Thailand in March

Vacation in Thailand in March? That is actually a great idea as the country has everything you’d want in a destination, including the finest beaches in Asia. To make this trip happen for you, the following information will act as a guide on all things Thailand.

Is March a Good Time to Visit Thailand?


It can be favourable argued that March is the best time to visit Thailand. The weather is just right and great for exploring the beaches, temples, and parks. It is way less crowded than high season and you get to experience some really exciting festivals and events. Just keep in mind that prices may be slightly higher.

Weather in Thailand in March

Wondering about the weather in Thailand in March? Worry, not! There is negligible rainfall, so you can wander to the street food stalls and enjoy the country’s beauty. The month offers a range of cultural festivities and travel-worthy moments.

  • Temperature: Low – 27°C, High – 34°C
  • Humidity: 70% (average)
  • Chance of Rain: 5% (average)
  • Daylight: 11-12 hours
  • Sunrise: 6:30 am – 7 am
  • Sunset: 6:30 pm– 7 pm

Things to do in Thailand in March

When it comes to things to do in Thailand in March, you have a pleasant dilemma of having too many choices, so choose what you love. Get on a journey that leaves you energized and inspired!

Island Hopping

Island Hopping Thailand

With its crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches, you’re bound to find your own slice of paradise among the many islands dotting the coastline. From the lively and popular Phi Phi Islands in the Andaman Sea to the peaceful and serene Koh Lanta in the south, there’s simply a wealth of natural beauty and cultural experiences waiting to be discovered.

Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities

Thailand offers an array of adventure activities. Snorkelling and diving in the Similan Islands are popular among various other Thailand water sports activities and the Gulf of Thailand allows exploring the diverse marine life and stunning coral reefs. On the other hand, hiking and trekking in Doi Inthanon National Park and Khao Sok National Park offer an opportunity to discover lush rainforests and breathtaking landscapes.

Temple Hopping

Temple Hopping Thailand

Travelling and seeing Thailand’s many pristine temples has got to be one of the most incredible experiences you can have. Every temple, from the grand Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai to the historic ruins of Ayutthaya, to the breathtaking Wat Arun in Bangkok, exhibits exquisite architecture and deep cultural value that is all well worth seeing.

Elephant Sanctuaries

Try and visit the elephant sanctuaries that focus on the well-being and rehab of these majestic animals. You can observe and learn from them about their behaviour while they are in their natural habitat, learn about their conservation efforts, and support responsible tourism practices.

Street food and Night Markets

Night Markets in Thailand

Discover Thailand’s culture through a large variety of street food and indulge in the diverse flavours of local vendors. Also discover the vibrant mood of night markets, offering everything from handicrafts to tasty food stalls and live performances.

Places to See Thailand in March

Make the most of this chance to go about sightseeing and travel without the crowds and truly appreciate your experience. Check out these following best places to visit in Thailand in March:

Phi Phi Islands


Get on an unforgettable journey and visit the charming islands scattered across the Andaman Sea. Admire the limestone cliffs that stand oh so tall, while the spotless beaches invite you to have a relaxing evening. Have a dip into the crystal-clear waters, where vibrant marine life thrives beneath the surface and offers a mesmerizing underwater experience. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventure sports like diving into the ocean depths or simply basking in the sun on a quiet shore, these islands offer plenty of experiences to satisfy every traveller’s desires.


Krabi Thailand

This province located on the mainland coast of the Andaman Sea boasts awesome scenery with towering limestone cliffs, beautiful beaches, and lush rainforests. You will also find sports like Rock climbing, kayaking, and diving here. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can also explore hidden caves, hike through the jungle, and spot exotic wildlife, including elephants, gibbons, and hornbills.

This region is known for its delicious seafood and local markets which offer a variety of fresh ingredients and traditional dishes. This destination is a perfect choice if you’re seeking to indulge in local culture while also experiencing adventure and relaxation.


Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is a capital that deftly manages juggle between a rich history, amazing culture, staunch traditions, and 21st-century modernity. Also known as the “City of Angels,” this bustling city houses many magnificent temples like the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. The temples are the perfect example of how amazing Thai culture and history has been.

