Park to Mini Siam and the Underwater World Aquarium, the city is packed with attractions. The beaches are also awesome, but the weather may not be right for a visit. However, if the sun is out, you can check out the beach and indulge in water sports. At night, enjoy great street food, night markets, and all-night bars. For family audiences, many amusement and water parks are fun and exciting, and many zoos and aquariums are educational. Pattaya is a city that welcomes all, so be sure to accept its invitation.

Events & Festivals in Thailand in July

There are a few events & festivals in Thailand in July that are worth partaking in to add a dose of fun and curiosity toyour vacation. These events and festivals are a great way to know Thai culture.

Festivals in Thailand in July

The people of Thailand love to celebrate, so you can rest assured that there will be festivals in Thailand in July that you can join and celebrate with the locals.

Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival

Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival Thailand

This amazing and unusual festival in 2024 falls in July. It is Thailand’s version of Halloween and is celebrated for three days. The festival is celebrated to mark the return of Prince Vessandorn. It is believed his return was so joyful that many dead came out from the forests to celebrate. During the festival, everyone from the town dresses up in ghost costumes, people play pranks, and there are parades. It is quite an exciting time.

When: 7th July to 9th July, 2024

Location: Dan Sai, Loei

Asalha Puja

This auspicious day for Buddhists around the world is known as Asalha Puja or Asanha Bucha Day or Dharma Day. It is celebrated on the day when Lord Buddha, unveiled the four important teachings of Buddhism to his five disciples. This day is celebrated with much fervor around Thailand, as all the Buddhist temples in the country are decked up. Pujas and other ceremonies are performed, and devotees visit the nearest temples to partake in the ceremonies.

When: 20th July, 2024

Location: All Buddhist temples

Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival

Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival Thailand

Huge candle sculptures are built to celebrate this festival, which is a part of the Asalha Puja and Wan Khao Pansa festivals. These candle sculptures are paraded throughout the town for the people to admire. There’s traditional music and dancing as well. The sculptures are quite elaborate and beautiful, making it one of the prettiest festivals.

Events in Thailand in July

July is full of wonderful events that you can add to your vacation itinerary and have a great time. Here are the best events in Thailand in July worth being a part of:

Thai King’s Birthday

Thailand’s King, Vajiralongkorn, was born on the 28th of July, 1952, and ever since his ascension to the throne, his birthday has been celebrated with much fervor all over Bangkok. Alms are distributed amongst the poor, the whole city is decked up, cultural programs are held all over, and of course, all government and public offices are shut. The atmosphere is celebratory all over the city.

When: 28th July

Location: Bangkok

Travel Tips to Visit Thailand in July

Though Thailand is a tourist-friendly country, there are a few things you need to be mindful of when vacationing in July. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Though it’s monsoon season, it will not rain every day. You will have a few dry days as well to enjoy outdoor attractions.
  • Carry good rainwear as the rains can be heavy and sometimes, even torrential.
  • Do your research on the discounts and offers you can get on your hotel stays and tours.
  • If you are sure about your itinerary, make bookings in advance so you won’t have to struggle with last-minute bookings.
  • Though there are many restaurants and cafes, try the street food as it is heavenly.

Things to Know Before Visiting Thailand in July

What to pack for Thailand in July?

Pack rainwear and your normal clothes. July is peak monsoon time, and the country will see loads of rainfall, so pack good rainwear. But also carry your normal clothes as there will be dry days as well. Pack umbrellas, good walking shoes, a universal charger, extra towels & napkins, and mosquito repellent.

What to wear in Thailand in July?

Wear comfortable cotton clothes because the humidity is quite high during the month of July, and you will be sweating a lot. Make sure your clothes are made from quick dry materials as you don’t want to be walking around in damp clothes. Also, wear waterproof or water-resistant shoes whenever you are stepping outdoors.

Getting Around in Thailand in July

Transportation in Thailand is quick, cheap, and easy. There are buses, taxis, and tuk-tuk rickshaws that you can use within the city. There are apps as well where you can hire scooter drivers. Boats will take you from the mainland to the islands and vice versa. For longer routes, there are domestic flights, trains, and buses.

Where to stay in Thailand in July?

Take advantage of the off-season and book hotel and resort stays at the most affordable prices. There are ample stay options throughout the country. These options range from cheap backpacker hostels and Airbnb stays to luxurious hotels and resorts. So, finding a roof over your head won’t be difficult.

FAQs about Thailand in July

If the above-given information is not enough, the following FAQs about Thailand in July will further help you understand what to expect in Thailand in July:

1. Will I be able to do outdoor activities in July?

Yes, you can certainly enjoy outdoor fun in July as it does not rain every day. There will be dry days, and even on the days it rains, the daytime is usually cloudy and dry. Rainfall happens in the evening.

2. Why is July better than any other month?

Considering the great offers and discounts from the off-season, tourists who don’t like too many crowds can have a good time. And with some meticulous planning, you can even avoid getting your plans hampered by the rain.

3. Is there any special place or activity to do in July?

Yes, do check out the rainforests and the gushing waterfalls. Many locals come to these places to enjoy the waters, swim, and take awesome pictures.

4. What about the Thai tourist visa?

Thailand is the most tourist-friendly country, so check if you are eligible for a visa on arrival. If not, apply for a visa in your country of residence. Getting a Thai visit visa is not difficult. You can also get help from professional visa companies.

5. Any precautions I need to take about my vacation in Thailand in July?

Get travel insurance. Respect local customs. Prevent bugs and mosquito bites. Do not fall for tourist traps. Drink and eat at the right places.


July is a great month to enjoy hassle-free holidays. With less crowds, amazing nature, and good people, Thailand can give you a memorable vacation in July. The country is teeming with greenery and a festive atmosphere, so you can freely indulge in many things to do in Thailand that will ensure you have a great time in this fantastic country.

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