Pets Into UAE
Vacationing or holidaying without your pets can be challenging, especially if it’s a long one. However, travelling with pets is now much easier than it used to be a decade ago.

You can travel internationally with your pets, provided you follow the guidelines and instructions

the local authorities laid down. Tourism and residency play a major role in boosting the UAE’s economy; the country’s laws and regulations on pet travel are bound to be pet friendly. In addition, pet migration is now made easier for all visitors and tourists, allowing them to relax and have a fun time with their human friends.

The primary permit documents that you need for the processing of your pet import or UAE migration are a pet passport that has an updated vaccination record, pet’s microchip information, treatment history, date of birth, and Rabies Serum Neutralization (RSNT) certificate issued within 90 days of your UAE travel date. In addition, you should use an IATA-approved or complied pet carrier while flying to the UAE. Although majority rules and guidelines have been laid down keeping in mind the majority of the pet breeds, some breeds are still prohibited from entering the UAE land.

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Pet UAE transfer cost

The cost of migrating pets to the UAE depends on the home country. A big bundle of taxes must be considered, especially when importing or exporting pets in the UAE. The fee for one pet would be around $316, approximately AED 500. In addition, there would be an inspection carried out on your pet. The cost of an inspection varies with each pet. For example, a cat inspection would cost you AED 500, whereas a dog inspection would cost you AED 1000. Get key insights about bringing your pets into UAE

Important points to note for your pet migration

  • Schedule your pet to travel within 30 days of the permit date as it has limited validity.
  • Pets are shipped only through cargo the IATA regulations. Therefore, pets cannot travel on the same flight as their owners.
  • The only exception is Etihad Airlines boarded to/from Abu Dhabi, where pets can accompany their owners on flights. But, again, the pet carrier needs to be placed below the owner’s seat.
  • The maximum number of pets allowed to travel with the owner to the UAE is two. Each pet will have its documentation done.
  • Puppies and kittens must be 15 weeks or above to travel to the UAE.
  • The most critical vaccines for pets are calicivirus, panleukopenia, rabies, and herpesvirus.
  • All pets entering the UAE region need to be certified to be rabies-free.
  • All pets should receive preventive treatments against internal and external parasites by an authorized and competent vet at least 14 days before their scheduled travel date.
  • Lastly, consider the UAE temperatures as they get very hot during the summer and equally cool during the winters. Therefore, all breeds may not enjoy the UAE weather.

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