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Planning for a family or a kid-exclusive vacation in Dubai? A visit to KidZania is a must during your Dubai holiday. Located within the world’s biggest mall (Dubai Mall), KidZania offers a dream-come-true environment for your little ones to live out their favorite adult jobs through interactive learning experiences. If you haven’t been here before or just want to know more about this fun-filled edutainment attraction, we bring you a comprehensive read which not only covers its top highlights and must-experience but also includes some amazing tips to make the most of your

KidZania Dubai Mall


Key Features of KidZania Dubai

  • KidZania is a one-of-its-kind global edutainment brand which has its presence in close to 25 countries.
  • Every KidZania is developed as a mini-sized model of the real adult world, and so is KidZania Dubai at Dubai Mall.
  • Sprawling over an area of about 75,000 square feet, it encompasses everything that a well-developed economy has, from a bank, university, police station to the medical center, fire station, supermarkets, restaurants, and entertainment spots.
  • It further allows your kids to choose from 70 diverse real-life activities. In fact, it’s where your little ones will role-play their dream grown-up activity or occupation. No matter they want to bake a cake, work as a surgeon or even pilot a plane, everything is possible in this exclusive miniature children’s city.
  • It’s not just a place for your little ones to indulge in their dream job, but also a place to get paid or rewarded. Yes, for all their hard work, they can earn KidZos – KidZania’s very own currency.
  • Interestingly, KidZos can be used to buy goods and services within KidZania’s shops, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. So what better way to teach your smaller ones about financial dealings while instilling in them a sense of awareness and responsibility?
  • KidZania Dubai is conveniently located within the Dubai Mall, which also hosts a wealth of attractions including Dubai Mall Aquarium (Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo), Dubai Ice Rink, Ekart Zabeel, and Infinity des Lumières to name a few. Dubai Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, is nearby.

All About Kidzania Dubai Mall

A visit to KidZania is one of the top activities to do in Dubai Mall. It is completely an indoor facility. While it doesn’t matter when you plan to visit here, this makes a great alternative over outdoor kids’ activities during summer months.

KidZania Dubai Timings

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs
  • Thursday: 10:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs
  • Friday & Saturday: 9:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs

KidZania Dubai Mall Location

It’s conveniently placed on the Dubai Mall’s second level and is adjacent to Reel Cinemas.

How to Reach KidZania Dubai Mall?

Being located in a strategic spot at Downtown Dubai, the attraction is easily accessible via a bus (Deira Gold Souk Station and the Ghubaiba Bus Station) or metro, with Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station in the closest proximity.

Another option is to reach here via a hassle-free private transfer or drive your own to the location. You can easily park your car at the mall’s Cinema Parking area.

KidZania Dubai Mall Ticket & Price

This is a kids’ specific attraction, however, both kids and adults (joining the kids) are required to purchase tickets for their entry here. With ticket rates starting from AED 75, you can make a choice between Regular, Economy, and Premium tickets.

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KidZania Dubai Mall Attractions & Activities

  • The University

the university

Once your kid steps inside KidZania, they can choose to head over to the University and take a degree in their chosen profession. This increases their chance to get more paid for their desired activity. 

  • Acting Academy

acting academy

Here, your little ones are given specialists’ guidance to enhance their acting skills and further boost their confidence levels.

  • Star FM Radio Station

star fm radio station

Is your child fascinated about radio jockeying? KidZania’s Star FM offers a wonderful platform not only to bring out their RJ skills but also to broadcast live for the KidZanian residents.

  • Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania

It presents a variety of performances all through the day, giving your little ones to both spectate and participate in it.

  • Flik Flak City Clock

This lines your kids up for an exciting Flik Flak dance performance at the KidZania’s clock tower. 

  • KidZ Detective

kidz detective

For your junior detectives, this would be the highpoint of their KidZania visit, with four super exhilarating sections such as Clues Room, Maze, Finger Print Collection Room, and Evidence Analysis Room.

  • Flight Simulator

flight simulator

This lets your children boarding a real aircraft and even pilot it with the help of an advanced flight simulator.

  • KidZania Hospital

kidzania hospital

At this hospital which encompasses almost all aspects of medical care, let your little ones know how to successfully perform surgery or work as a paramedic or a nurse at the baby care unit. 

  • Dental Clinic

In the dental clinic which specializes in high-end oral health, your kid will take up the role of an actual dentist.

  • Kinder Chocolate Factory

See your younger ones super excited and filled with joy as they create their own cookies or chocolates here.

