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Started out as a mere computer game, an escape room has now evolved into a real-life entertainment with its own physical locations. This indeed makes it a great alternative over mundane mobile applications which only allow you to play the game but not live it. So if you’re looking for such an experience in Dubai, one of the go-to places in the city is Escape Hunt Dubai in Galleria Mall. But not sure what to expect from an escape room game. Don’t worry; just check out our all-inclusive Escape Hunt Dubai guide and know what really makes escape rooms a thrilling yet absolutely fun-filled destination.

Key Features of Escape Hunt Dubai

  • Escape Hunt Dubai is a part of an extensive entertainment franchise network that has about 50 locations in different parts of the world.
  • It involves playing in a themed room.
  • As the game begins, you and your group will be locked up in the room wherein you’ll work as a team and apply your probing skills to locate a series of hidden clues and escape the room before the time expires.
  • You’ll get not more than 60 minutes to complete the game.
  • In a nutshell, this immersive game offers you an hour-long of fun and entertainment, giving you an unmatched feeling of being in the midst of an astonishingly plotted thriller movie.
  • This

    escape room Dubai

    game is ideal for anyone (regardless of age) who enjoys solving puzzles and wants to challenge themselves or their group with an ultimate escape experience.

All about Escape Hunt Dubai

escape room dubai

Best Time to Visit Escape Hunt Dubai

This is an indoor

escape room game

which makes it ideal to visit during any part of the year.

Escape Hunt Dubai Timings

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 10:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs
  • Thursday & Friday: 10:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs

Escape Hunt Dubai Location

Escape Hunt Dubai is located inside The Galleria Mall (a boutique shopping center), which is right in the heart of the Jumeirah 1 area. It’s on Al Wasl Road (adjacent to Post Office) and is close to City Walk as well as the beach. The Dubai Mall is at a distance of just four kilometers from here.

How to Reach Escape Hunt Dubai

The most recommended way to arrive at the spot is via a self-drive or by hiring a cab or a convenient private transfer, particularly if you’re visiting here for the first time.

Experiences at Escape Hunt Dubai?

Based on the Popular Online Escape Games

It is the real-life version of some of the all-time favorite point-and-click escape room online games, including the Crimson Room and Myst. But, the similarity ends here; your Escape Hunt experience is much more than playing a mobile or computer game within the comforts of your couch or bedroom. While virtual games let you solve puzzles with the help of a set of built-in information, the Escape Hunt game demands you and your group to be more astute, alert, and creative in terms of finding all pieces and finish the game. In fact, no video games have the ability to replicate the compelling amusement and entertainment that your Escape Hunt experience promises.

Choose from Three Unique Themes

  • The Bank Job
the bank job In this theme, you’re given the task of robbing a prized diamond from the Bank of Dubai. And this mission should be accomplished just before the bank’s temporarily inactivated surveillance system boot up again in 60 minutes. This game can be played by anyone above seven years.
  • Jack the Ripper
Recreating an ambiance of the rustic 1880s, this is probably the most thrilling of all three themes. As the adventure kicks off, you’ll set out on a serious mission to unlock the real identity of the Ripper who is suspected as the White Chapel Murderer. The real thrill begins as you sneak inside his house to collect evidence and get out just before he arrives in 60 minutes. This is ideal for people above 14 years.
  • Prison Breakout
This game has the setting of a 1970s prison cell, wherein a prisoner is dragged outside every one hour but to never return. As it may be your turn next, the only option left before you is to escape the prison. So do it before it’s too late. This game can be played by anyone above seven years.

Get Locked Up in a Themed Room & Race against the Time

After you get introduced to the game rules by your game master, you and your team will be locked inside a room which perfectly goes with the theme and storyline of your chosen adventure. With the ultimate mission to escape the room in a time frame of 60 minutes, you’ll be immersed in an altogether different world right from the moment you enter the room. While the room is laden with complex puzzles, mind-bending mysteries, hidden messages, and super exhilarating riddles, the most interesting aspect is that all answers and hints for the same are hidden in the room itself. So be as agile and quick as possible to gather them all and free you from the room with your collaborative effort and creativity.

More about Escape Hunt Dubai

Top Tips

  • Escape Hunt games are not as easy as you might imagine. So come prepared; it demands loads of patience, concentration, creativity, speed, and of course teamwork.
  • That said; it’s not dangerous and you can always seek the help of your game master if ever you get stuck at any point during the game.
  • While the real game lasts for 60 minutes, you’ll need at least 15 minutes (before the experience begins) in order to prepare yourself for the game.
  • Just before the game starts, make sure that you carefully listen to the instructions given out by your game master. Apart from rules, this covers game backstory, helpful game-winning tips, etc.
  • As you’re locked inside and the game begins, don’t miss any chance that would help to unlock a clue. Open, turn or shake objects here; these may turn out to be your source to escape.
  • This game should be best played with a team, so bring your friends or group to add to the adventure and fun. Now if you don’t have a group, you can play this game with like-minded strangers too.

Dress Code

  • While there is no particular dress code, it’s highly recommended to wear comfortable clothing as the game involves lots of actions.

Facts & Facilities

  • Besides three themes to choose from, Escape Hunt Dubai has a total of five game rooms and lounge.
  • Unlimited refreshments are made available.
  • You can make the most of complimentary high-speed internet access plus large screen and flip chart.
  • Free parking space is provided.
  • The facility offers convenient options to take care of your belongings including bags, gadget or devices so that you can completely immerse in the game.

Rules and Regulations

  • In order to play this game, there must be at least two players. And the maximum number of players in a room should not exceed five people.
  • Now if you’re a big group with more than six people, it’s ideal to book two escape rooms which allow you to divide your group into two teams of three or more players each. Yes, this gives you the chance to compete against each other, wherein the team that gets out of the room in the least possible would emerge as the winner.
  • Anyone above seven years can play this escape game. But, please note that kids below 14 years should be joined by an adult throughout the game.


The Escape Room Galleria Mall Dubai may not be for faint-hearted, but it’s definitely for those who love fun-filled adventure. And the most amazing aspect is that this game is a great combo of cool tactics and teamwork, makes it perfect for all kinds of groups including families, friends, corporate team, etc. So be sure to bookmark this page if you’re looking to break out of your usual Dubai sightseeing or theme park activities and want to try something distinctly exciting during your Dubai trip.

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