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A wedding day is one of the most special days in everyone’s life. While some prefer to keep it as a low key affair, some want it in an extravagant manner by throwing lavish parties with great dining choices and entertainment. But there is a category that doesn’t fall under either group, as they’re unconventional and love to get hitched in the strongest possible manner. If you’re one among them, these

wedding venues

would certainly hook up to your wildest imaginations.

1. Underwater Weddings

Underwater weddings

Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Being abode to 70 plus dive sites and a serene marine life, Greater Fort Lauderdale is aptly acknowledged as the ‘Venice of America.’ Unsurprisingly, this destination sets an impeccable stage for underwater weddings. Head over to one of the many service providers in the region, such as American Dive Centre, Pro Dive International, or the South Florida Headquarters, where you’ll get all assistance to plan your dream wedding that mostly covers bridal wetsuit, live video streaming, underwater photography and music, ordained officiant, and dive gears as well as other related accessories.

2. Safari Weddings

Safari Weddings

Cottars 1920s Safari Camp

For an authentic and unparalleled safari experience, Cottars 1920s Safari Camp is a venue you should choose for your wedding. Located within the environs of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, this tranquil hideout in Kenya’s Narok County will transport you to another world, with its cozy honeymoon suites, boundless wildlife adventure, stunning surroundings untouched by time, and most of all, intriguing 1920s Maasai wedding traditions that recall an era of sheer elegance and luxury.

3. Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings

Crane Beach, Barbados

Miles upon miles of dusty pink sands with boulder-strewn rock faces and verdant foliage make this historic beach on the less-populated southeast coast of Barbados a dream-like setting for those craving for a mesmerizing beach wedding. When it comes to where to get married here, the perfect locale is the Crane Residential Resort. Dating from 1887, this amazing resort is known for its harmonious blend of inimitable hospitality and excellent accommodation facilities reflecting unique grandeur.

4. Castle Style Weddings

Castle style weddings

Alnwick Castle, UK

The 700-year old Alnwick Castle – once the residence of the Duke of Northumberland – is best remembered for being the location of the much-celebrated Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the first two Harry Potter movies. With three magnificent venues to choose from Guest Hall, Hulne Abbey, and Courtyard Restaurant, a wedding in this medieval-style structure would be nothing less than whimsical and wizardry.

5. Cave Wedding

Cave Wedding

Bridal Caves in Ozarks of Missouri

For couples looking for an exotic and unusual wedding, Bridal Caves – located hundreds of feet beneath the ground – offers a majestic backdrop to exchange vows. Festooned with giant columns, awe-inspiring stalactites, incredible formations of onyx, ribbons of rocks, elusive soda straws, and huge draperies, this cave in the heart of the panoramic Lake of Ozark in Missouri is a true natural splendor bursting with romance and refreshing vistas.

6. Bridge Weddings

Bridge Weddings

Artist’s Bridge, Maine

Rustic yet romantic, Artist’s Covered Bridge amidst lush forest is a much-loved venue among couples seeking a wedding site drenched in mesmerizing charm. Built-in 1870s, this bridge hasn’t ferried any vehicle since 1950s; so no worries about the bustling traffic scene.

7. Mid-Air Weddings

Mid air wedding

Marriage in the Sky

They say love is in the air, so why not get hitched in mid-air! The renowned Marriage in the Sky makes this happen for you, with its presence in 40 countries, from Grand Canyon and Venice to Jaipur in India. Simply pick your location, and on your big day, a small platform fastened to a crane will lift you as well as your guests as high as 150 feet above the ground level. A celebratory bungee jump with the bride and groom together taking a leap further makes your wedding an unforgettable top-drawer event. What better way to take a plunge into your married life?

8. Lighthouse Wedding

Lighthouse Wedding

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

A magical seafront setting, combined with awe-inspiring sights and soft Gaelic music, makes this unique museum in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, one of the most unconventional yet romantic venues on the earth to tie the wedding knot. Comprising highlights like the 16th century Kinnaird Head Castle, Stevenson’s Spiral Stairs, and museum, this venue is as amazing as it’s historic.

9. Winery Wedding

Winery Weddings

Bellingham Homestead, Cape Winelands

Bellingham Homestead is an elegant 17th-century structure with a National Monument Status. Whether you choose its lush garden sprawling over an area of five acres or age-old maturation cellar, this venue provides an incomparable ambiance and setting to celebrate your momentous day in a grand way.

10. Finally a totally off-the-beaten Venue

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park wedding

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Looking for a thrilling, off-the-beaten venue for your nuptial? Perhaps there would be no better location than Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that offers the astounding views of Kilauea Caldera Volcano, which, though is active and produces more than 600,000 cubic yards of blistering lava on day to day basis, is extremely safe, as there have been no eruptions for centuries. A UNESCO world heritage site, this park is mind-blowing for its amazing natural diversity.

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