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The limousine has forever been synonymous with luxury and grandeur. It is a style statement for people from across the world. Singapore takes a step ahead by offering limousine taxis. Find out more through this guide.

Singapore is a dynamic city-state and a picturesque island that looks like a slice of paradise. It is one of the most popular destinations in the world, both for tourists and residents, and is recommended for its extravagant culture, innovative attractions, and sophisticated lifestyle. The city is meticulously connected through a wide range of safe and efficient network systems. You can hop from buses to cabs and get lost in the wonders of this amazing country. Out of them, one of the most splendid ways to get around places is the limousine tax in Singapore. It is comparatively more laid-back and sumptuous. Plus, it makes the head turn.

All About Limousine Taxis Singapore

Limousine Taxis

Whether you’re visiting Singapore to soak up its indulgences or attending a business meeting, limousine services in Singapore will give you much-needed comfort and convenience. It is a chauffeur-driven vehicle on a call-and-demand basis. You can book the service through a reliable taxi operator. A highly luxurious sedan vehicle arrives at your pickup spot. Make yourself comfortable in the plush leather seats while the driver zooms across the country roads. To make your ride smooth and fuss-free, here are a few things you must know before you duck into a Singapore limo.

Types of Limousine Taxis Singapore

Singapore taxi providers have a lavish fleet of limousines. The exterior elongated body is just a hint of the treat that awaits inside. Uncover the luxurious secrets, from champagne freezer to concert-like audio. You can choose the right limousine as per your needs and plans, and you’ll take an unrivaled ride sitting in the lap of luxury. Whether you are attending a glamorous event, a ritzy party, a large family outing, a milestone function, or a corporate meeting, Singapore limousines have got you covered.

There is an extraordinary range of limousines, from 6-seater to 18-seater vehicles and sleek sedans to huge SUVs. Every detail speaks of rich craftsmanship and exquisiteness. You can hire the one that suits your travel journey and take your expedition to another level.

Based on the timing and sightseeing places, here are the top limousine rentals in Singapore:

1 Hour Limousine Tour Singapore

Swiftly cover the major landmarks with an hour’s limo rental. It is ideal for someone short on time and who wants to experience the grace of Singapore for a limited duration. You can tailor your experiences with a 2-hour limousine tour in Singapore and tick off unique attractions.

3 Hours Limousine Tour Singapore

Be it business or leisure, a 3-hour tour in Singapore’s limousine is the perfect option. It gives you an insight into the authentic cultural side of the city by whisking around Little India and Arab Street.

4 Hours Limousine Tour Singapore

For a more relaxed and in-depth sightseeing experience in Singapore, you can take this four-hour limousine tour. Enjoy a wholesome sightseeing experience by customizing the itinerary from Marina Bay and Clarke Quay to Orchard Road.

Can I drink wine in the limo?

Many hire operators have terms and conditions regarding what you can carry in the limousine. Some have strict rules of not bringing food and red wine in the limo, as these extraordinary vehicles have a separate mini bar and entertainment area. So, you must confirm with the limo agency about the inclusions before planning the journey.

Are pets allowed inside the limousine in Singapore?

It is inevitable that pet owners love to travel with their furry buddies. Taking this into consideration, many limousine providers offer pet-friendly vehicles.

Is the Limo Taxi a registered service?

Inquire if the limousine taxi you hire is registered and authenticated to operate in that area. The operator and vehicle must have a proper license to drive the limousine on Singapore roads.

Can I book a limousine for airport transfers?

Get a head-start on your trip to Singapore with the best limo services. Once you have landed at the airport, you will find a reliable limousine transfer waiting for you. For this, book the cab before the date to avoid any last-minute rejection.

Benefits of Hiring a Limousine in Singapore

Limousine Tours

With a limo, you can forget about waiting for taxis or hailing on cramped buses. What are the other advantages of traveling in a limousine like a royal? Read here:

  • Luxurious Ride that is Easy on the Pocket

Can you imagine driving in a limousine for a hundred bucks? The Singapore limousine hourly rental allows you to live the elite and VIP life at nominal prices.

  • More Leg Room

It’s a spacious vehicle with extra boot and leg space to sit comfortably even on longer journeys. It has a sufficient interior room with soft seats and high-end facilities.

  • A Remarkable Impression

When you hire a limousine taxi, be assured of leaving a lasting impression on clients or colleagues. Whether you step out at a star-studded concert or a grand sports event, the head-turning entrance in a limousine speaks volumes.

  • An Instagrammable Trip

Can you believe people hire a limousine to snap pictures with it? Well, it exudes style and vitality. So, taking a photo in it is a style statement. It gives a touch of affluence to your Instagram followers.

  • No Parking Stress

One who drives a car can understand the hassle of parking, especially in a buzzing place or hotspot. When you hire a limousine taxi, drop all the worries about parking. You do not have to be concerned about where to stop and get off; all you have to think about is fun and recreation.

  • The Driver Knows it All

If you are a first-timer in Singapore, be glad for this limousine taxi. The chauffeurs are knowledgeable about the local spots and famous places in the city-state. So, you will be picked up from the mentioned venue, taken along the beautiful roads of Singapore, and transferred to the spot without any hassle.

  •  A Personal Touch

These professional limousine services provide individualized treatment to customers. You can customize the requirements and routes as per your needs. Live like a celebrity while having access to drinks in the minibar. It is easy to fall in love with the limo’s personalization, dependability, and comfort.

Is the limousine a private transfer?

It is a private cab service where you can only sit with your friends or family. It is an exciting way to get together, giggle, and have fun banter with your loved ones without any intervention. Besides private family affairs, one can also hire a limo in Singapore for exclusive business meetings with top corporate leaders, partners, or associates. This helps you organize a unique conference that shows elegance and style, leading to surprising deals and comfortable dialog exchange, unlike in a formal space.


Hence, the next time you are in Singapore planning an outing, party, or conference, hire the limousine. There is no better way to explore this country.

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