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The idea of solo traveling is exciting. You can plan your itinerary and enjoy the places and activities on your own terms. But solo traveling can be intimidating as well, especially if you have never traveled alone before. The perfect solution for this is going on a cruise. Cruises happen on large ships with thousands of people. A solo cruise holiday will give you the chance to travel on your own while having the comfort of being surrounded by so many people. But would you find yourself lonely and bored? Not if you want to! Here we present to you some ways of making your solo cruise holiday one of the best holidays of your life.

Look for a Solo-Friendly Traveler Friendly Cruise

Solo travel friendly cruise

Most cruises do not have any restrictions about the type of guests arriving on them. But some cruises are more family-friendly than others. This means that most of the entertainment, activities, and even the staterooms are designed to cater to the needs of families with children. In such cruises, you are unlikely to meet other solo travelers or like-minded individuals. Moreover, the activities and programs may not be suitable for you. While you may rarely find an exclusive cruise for solo travelers, an adult cruise would be a good choice for solo travelers.

Book a Solo Room

Solo Rooms

If you are not sure if the cruise you want to select is solo traveler-friendly, try to book a solo room. Most cruises have staterooms that you need to share with another traveler. However, since cruising has become popular among solo travelers, cruises are trying to accommodate them by offering solo rooms. Some cruise ships also offer comfortable sleeping pods for solo travelers on a budget. There are also cruise liners that do not charge a single supplement (a premium charge for singles booking a double bedroom) in case you want to book an entire room for yourself.

Choose a Smaller Cruise

Smaller Cruise for Solo Travel

Sea cruises are usually vessels that can hold thousands of people (sometimes even more than 7000). Unless you are going on a cruise to get lost in the crowd, such cruises are not ideal for solo travelers. These cruises are so huge that it is unlikely that you will meet the same people twice. So, if you are travelling solo, it is better to choose a smaller cruise. River cruises with a capacity of 100-200 people will be more appropriate for a solo traveler who is interested in meeting and interacting with fellow travelers.

Make Friends with the Staff

Not every solo traveler will be an extrovert who would easily strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger. One of the best ways to feel at home on a cruise on your own is to get pally with the staff. Most cruises have friendly, yet professional staff who are ready to help you in every way. You will find the most interesting people here, right from the bartender to the cruise director. They will not only help you navigate through the cruise and point out the interesting things you should see and do but will also share insights about their cruise experiences.

Dine at the Main Dining Room

It is quite ok to choose to order room service and enjoy a meal in the privacy of your room while on a cruise holiday. But do make time to enjoy meals at the various restaurants here. All meals are usually included in the cruise package, and these meals are served at the main dining room or restaurant on the cruise. This is the place where almost all the guests dine on an everyday basis, and this is the perfect place to meet new people. Some couples and even families may be interested in meeting and interacting with solo travelers and may invite you to join their table. Some of the main restaurants as well as specialty restaurants have a table exclusive for solo travelers, where you can meet fellow solo travelers and share stories and experiences.

Join Group Activities

Group Activities on Cruise near Pool

There is no dearth of activities on a cruise, and joining ones that interest you is a great way of meeting like-minded people. Some of the group activities may include culinary programs or classes like cooking classes, bartending classes, wine tasting classes, etc. Fitness enthusiasts may also find a yoga class or Zumba class onboard. Most of these courses and programs run for a few days, giving you the chance to meet the same people several times and form bonds and friendships. You can also meet your other cruise guests while trying out adventurous activities, attending entertainment programs, relaxing near the pool, or getting some pampering done at the spa. Some cruises also have solo traveler meetups and even blind dating sessions for singles to meetup onboard.

Signup for Shore Excursions

While you are free to explore a port on your own, signing up for a shore excursion through the cruise would be a good idea for those traveling on their own. Several guests book their shore excursions through the cruise, as it is convenient. If you do the same, the tour operator will take you on a tour of the most important places in the city. You will not only be able to travel comfortably but also have the company of your fellow travelers. Apart from all these, shore excursions are conducted by local guides. You can interact with them to know more about their local culture and life.

Cruising may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a solo holiday. But it is a good idea if you are looking for a unique way of spending time with yourself, while enjoying new experiences and meeting new people.

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