  • NAFFCO Fire Station

naffco fire station

This allows your little hero to work as a firefighter and put out the flames from the building, thus rescuing the city from fire.

  • Emirates Driving Institute

For your motor enthusiasts little ones, gives them the amazing opportunity to earn a driving license.

  • Pizza Express

pizza express

Let your kids experience the fun and efforts of baking their favorite pizzas.

  • Fashion Studio Runaway

fashion studio runaway

This 20-minute experience is one of the KidZania’s recent additions, mainly designed for young fashion aficionados.

The above mentioned are just a few of the KidZania’s activities and experiences. Besides service, healthcare and communication, and arts, you’ll also find an exciting assortment of activities themed around the History and Heritage, such as National Archive, Calligraphy Workshop, and Pottery Workshop.

KidZos: How to Earn & Make the Most of it?

  • Once they make their way inside KidZania through the boarding facility, the first thing your kids have to do is to cash in their KidZos voucher from a bank. As soon as their bank account is active, your kids can collect their debit card and employ it to take out KidZos from ATMs found in this miniature city.
  • Your kids’ earnings are largely dependent on how much they work. The more they work, the more they would get rewarded.
  • Your kids will not only get to earn KidZos but also spend them to participate in activities or shopping at department stores, supermarkets etc across KidZania.
  • While you can use your leftover KidZos on your next trip to KidZania, please note that they can’t be converted back to cash. So if you’re not revisiting, be sure to spend them all.
  • KidZos can be used for activities only. Apparently, real cash is required if you need to spend on food or other things.
  • Choose activities with shorter queues to earn more KidZos.

More about Kidzania: Tips for First Time Visitors, Dress Code, Facilities Etc.

Top Tips

  • To avoid all hassles and also to bag maximum savings, make sure that you purchase your tickets in advance through a reliable service provider.
  • Try to come here in the mornings as the place gets crowded later, especially on weekends and holidays.
  • Before you come here, make detailed research to plan your visit here. This is particularly a must for first-timers, as it may sometimes appear to be a bit overwhelming for both parents and children to comprehend how the whole things work here.
  • If you’re traveling here for the first time or have only limited time, it’s impossible for your little ones to experience all activities in a single day. So let them choose their favorite one or two activities and have absolute fun.
  • Before check-in, an RFID security bracelet is given to both kids and adults joining them which ensures that your kid(s) won’t leave the facility without you.
  • Prior to participating in any activity, encourage your kids to check out the signage (available both in Arabic and English) that mentions everything about a particular activity, from age criteria and a number of children allowed in a slot to whether they will earn or have to pay KidZos.
  • As your kids are solely responsible for their possessions, it’s advisable for them to carry their stuff including KidZos, passes, etc in a compact purse or a convenient crossbody bag.
  • For your visit here, it’s always good to be joined by a friend and this is applicable for both you and your kids. While this helps to save your boredom off, the company of a familiar face will put your kids at more ease.
  • For best value, opt for a combo pass which not only includes a visit to KidZania but also other attractions in the vicinity, like Play DXB (formerly known as VR Park Dubai), Ekart Zabeel, Dubai Ice Rink, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, and Burj Khalifa.

Dress Code & Facilities

  • With lots of activities involved here, comfortable clothing, along a good pair of trainers or flat shoes is recommended for your little ones.
  • Locker facilities are available.
  • There are separate prayer rooms for ladies and gents inside the facility.
  • With exclusive party packages to pick from, it’s also a great place to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion of your little one.

Rules and Regulations

  • KidZania Dubai is designed for kids aged between 2 and 16 years.
  • While parents or adults that accompany little ones are not allowed to enter the activity areas, the facility has an exclusive parent’s lounge where you can wait throughout the time your kid spends here.
  • Once inside, your kids can stay here as much as they want till the closing time.
  • Adults or parents don’t have to pay any additional fee to re-enter the facility. But, if your kids want to leave the facility and re-enter on the same day, charges apply for the same. Also, don’t leave the facility if your kid is below 120 centimeters.
  • Outside foods are not permitted inside the facility. However, there is an array of food outlets here to satiate your hunger amidst all fun and actions.


KidZania Dubai may not be the ultimate kids’ attraction in Dubai, but is certainly the region’s only edutainment park that offers a hands-on learning experience. So be sure to bring your kids to this attraction; they won’t be disappointed a bit, as it lets them learn and experience fun, thrill, and entertainment all under one roof!

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