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Singapore today is one of the best-known tourist cities in the world. But this island state has an extremely tragic past that still haunts the island. It takes serious guts to visit some places on the island, as they are supposed to be the homes of the dead. Haunted, cursed, and ghostly are some of the names of these abandoned places in Singapore. These places are a strict no-no for the faint-hearted. Whether you want to add a genuine eerie touch to your Halloween festivities or simply go off-beat on your visit to the city-state, here is a list of some of the

most haunted places in Singapore

that will give your spine chills if you’re scared of ghost stories.

The Old Changi Hospital

Changi Hospital

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As it was handled by the British before it went into the hands of the Japanese Army in World War II, this hospital mainly functioned to treat prisoners of war and was later used by the Commonwealth forces. Further, this hospital was passed on to the SAF to treat servicemen. This hospital has been vacant for several years. There are rumors that the Japanese Army used this hospital to torture the prisoners of war instead of treating them. It is said that people have heard screams and have sighted shadows in the halls of the hospital.



Tekong is presently the inhabited island space used for training purposes by the military. It is believed that a young man from the Charlie Company got separated from his pack on a routine 16-kilometer march. Later, his body was discovered by his commander, with all his insides laid out next to his body. The beds in his former bunk shake for no apparent reason at night, and people have claimed to hear his voice and seen him roaming the halls at night. They built a third door to the bunk for the spirit to leave, but it seems the soul will not go anytime soon.

Changi Beach Houses (Old)

Changi Beach Houses

Known as the haunted house of Singapore, the Changi old beach houses and the beach itself was the site of the infamous Sook Ching massacre during World War II. It is believed that the souls of the innocents continue to roam the beach weeping at night. Many claims to see blood stains. People have reported they feel as if being stared at and some even have returned home with scars.

Human-sized Chessboard in St. John’s Island


Originally built by the British, this island changed hands to the Japanese during the Second World War. Within the camping site, there is a sinister-looking, human-sized chessboard. It is believed that the Imperial Army of Japan used to line up prisoners of war on the chess board and use them as real-life chess pieces. The side-effect of this was that the prisoners of war were beheaded mercilessly on the spot of their capture. There have been incidents of blood-curdling screams from the chessboard.



One of the creepiest stories in Bedok Block 99 is that a jilted wife committed suicide after throwing her three-year-old toddler. She wrote on the walls of her house, “It’s not over, darling,” in Chinese before jumping. When her unfaithful husband moved in with another woman and later had a son, the son complained of the bullying by his older brother. One night, when the couple was sleeping, a noise woke them up. They saw their son standing on the edge of the window, waved bye with a smile and jumped. On the walls, it was written, ‘This is for mother.’

The Yellow Tower


Located at the East Coast Park, it looks like a typical yellow tower but has a tragic story behind it. Years ago, a couple was strolling in the park when a group of thugs of attacked them. The girl was violated and stabbed to death by them, while her boyfriend was knocked unconscious. The criminals were never apprehended. From then on, people have claimed have seen a female in white near this tower. Others have claimed to have heard the screams of a woman from the tower, only to find nothing upon investigating it. Paranormal investigators have vouched that a spirit exists after spending time communicating with her.

Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel


Abandoned and uninhabited for more than 25 years, the Brunei Hostel in Tanglin Hill attracts many onlookers and late-night adventures. In the 1950s, Brunei was a poor nation with a teacher shortage. So many students were sent overseas to educate the young. The four-storey hostel was erected in 1958 to house the students from Brunei until 1983 when the program was finally stopped. Many spook enthusiasts visit this hostel and say they experience weird feelings and experiences.

Bukit Brown Cemetery


A biodiverse haven for many plants and animals, this cemetery is a favorite among nature lovers. The government decided to raise four-lane carriageways, which were protested by the public as this was the last remaining Chinese cemetery in Singapore, with very large tombs guarded by Sikh guards made of stones. Anyhow, the government proceeded and started exhuming the graves for the proposed carriageways. It is said that since the exhuming process started, there have been sightings of spirits among the tombstones and visits to the dreams of their descendants.

Choa Chu Kang Cemetery


Home to the buried dead, this cemetery is famous for various sightings of spirits. Many taxi drivers have claimed to pick up passengers late at night who ask to be brought to the cemetery. After the taxi arrives at the destination, the passenger vanishes in thin air in front of their eyes. Drivers have seen a lady clad in white roaming around the cemetery.

There is no dearth of horror stories in Singapore, and it is not the only country to have them. Ghosts and spirits are a matter of belief, and people accept or shun them based on their belief. What you believe is up to you, but there’s no doubt that for those who believe, these ghost stories are as true as life itself.

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