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New Year is still fresh and if you haven’t made travel resolutions for this New Year, it’s high time you did. 2020 promises to be a great year for travelers and explorers. Be it adventure, romance or luxury, 2020 has plenty to offer.

We present to you a quick list of the best holiday destinations in 2024.

1. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro statue

An 80 km long crisp white beach flanked by mountains, a quaint harbour and an undying culture – Rio de Janeiro has rightly earned the title – “Marvelous City”. Rio is known for the city’s carnival mood throughout the year. Now that Rio is hosting the 2016 Olympics, the city is festive and all set for a splendid event. All of Rio is ready to put forth its best foot forward for the tide of tourists it is expecting during the Olympics which is what makes this city a must-visit this year.

2. Iran

Iran country

Iran is a country rich in ancient and cultural treasures. Complex Persian architectural remains, well preserved ancient buildings, art from the bygone era and the fast paced growth in the tourism sector make Iran one of the best tourist destinations in 2020. The political shift in the country promises to bring about a tide of changes in the tourism department. A largely unexplored Iran has opened its doors with more tourist friendly schemes like friendlier Visa rules. A diverse terrain with snow clad mountains, deserts, jungles and breathtaking mountain ranges – Iran has it all. The hot springs and the terrace formations of Badab-e Surt are a must visit.

3. Ireland

About Ireland

Hyperbole aside, everything about Ireland is breathtaking. Be it the spine-tingling beautiful countryside or the regal ancient landmarks, Ireland has it all. Tourism is a serious business in Ireland and hence the Irish tourism department does everything to make visitors’ experience an unforgettable one. And with the recent launch of a host of travel services, Ireland is going to be an irresistible travel destination in 2020. The travel services include helicopters, cruise ships and yachts, luxury train cruises and much more.

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4. Botswana

Botswana Land

17% of Botswana’s land is dedicated to National Parks and is a treat to animal lovers and adventurers. The Kalahari Desert and the fertile Okavango Delta control Zimbabwe’s nature. A desert during the drier seasons of the year, it turns into a lush green habitat teeming with animals and birds of all kinds. Your Botswana itinerary is sure to be dominated by night and day safaris and treks. This year, Botswana celebrates its 50th Independence Day, and massive celebrations are underway. Visiting Botswana in 2020 could mean that you not only get a fair taste of the country’s rich nature, but also its culture and exotic food.

5. Morocco

Morocco Country

Beaches, cultural and music festivals, exotic food, desert treks, heritage structures, adventure, cycling and biking tours – Morocco has a little bit of everything. Morocco’s tourists were predominantly Russians, but the country has witnessed a shift in the past few years in terms of its tourists’ demography. Morocco has plenty to offer and promises to be a vacation with something for everyone in the family. Morocco looks promising and very appealing this year.

6. Tasmania

Tasmania beaches

Tasmania has had a lot of heads turning towards it in the past few years, and this year, it has taken the centre stage. Premium wines, scenic beaches, rich produce, scrumptious food, mysterious water ways, awe-inspiring trekking and cycling trails – the list of things to do in Tasmania is endless. Lovingly called Tassie, Tasmania has everything for the discerning tourist. This year, the Tassie tourism department will introduce a whole new set of cruise lines, hotels, hiking trails (hikes that last 4 days!) and a lot more. The country also has a delicious line up of sea food and cooked in locally grown spices, making for a unique feast. Explore Tasmania once and you will only want to live there forever!

7. Cuba

Cuba island country

Cuba has had a tumultuous past, but the island nation is recovering at a fast pace. The Havana beach, magnificent mausoleums, ancient castles and cathedrals, narrow winding roads and the ever energetic people make Cuba a must visit in 2020. The government’s quick vacation packages for 2020 have made visiting the country easier and light on the pocket.

8. Zimbabwe

About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has beautifully embraced modernity and luxury while retaining its rich, dramatic natural diversity. With eight National Parks, the landlocked country boasts of a number of tourist attractions. Zimbabwe also has unexplored ancient ruined cities unlike any other country in Africa. Night safaris, tree house resorts, jungle resorts and hotels make for an unadulterated experience of the wilderness. The granite kopjes also make for a fun day out. The breathtaking Victoria Falls is a must visit while at Zimbabwe.

