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Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It’s known to many as the birthplace of Islam with its two holy cities: Makkah and Madina. But there is more to this Arabian destination than what your eyes meet. It’s a land that brims with artistic, historical and natural treasures. Fortunately, with the recent launch of eVisa, the country is now open for certain countries and nationalities for tourism and business purposes. And if you’re planning to

apply for a Saudi Arabia visa

from Dubai, just read on; this post will guide you.

Topics Covered In This Guide

  • About Saudi Arabia Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements
  • Saudi Arabia Visa Procedures
  • Important Things to Know
  • COVID-19 Related Guidelines
  • FAQs

About Saudi Arabia Visa

Dependent on the purpose of Saudi Arabia, you can apply for a religious visa, business visa, or tourist visa. And in this read, we mainly discuss the application of tourist visas which include eVisa, Visa on Arrival and Consulate Visa.


Nationalities of some 50 countries across Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania are eligible to enter the country with an eVisa. This includes:

Andorra Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus
Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France
Finland Germany Greece Holland Hungary
Iceland Italy Ireland Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Malta Montenegro Monaco Norway
Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino
Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland Slovenia
Switzerland Ukraine UK Brunei Japan
Singapore  Malaysia South Korea Kazakhstan China (including Hong Kong & Macau)
Canada United States Australia New Zealand

 Visa on Arrival

This is applicable to visitors who satisfy the following points or conditions. Yes, you’re qualified for a visa on arrival only:
  1. If you’re a nationality of one of the countries (mentioned in the above list or table)
  2. You hold a UK, US, or Schengen visa but this should be valid and used at least once to visit the respective country or region.
  3. Overall, this eligibility is permitted only if you’re traveling via one of the country’s national carriers, including Saudia, SaudiGulf Airlines, and Flynas.

Consulate Visa

Those visitors or nationalities who are not included in the above list can apply for a consulate visa via the Saudi consulate and embassies.  

Saudi Arabia Visa Documents And Requirements

You’ll need the following documents for the processing of your Saudi Arabia visa.
  • Accurately filled out Saudi Arabia visa application form
  • A recently taken passport-size photograph captured against the white background
  • Applicant’s passport (that should be valid for at least six months)
  • UAE Residence Visa Proof
  • Emirates ID
  • Hotel accommodation reservation details in Saudi Arabia
  • Roundtrip ticket fare along with the details of complete travel program or itinerary
  • Employment proof
  • No Objection Letter from employer and this should include your job designation and purpose of visit
  • Bank statement for the past six months

 Saudi Arabia Visa Procedures

  1. Choose the Right Visa: You can choose from a single entry or multiple entry-Visa that is valid for one year and lets you stay in the country for a total of 90 days, besides allowing for multiple visits to the country.
  2. Submit Documents: Compile all the above essential documents and submit it to the Saudi Arabia Embassy in the UAE well before your travel date to the country.
  3. Make Visa Fee Payment: The next step is to make the visa fee payment as stipulated by the embassy.
  4. Visa Approval: If all documents are legitimate and accurate, your Saudi Arabia visa will be processed and approved in four to five days.

Important Things  To Know

  • In rare case, if your visa is rejected, the visa fee is non-refundable.
  • To apply for a Saudi Arabia visa, you should be at least 18 years.
  • Applicants below 18 years should be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Rules and conditions related to Saudi visas are subject to change at any time without any prior notice.

COVID-19 Related Guidelines

  • All visitors to Saudi Arabia should mandatorily submit a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of their visit to Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi citizens and kids below 8 years are exempted from this.
  • Upon arrival, visitors should come prepared to undergo two PCR tests: one within 24 hours of their touching down in Saudi Arabia and the next after the completion of their quarantine on the seventh day of their arrival.
  • If the test result comes negative, they can step out on the eighth day.
  • Carry valid medical insurance that offers coverage for the expenses of COVID-19 treatment, along with the 14-day institutional quarantine.
  • Visitors should bring the vaccination certificate which indicates that they have taken one of the following:
    • Two doses of AstraZeneca
    • Two doses of Moderna
    • Two doses of Pfizer BioNTech
    • One dose of 1 dose of Johnson Johnson’s Janssen
  • Visitors should download and enter their details on Tatamman and Tawakkalna Apps
  1. What actually is a Saudi Arabia visa?
It indicates the official permit that is issued to a non-Saudi to enter the country without any hassle.
  1. Is it mandatory for all nationalities to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa?
No; nationals of five countries in the Arabian Peninsula are eligible for visa-free entry to Saudi Arabia. This includes Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE.
  1. Can non-Muslims apply for a tourist visa?
Yes, people from any religious background can apply for a tourist visa.
  1. What is the validity of a Saudi Visa once issued?
Upon its issuance, a Saudi e-Visa is valid for one year.
  1. What is the overall duration when it comes to my stay in Saudi Arabia?
Depending on your visa type, you can stay in the country for a total of 90 days (with multiple entry visas.)
  1. How long is the processing of a Saudi Arabia visa?
It takes around four to five working days for the processing of a Saudi visa.

In the above guide, we’ve enumerated all essential procedures and requirements involved in the application of a Saudi Arabia Visa from Dubai. But if you want to make it even more stress-free and smoother, get in touch with our visa specialists at Rayna Tours. They take all hassles out of your visa application while assuring you of its swift approval.

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