Bangkok is also famed for shopping bestowing multiple choices of fantastic shopping avenues like local markets and urban malls. One unique marketplace you must visit here is the floating markets. They are quite an experience. But of course, Bangkok truly comes alive at night. Nightlife is another thing Bangkok is loved for. Eat and drink with friends at rooftop bars and nightclubs, or dance the night away to mesmerising music at all-night beach parties, the choice is yours.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai is almost like a hidden-gem of Thailand, but many tourists are now realising what an amazing, family-friendly city it truly is. Culture and traditions are the most celebrated things here. The city is full of Buddhist temples that are each a monument to architectural brilliance like the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, which is a stunning hilltop temple that provides stunning panoramic views. Chiang Mai’s ancient-most temple Wat Chiang Man is one temple that has to be on your temple itinerary. The people of Chiang Mai love their temples and have preserved them well.

Chiang Mai also has many adventures at the Doi Inthanon National Park. You will find Thailand’s tallest and most nature-blessed peak here. Here, you can hike through rainforest trails, get panoramic mountain views, and also splash about in waterfalls. This adventure can be a lot of fun.

Koh Lanta

One of the most-loved islands in Thailand, Koh Lanta is where you come to experience peace and relaxation. The beaches have calm, clear waters that attract people who want to swim and enjoy the beach. Nui Beach and Kan Tiang are popular beaches but the best of the lot is Klong Dao. It’s perfect for families. Apart from the beaches, Koh Lanta also has a diverse underwater world to discover vibrant coral reefs with diverse marine life, including dolphins and coral gardens.

For a glimpse into the local culture, head to the charming Old Town. This is where you’ll find colourful shophouses all in narrow streets and local markets selling traditional handicrafts. Pick up some nice souvenirs.

Thailand Festivals and Events in March 2024

The Thailand festivals in March are something all the locals wait for and you as a tourist, should also partake in them. These local gatherings provide a wonderful way to learn about and appreciate Thailand’s rich cultural diversity.

March Festivals in Thailand

If you want to experience the beautiful Thai culture to the fullest, come join the locals at some of the vibrant festivals they hold.

Lamduan Flower Festival – Traditions of the Four Thai Ethnic Groups

The blooming of the beautiful Lamduan flower is celebrated in Si Sa Ket at the Lamduan Flower Festival. Celebrations are wide spread among the four major ethic groups and each groups welcomes the blooming through their peculiar way. There are displays and food stalls, and even fun competitions. It is held at Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park in Mueang District during the first week of March.

When: 6-10 March 2024

Location: Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park, Mueang District, Si Sa Ket

19th Laanta Lanta Festival 2024

19th Laanta Lanta Festival ThailandImage Credit:

Koh Lanta hosts a three-day annual celebration called the Laanta Lanta Festival every year in March during the full moon. During the festival, witness amazing cultural performances and live acts that pay homage to the cultural heritage of the island. This is also a great opportunity to experience a sense of community and delicious Thai food.

When: 7th to 9th March, 2024

Location: Old District Office, Krabi

Ban Pa Meang Orchid Tree Blossoms Festival 2024

This Festival is a once-a-year event and comes either in February or March and should definitely make it your to-do list. Have a blast and enjoy boating on the Ping River, visit temples, taste local food, watch cultural performances, and shop for souvenirs. It’s an exclusive opportunity to experience the beauty of orchid tree blossoms and immerse yourself in local traditions.

When: 8th to 10th March, 2024

Where: Ban Pa Miang, Mueang Pan District, Lampang

Pattaya Music Festival Sound on the Sand 2024

Pattaya-Music-Festival-ThailandImage Credit:

Sound on the Sand is a free music festival taking place over four weekends in March on Pattaya’s beaches. It presents a varied lineup of Thai artists across genres like rock, pop, hip-hop, and electronic dance music (EDM), offering a vibrant experience of Thailand’s music scene in a beautiful beach setting.

When: 8th to 30th March, 2024

Locations: North Pattaya Beach Stage, North Pattaya Beach Stage, Central Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, Lan Pho Na Kluea Public Park, Central Pattaya Beach, Samae Beach, and Ko Lan.

March Events in Thailand

Make a note of these events in Thailand in March. Make sure to include them in your Thailand 5-day itinerary to make the most of your stay here.

All About Arts – Nang Yai Wat Khanon

All About Arts – Nang Yai Wat KhanonImage Credit:

It is a traditional art exhibit at Wat Khanon temple in Thailand. It features the Nang Yai shadow puppetry, which uses large puppets made of animal hide to cast dramatic shadows on a screen, accompanied by music and narration.