9. New Orleans

New Orleans City

The city of Jazz has made its name on to the list of the best holiday destinations in 2020, thanks to the rise of the By-water neighborhood – one of the hippest regions around the city. New Orleans has grown beyond its roots in Jazz. Art, food, an eclectic culture and music are all booming in the city. The city has put on a swanky new image with food markets, art galleries and delicious local food giving tourists a fresh experience alongside the traditional Jazz.

10. Siberia

Siberia region

Siberia is one of the least populated regions of the world. With virgin valleys, unexplored hillsides, and lush green forests tucked into the shores of clean rivers and lakes, Siberia is a tourist haven in the true sense! The Trans-Siberian railway is a not-to-miss at Siberia. Get on the train for a unique trip put together by a variety of regions, terrains and experiences.

11. Nepal

Nepal Country

Nepal’s tourism took a big hit post the 2015 earthquake, but the country has risen again and is rearing to go! In order to attract more tourists, the Nepalese government has undertaken more reforms in tourism schemes for 2020. Famous for its historical temples and rustic villages, Nepal also offers an exciting night life filled with delicious food and vibrant markets. Do not miss out on quaint little lakes and the picturesque countryside of Nepal.

12. Sicily

Sicily island

A dreamy coastline, luscious wines, ruins straight out of a Shakespearean novel – tourists have an endless list of things to do at Sicily. The city also holds the famous Arab-Norman Palermo – a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sicily is teeming with wineries, both big and small. Last year saw a steady rise in the number of wineries and that is continuing into 2020. Authentic local food made from fresh local ingredients, paired with local wine, rich cheese and olives make for an excellent dining experience. Gear up for Sicily this summer 2020.

13. Australia

Australia country

Australia has everything – yes everything! From crazy camel races to a vibrant night life, Australia has a little something for everybody. Explore the Australian Outback, virgin beaches, wineries and wildlife. Take up adventure sports like snorkeling, sky diving and a lot more. The Australian islands are a delightful mysterious lot. This year, Australia is predicted to lose out on more of the Great Barrier Reef and forests. Hopefully, this situation will be reversed soon, but Australia needs to be explored by 2020, though the reason itself is quite depressing.

14. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi UAE

Abu Dhabi is one of the most happening places around the world. While promoting tourism aggressively, Abu Dhabi also strives to preserve its culture. Abu Dhabi has an endless list of places to visit and things to do. Set out on an expedition of food, art, music, culture and much more. Be it the local markets or luxurious star hotels – Abu Dhabi satisfies every interest of yours. The Classical Music festival at Abu Dhabi is extending well into the summer of 2016 and is steadily drawing a number of tourists.

15. Portugal

Portugal country

Portugal has slowly transformed into a happening tourist destination this year. Portugal has turned into an amazing cultural hub with varied experiences for tourists. Art, food and culture are competing with each other in being the biggest attraction. Portugal also has scenic little villages that are yet to be explored. The 200 mile long beach strip is drawing tourists from all over the world.


Q1. What are some popular places to visit in 2023?

Some popular places to visit in 2023 may include cities like Iran, Ireland, Rio de Janeiro, Morocco, and others.

Q2. What are some budget-friendly places to visit in 2023?

Some budget-friendly places to visit in 2023 may include destinations like Thailand, Bali, Portugal, Mexico, and Croatia. These destinations offer a good balance of affordability and adventure, with plenty of cultural experiences and outdoor activities available at low cost.

Q3. What are some family-friendly places to visit in 2023?

Some family-friendly places to visit in 2023 may include theme parks like Disney World in Orlando, Florida or Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. Other family-friendly destinations include cities like London, Paris, and Tokyo, which offer plenty of attractions and activities for kids of all ages.

Q4. What are some adventure travel destinations to visit in 2023?

Some adventure travel destinations to visit in 2023 may include places like New Zealand, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Iceland, and the Swiss Alps. These destinations offer opportunities for activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking, and are ideal for adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts.

Q5. Are there any hidden gem destinations to visit in 2023?

Yes, there are many hidden gem destinations that are worth visiting in 2023. Some examples include Siem Reap in Cambodia, Hoi An in Vietnam, Oaxaca in Mexico, Plovdiv in Bulgaria, and Kotor in Montenegro. These destinations offer unique experiences and are often less crowded than more popular tourist destinations.


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