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Airbnb has picked up pace and popularity in the last decade or so. As a result, many people rent their own homes for a short Staycation, which helps them enjoy the benefits of Airbnb while retaining the glory of their homes. Waleed Khamis is one such benefactor where he successfully transformed this century-old mud house into one of the most stunning Airbnb vacation experiences in the UAE.

this century-old mud house into one of the most stunning Airbnb in the UAE.The history and concept of old house

The history and concept

Waleed Khamis Al Abdouli left his ancestral home in Tayibbah village in 2015. However, he couldn’t divert the feelings amidst the beautiful steep Hajar Fujairah mountains away for too long. His entire adult life was spent here, and preserving his ancestral home was his top priority while giving it a commercial staycation angle in the lap of nature. He says that his family, especially his wife, Hajjar Khalifa, have been very supportive of his decision, and they decided to put in their life savings to transform his century-old mountain home into one of the most picturesque retreats in the entire UAE region. Waleed is a member of the UAE’s armed forces and has renamed his ancestral home the Al Qala Lodge. You will find it hard to miss this destination as you drive past the Masafi Market in Fujairah. He also states that there is still work to be done as he is looking to extend two more rooms over the next year.

What can you expect here?

The century-old ancestral home debuted on Airbnb almost four years ago and became an instant hit on arrival as many tourists were looking for a traditional Emirati experience with natural vistas decorating the surroundings. Waleed states that the destination is so picturesque in nature that many people get an opportunity to feed their Instagram stories with these gorgeous backdrops.

Al Qala Lodge welcomes guests with a Gahwa coffee, a traditional Arab beverage. A large portrait of UAE’s eternal father, Sheikh Zayed, welcomes you at the entrance beside the Flag Fort. Waleed mentions that his wife suggested using traditional elements like Majlis-style furnishings, Persian rugs, Arabic lanterns, carved wooden beds, and wind towers that have withstood the whims of nature to offer a unique ancient charm. This property remains the only Airbnb in the UAE with a thatched roof. The traditional elements are instrumental in keeping the interiors cool and warm during winter.

Waleed has also kept this immersive Emirati experience pricing nominal at Dh 1,400 per day. In addition, he has provided a great switchover from the busy city life to a more peaceful residence, which is also home to the famed Tayyibah hiking trail.

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