When: 13 January – 7 April, 2024

Location: Wat Khanon, Ratchaburi

The Glory of Siam Night Museum: The Night of the Royal Poetry

This is a special event held in Bangkok, Thailand, celebrating the Phaya Thai Palace’s anniversary. Inspired by King Rama VI’s poem “Madana-Bhadha,” it showcased love, romance, and imagination through LED lights, 3D projection mapping, cultural zones, live performances, and art installations last year. The event highlighted Thai art and literature at the Phaya Thai Palace.

When: 14th Feb to 16th March 2024

Location: Phaya Thai Palace, Bangkok

Phanom Rung Light Effect/Phenomenon

Phanom Rung Light Effect/PhenomenonImage Credit:

Yearly, twice, a mesmerizing natural phenomenon takes place at Phanom Rung Historical Park. The ancient Khmer temple was purposely built in such a way that on those particular days, the 15 doorways of the temple line up amazingly well with the sunset, creating a gorgeous effect. This phenomenon showcases how the ancient civilization had an understanding of architecture and astronomy. Many crowd to see this happen, so plan well in advance.

When: 5th to – 7th March, 2024

Location: Phanom Rung Historical Park, Buri Ram

Travel Tips to Visit Thailand in March

  • If you are looking for calm beaches, head to the southern islands. Here, you can swim, sunbathe, and even indulge in some water sports.
  • Thailand offers a visa on arrival to many countries so check if your country citizens are eligible.
  • Thai Baht (THB) is Thailand’s currency and exchanging it is quite easy. This can be done at a bank, the airport, or even at currency exchange points
  • Bargaining is quite common in Thailand, especially at markets and street vendors, so feel free to bargain.
  • Though Thailand does not have a tipping culture, it is still appreciated if you want to reward good service.

Things to Know Before Visit Thailand in March

What to pack for Thailand in March?

Pack light, breathable cotton or linen clothing for Thailand in March. Bring loose-fitting shirts, pants, shorts, and skirts, as well as a sweater or long-sleeved shirt for cooler nights. Remember to get a swimsuit as well and things to protect you against the sun like glares, protective hats and of course, sunscreen.

What to wear in Thailand in March?

A temple visit requires modest and sombre dressing that covers your skin. Wear breathable clothing and comfy footwear. We suggest packing a light sweater or long-sleeved shirt for it may get cold during the evenings or in air-conditioned places, particularly in northern regions.

Getting Around Thailand in March

You can get around by domestic flights for speed, trains for comfort and great views, making it perfect for taking pictures, buses for affordability, and songthaews, shared taxis, and tuk-tuks for local travel.

Where to Stay in Thailand in March?

Accommodations in Thailand vary in March. Bangkok has budget hostels to luxurious hotels, while northern cities offer charming guesthouses. Southern beach destinations have options from beachfront resorts to budget bungalows.

What to eat in Thailand in March?

Indulge in Thai cuisine like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Gaeng Keow Wan, Massaman Curry, and Mango Sticky Rice while in Thailand. Street hawkers will serve you the best and most affordable versions of them.

FAQs About Visiting Thailand in March

Look no further, the common FAQs about visiting Thailand in March and their answers given below will give you an idea of what tourists are think about this vacation.

1. How is the weather in Thailand in March?

With temperatures ranging from 27°C to 34°C, you can be quite comfortable even during the day time. Northern hilly regions are cool and beaches are warmer, so you will experience changing temperatures as your travel about.

2. Will it rain during my trip?

March experiences a low chance of rain, especially in the south, so indulge in beach activities and outdoor exploration. However, occasional short showers are still possible, particularly in the northern regions.

3. Are there any major festivals in Thailand in March?

There are quite a few festivals in Thailand in March to enjoy and be a part of like Lamduan Flower Festival, Pattaya Music Festival, and 19th Laanta Lanta Festival.

4. What should I pack for my trip?

A March trip in Thailand requires you to pack light, comfy clothes, but Temple visits require you to have modest clothes. Also, grab some sunscreen for protection and a universal adapter for charging. Better to bring your own towel and toiletries. Consider getting a swimsuit as well because of the many beaches. Pack light and make sure to check airline baggage allowance.

5. What currency should I bring?

Bring Thai Baht (THB). It’s the main currency and offers better exchange rates in Thailand for smaller purchases, but for larger establishments such as hotels, restaurants, or malls you can use credit cards.

Don’t like crowds? Then March is perfect for you. Apart from that, you find the trip to be easy on the pocket as well. Moreover, March marks the start of spring, and you’ll be able to experience Thailand’s natural beauty in full bloom. So, what’s holding you back? use the info given above and plan a Thailand 5 days itinerary or even longer and have the best time here

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