Hottest Countries Globally
In a recent report by El Dorado Weather,

Kuwait, Iraq, and Oman rank top among the list of top 10 hottest countries globally.

Countries like Saudi Arabia did experience a heat wave, and the mercury touched 50°C in some regions. Amara, an Iranian city, touched 50°C to occupy the first position. Kuwait’s Al Jahra recorded a blistering 49.30°C to record the 4th position, and Fahud, a city in Oman, recorded 48oC, making it the 9th hottest country worldwide.

The Saudi National Centre of Metrology (NCM) has projected a heat wave in the region and stated that some regions might also hit the mercury beyond 50°C. Riyad and Al Qassim are expected to be around 45-47°C as well. The NCM has also issued guidelines and instructions to ensure everyone’s safety. All locals, visitors, and tourists are required to follow the instructions to maintain a safe environment. This heatwave has hit southern Europe, and all previous records are expected to be shattered soon. The Metrology centre also stated that areas like Yanbu and Medina would sizzle around 47-50°C due to this extreme heat wave.

Saudi Arabia is currently experiencing heavy thunderstorms and torrential rains just a month after sandstorms engulfed the Kingdom. As a result, Mecca recorded an all-time high of 45°C this year, and the metrology centre expects Al Baha, Asir, Jazan, and Riyad regions to follow in similar lines as Mecca. This season also witnesses one million Muslims coming to the holy city to perform haj rituals this year, and such high temperatures are a cause of concern for the safety of these tourists.

hottest countries on Earth

Where are the hottest countries on Earth located?

Countries in the equator’s neighbourhood will experience warmer temperatures than countries in the northern and southern hemispheres. However, this seasonal change or variation in weather and temperatures will also see an extremely timid winter. For example, among the richest countries globally, Oman experiences an extremely high temperature of around 50-53°Cfor almost 5-6 months a year.

What climate change can you expect in the Gulf region?

Saudi Arabia residents have experienced temperatures of 55°C as well before due to a similar heat wave. However, the NCM predicts that this heat wave will prolong its stay throughout the summer. Therefore, residents of the entire region, including Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain, have also requested their citizens and tourists to take extra precautions during this heat wave.

The NCM has also warned Kuwait to hit a summer record temperature up to 68°C, whereas the average temperature in the UAE would hover around 48°C. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah will experience temperatures of 41°C, 42°C, and 43°C, respectively.

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