Deception Island Antarctica
When you decide to set out for a trip to an iconic destination, quite naturally, you’ll rely on a clichéd tour list to pick your preferred spot. But these hidden gems would definitely shake your perceptions of the

world’s most beautiful places

1.Le Mont Saint-Michel, France

Le Mont Saint Michel France

This is a beautiful city in Normandy, located on a scenic bay off the coast. Besides the historic Abbey of Mont Saint Michel, Le Mont Saint Michel abounds in museums displaying an astonishing collection of art and artifacts. A string of houses that date back to the 15th century further adds to the charm of the region.

2. Huacachina, Peruvian Desert

Huacachina Peruvian Desert

Bounded by enormous yellow sand dunes, the bohemian village of Huacachina, with a natural lake, is really a surprise package for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts. Situated in southwestern Peru’s Ica Province, close to the city of Ica, Huacachina’s high-rise dune formations are exquisite and surreal.

3. Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley Utah

Acknowledged as the American West’s iconic symbol, this sandy preserve within the sprawling Navajo Tribal Park is dominated by spectacular sandstone towers whose height range from 400 to 1,000 feet. Beyond its striking backdrop, a visit to this expansive desert region enables you to get a slice of the fascinating Navajo culture.

4. Alter do Chao, Brazil

Alter do Chao Brazil

Dubbed as the Caribbean of the Amazon, Alter do Chao, with Lago Verde – a huge lagoon – at its entrance, is famed for its exquisite white beach and Ilha do Amor or the Island of Love, which in turn can be explored only by a canoe. The island becomes strikingly beautiful from August to December when the water is low.

5. Mount Ai-Petry, Crimea, Ukraine

Mount Ai Petry Crimea Ukraine

Formerly a part of the Soviet Empire, this stunning mountain is now in independent Ukraine. It is placed at a height of more than 1,200 meters in the Crimea’s Yalta region. Perhaps the best way to reach here and absorb in its enchanting natural surroundings is to take a three-kilometer long cable-car ride.

6. The Alcázar of Segovia – Segovia, Spain

alcazar of segovia

Set against the backdrop of gorgeous Spanish landscape and flanked by two rivers: Rio Clamores and Rio Eresema, this stone castle in Segovia – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – stands out for its stupendous architectural style.

7. Deception Island, Antarctica

Deception Island Antarctica

This distinctive ring-shaped volcanic island, with captivating beaches and glaciers, is in the Antarctica Peninsula’s South Shetland Islands. One of Antarctica’s safest harbors, Deception Island is originally the crater of a still-active volcano and has served as a safe refuge against storms and icebergs since the 19th century.

8. Craco – Matera, Basilicata

Craco Matera Basilicata

Craco is one of the world’s most amazing ghost towns, which is simply astounding for its haunting appeal. With a history dating back to the 8th century, this medieval town is located in the Italian Province of Matera.

9. Melissani Cave, Greece

Melisani Cave Greece

Encircled by dense forest, this exquisite cave formation is situated on Greece’s Kefalonia Island. Known as the Nymphs’ Cave in Greek mythology, this cave is a true natural wonder that would for sure take your breath away, with its incomparable surroundings and crystal clear waters.

10. Horseshoe bend, Grand Canyon

HorseShoe Bend Grand Canyon

Alternatively called the ‘Intimate Grand Canyon’, this eye-catching curve in the Colorado River is believed to have been formed five million years ago. Take an adventurous helicopter ride to marvel at breathtaking views of hairpin curves and sandstone rocks, which interestingly date back to the early Jurassic era.

11. Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains

Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains

Climb the 300-feet spiral staircase attached to the Taihang Mountains’ wall in Linzhou for an exhilarating mountaineering experience. But this is not recommended for senior climbers above 60 years or anyone with lungs or cardiac-related ailments.

12. Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach California

Nestled within MacKerricher State Park and close to California’s Fort Bragg, this beach – as indicated by its name – is filled with a huge array of dazzling sea glasses, which fascinatingly is the outcome of dumping of garbage for several years in the region. Thanks to the constantly rolling waves which polished and gave these glass pebbles a unique round shape.

13. Piazza Duomo, Sicily

Piazza Duomo Sicily

This historic town in the heart of Sicily will leave you awestruck with its charming winding streets, ancient buildings, and extraordinary sights including the Cathedral Complex. A must-see here is the beautiful classical mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale – an astonishingly vast Roman complex dating back to the 4th century.

14. Lord Howe Island, Australia

Lord Howe Island Australia

Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this fantastic oceanic island, which is placed just two hours journey by air from Sydney and Brisbane, has been formed as a result of volcanic activity. Its sparkling water is a haven to enjoy water sport activities, such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling.

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15. Cocos Island, Costa Rica

cocos island national park costa rica

An outcome of a volcanic commotion more than two million years ago, the Cocos Island Marine Park – placed off Costa Rica’s shore – will leave you spellbound, as it is the only island in the East Pacific to have a rainforest. Once a safe hideaway for pirates, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From flycatcher and Cocos cuckoo to unique insects and vivid marine species, Cocos Island is particularly exceptional for its endemics.

16. Swarovski Crystal World, Austria

Swarovski Crystal World Austria

A breathtaking world of glittering crystal treasures, this indoor crystal themed park is perhaps Austria’s most popular tourist site. The entrance of the park itself is mesmerizing, featuring a massive spurting head of an alpine giant – designed and created by Andre Heller – a popular Austrian artist and actor.

17. Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey

Pamukkale Denizli Turkey

Literally meaning ‘cotton castle’, Pamukkale is a beautiful region of Turkey’s Denizli Province. It abounds in scenic wonders, with an astonishing display of natural water pools and muds boasting therapeutic properties.

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18. Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Ristorante Grotta Palazzese

Tucked away in the marine caves in Polignano a Mare, this unique restaurant overlooking the gorgeous views provides you with an unforgettable dining experience. It is absolutely one-of-its-kind in the whole world, and also holds the rare, prestigious distinction of the restaurant with the most breathtaking views.

19. Aescher, Switzerland

Aescher Switzerland

Perched beneath the high plateau known as Ebenalp and placed at an altitude of 1,640 meters high, this is a tiny guesthouse that is especially known for its breathtaking Cliffside location. Dominated by 2,500 meters high Mount Santis, the region surrounding this mountain hut is blanketed by a quaint, rustic charm, with its lush green areas, alpine flora, and rolling hills.

20. Pingvallavatn Lake, Iceland

Pingvallavatn Lake Iceland

Lying within the Pingvallavatn National Park, this spectacular lake is the largest of its kind in Iceland. A protected national attraction, this rift valley is particularly magnificent in its frozen form. Most of all, it’s a haven for enjoying and snorkeling and scuba diving.

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