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Singapore, an island country is a place where traditional culture and modern thoughts meet. It is a place where people of different ethnicity speaking different languages come together. Every country in the world has a museum that takes you down memory lane giving you a fair idea of history and culture. But Singapore gives you that with a touch of modernity as well. Singapore has its share of traditional museums, but it also has some unique museums.

Singapore Museums

1. Mint Museum of Toys

mint museum of toys

The name MINT is an acronym for Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys. Opened officially in March 2007, this museum is a private collection of vintage toys. With more than 50,000 toys from the mid 19th century to the mid 20th century, this place will take you down the memory lane. It includes toys such as Astroboy, Batman, Bonzo the dog, Popeye The Sailor and other toys including a Door of Hope Chinese doll collection. It is one of the best museums in Singapore that has just everything for everyone.

2. National Gallery of Singapore

national gallery singapore

Housing the world’s largest public collection of Southeast Asian and Singaporean art, the National Gallery has over 10,000 art pieces in total. Along with the extensive permanent collection, the gallery also holds regular exhibitions in collaboration with the world’s leading institution. The amazing cocktail bars and the impressive dining options ensure you are not hungry while you are enjoying your visit.

3. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

lee kong chian natural history museum

A building spread in 8500 sqm. of space houses over 5,60,000 cataloged lots and over a million specimens of prized history. The building and its surroundings also simulate natural habitats as well as a phylogenetic garden. The gallery contains over 15 zones while includes themes like the history of life, terrestrial vertebrates, dinosaurs, etc. When you will walk through the gallery, it will not just be a visit for you but an experience in itself. This is where you must visit when in Singapore.

4. Changi Prison Chapel & Museum

changi prison chapel museum

Dedicated to Singapore’s history during the second world war and the Japanese occupation, this museum has a collection of paintings and photographs and personal items donated by Prisoners of War. Among the collection, there is also a series of sketches and paintings that depict the life of the then internees during the occupation. The museum is famous for the replica of Changi murals that were made by POW Stanley Warren. The museum is divided into 5 zones namely Storyboards, Changi Prison, Changi Murals, Wartime artists and End of War. When you are in Singapore, you must see this museum to know the difficult life that POWs underwent.

5. Trick Eye Museum

trick eye museum

The trick eye museum in Singapore is an optical art museum that introduces Augmented Reality in its exhibits. With over 80 optical illusion paintings and installations, you will never fall short of photography options. People say that the trick eye museum is for the people who are a child at heart. In this one of a kind museum, you can also interact with the characters and become one with the subject of the artwork.

6. National Museum of Singapore

national museum of singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum of Singapore that dates back to 1849. Back then it was started as a library section at Raffles Library and Museum. Even after being the oldest museum in Singapore their exhibits like the Story of Forest transports you digitally to 19th Century Malaya. This museum should be one you should definitely tick off your bucket list when you are in Singapore.

7. Singapore Philatelic Museum

singapore philatelic museum

Philately is the study of stamps and postal history of a country. And Philatelist is people who love stamps. The Singapore Philatelic Museum is one of a kind museum that allows you to view rare collections such as the 1854 Indian stamps used in straits settlements. While there you can also visit the Orange Room to know more about the world’s first stamp.

8. Republic Of Singapore Airforce Museum

republic of singapore airforce museum

Plane and helicopter buffs will love this place. The best part is that you can learn about RSAF’s through various interactive and role-playing games in the indoor gallery. Also, in the outdoor gallery, you can see actual fighter jets and amazing war copters and missiles. Let your imagination fly high when you are in this museum.

9. Singapore Musical Museum

singapore musical museum

Musical boxes were an integral part of the European culture in the 19th and 20th century and Singapore played an important role in it. This museum is dedicated to the rise and fall of musical boxes and its path in Singapore’s history. With over 40 exhibits on display, you can get a glimpse of the craftsmanship of yesteryears mainly from Germany, Switzerland, and the US.

10. Art Science Museum

art science museum

Located within the Marina Bay Sands resort, this lotus-shaped building has 21 gallery spaces and is spread over 50,000sq.ft. With futuristic designs and a fusion of science and art, this museum is a must-visit in Singapore. It hosts many international exhibitions including film exhibitions such as Harry Potter where it has 6 galleries mimicking the forbidden forest, the Gryffindor Room and other settings. Their Future World exhibition is an interactive kaleidoscopic digital art that looks like magic.

11. Peranakan Museum

peranakan museum

The Peranakan museum boasts a collection of the Peranakan culture. The items on the display include artifacts, floor tiles slippers, and utensils. With over 10 galleries and special exhibition galleries, you will be able to experience the Peranakan culture like never before.

12. Vintage Camera Museum

vintage camera museum

In the 21st century when you hear the word camera what immediately comes to your mind is DSLR or smartphones. But in this museum, you will be able to experience old school photography. It is the only museum in Singapore that’s dedicated to antique photography. Even though the exterior of the building is shaped like a camera lens, it is hardly the main attraction. There are over 1000 cameras here for display starting from spy cams to huge 6m ones. Most cameras in this museum are old and some are as old as the 1800s.


Singapore is popularly known as the land of shopping and technological wonders. But there’s so much more to Singapore than this. Its state-of-the-art museums are a treat to the tourists and open up a completely different, face of this astounding city that makes a trip to this place truly memorable.

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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