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Following the opening of some of the record-setting attractions like Clymb Abu Dhabi in 2019, Abu Dhabi will see more impressive launches in 2020. The unmissable among them is

Al Qana National Aquarium Abu Dhabi.

Rightly so, it’s not just the first of its kind in the capital city, but also the largest aquarium in the Middle East. Moreover, it’s a part of the upcoming Al Qana Project means there is so much to explore and experience on your visit here. So read this exclusive post in order to acquaint you with the aquarium’s prestigious location, exhibits, highlights, timing, and interesting facts, among others.

Key Highlights of Al Qana National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

national aquarium at al qana in abu dhabi

The National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi stands out in terms of its every aspect.

  • Inspiring Location: It’s placed along one of the capital city’s most awe-inspiring and iconic locations in the Khor Al Maqta region which also has to its credit attractions such as the distinguished ever Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Memorial Park.
  • It’s the part of the first BOT Model Project: The aquarium is the centerpiece of the upcoming Al Qana Complex which is the first of its kind Built-Operate-Transfer model project. It’s developed by Al Barakah International Investment, together with the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities. Check below to know more about Al Qana.
  • It reflects Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030: Al Qana, along with the National Aquarium and other noteworthy attractions and facilities, has been designed and developed in line with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 – the Abu Dhabi’s Government’s long term plan that is focused to boost the region’s economy by considerably reducing its dependence on the oil industry.
  • It’s the largest of its kind in the Middle East: Designed and built on a massive scale, it spans over an astonishing 7000 square meters space, thus all set to beat Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo within the Dubai Mall, both in terms of its area and offerings. What’s more; once completed, it will be the largest ever in the Middle East too.

Know More about Al Qana Project & Its Attractions

Al Qana is one of the capital city’s most exceptional and ambitious large-scale projects. While more than 50% of the project is used for entertainment, its attractions are super educational and inspiring too. It comprises seven districts, overall occupying 2.4 kilometers across its waterfront walkways. In fact, it is much more than its flagship attraction – Al Qana Aquarium; there are several restaurants (offering mindblowing waterfront dining experience). Apart from these, it boasts of a whole array of leisure attractions such as:

  • An exclusive VR (Virtual Reality) Gaming Complex, offering the most advanced augmented reality and virtual reality-based games and experiences.
  • A Trampoline Centre with a massive indoor park, featuring facilities for wall-running, foam pits, etc.
  • A community center and an expansive mall
  • The largest of its kind standalone cinema with a total of 15 screens
  • An extensive outdoor skate park
  • A yacht marina with 98 boat berths
  • Charming walkways and beautifully landscaped green spaces with over 200 olive trees that are brought from Italy
  • Cycling and jogging tracks
  • Ample parking space for about 3000 cars
  • The Bridge which is the region’s first of its kind wellness hub, covering an area of about 8,000 square meters.

All about Al Qana National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

  • Al Qana National Aquarium Opening Date

The National Aquarium at Al Qana in Abu Dhabi is due to open by the last quarter of 2020.

  • Al Qana National Aquarium Timings

As the attraction is not unveiled yet, we’ll update timing and other relevant information as soon as it’s open.

  • Al Qana National Aquarium Location

It forms one of the most significant attractions of Al Qana Complex which is situated along Khor Al Maqta – a quaint yet historic waterway.

  • How to Reach Al Qana National Aquarium?

It will take less than 30 minutes to reach Al Qana from Downtown Abu Dhabi. If you’re coming here by bus, take the route no 56 which passes through the Al Maqta region.

  • Al Qana National Aquarium Tickets

As the attraction is not unveiled yet, we’ll update ticket details and other relevant information as soon as it’s open.

Experiences at Al Qana National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

al qana national aquarium

As the whole UAE is looking forward to the opening of the region’s biggest-ever aquarium, know what to see and experience on your visit here.

  • See more than 35,000 marine animals from 300 plus species: You’ll be able to see here thousands of underwater gems that cover both the UAE’s indigenous species and the specialties from different parts of the world. This also includes the UAE’s largest reptile.
  • Explore 10 themed zones representing diverse geographical regions: A trip to the aquarium gives you the unique chance to not only appreciate several rare and exotic marine species but also discover a wide array of marine ecosystems, from Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea to the Arctic, Amazon, Pacific and the Mediterranean.
  • Experience the country’s longest water tunnel: Yes, it’s true; so get ready to admire the marine inhabitants from an astonishing vantage point, as you stroll through the UAE’s longest ever water tunnel.
  • Take part in highly interactive sessions: Besides its exuberant marine exhibits arranged in ten zones, you’ll get to dive, swim with marine creative and even live to feed them.
  • Watch live shows: There will also be a variety of entertaining shows and enlightening educational programs that shed light on these marine species.

Interesting Facts About Al Qana National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

  • As a super eco-conscious facility, Al Qana Aquarium makes sure that each of the marine creatures seen here is acquired only through ethical means.
  • To take care of these marine species, there is a highly qualified team of about 80 marine specialists.
  • While the exact list of creatures that would be showcased in the aquarium is not yet unveiled, one thing is certain that you’ll get to see here some really distinct, special and exotic species.
  • The aquarium is designed by Okyanus which is highly regarded for its remarkable aquarium designs.
  • Once it’s open, it will welcome over one million visitors per year.
  • Moreover, it’s expected to cater to about 50,000 students per year.

Top Attractions Nearby Al Qana National Aquarium

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: One of the country’s most stunning religious architectural marvels is just a few blocks from here. If you haven’t been this to this all-white, tranquil mosque that can hold up to 40,000 people at a time, then be sure to combine your Al Qana trip with a visit to the Grand Mosque. Named after the late president of the UAE, it’s worth visiting for its mix of sprawling grounds, charming pools, and awe-inspiring features like the biggest of its kind carpet and chandelier.
  • Al Maqta Fort: Once served as a barricade to protect the region from the bandit attacks, this 200-year-old structure now stands as an epitome of the emirate’s imposing culture and heritage.
  • Al Maqta Tower: This delightful, sand-colored observation deck was built in the late 18th This, along with Al Maqta Fort, forms one of the city’s most significant historic attractions.
  • The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri: Located in the Al Maqta region, it’s where you can experience the traditional Arabian architecture enhanced with a Venetian twist. You’ll also get to shop a variety of authentic home-grown stuff from here.


As a hub of leisure, entertainment, and striking experiences, we hope that you’ll definitely add Al Qana National Aquarium on your Abu Dhabi bucket list. Most importantly, as it’s drawing closer to the opening date, be sure to bookmark this page and visit it again to see what has been updated. This allows for the smooth planning of your visit here. So stay tuned!!!

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