dubai creek harbour tower
Dubai has some mega, groundbreaking projects getting ready for their launch. One of the most outstanding among them is the

Dubai Creek Tower.

It’s special in many ways; first of all, it will top out Dubai’s current greatest as well as the world’s tallest structure, Burj Khalifa, to the second position. And not to mention its unmatched architecture and design, which is certain to redefine the city’s marvelous skyline once it’s open. So read on to know what to look forward to in this soon-to-be launched Dubai landmark. From detailed information on its build and design to location, timing and other details, this guide covers all about this Dubai Creek Tower.

Key Highlights of the Dubai Creek Tower: Jaw-Dropping Architecture

Being in a city where groundbreaking innovations and jaw-dropping engineering feats are a regular sight, it goes without saying that the greatest highlight of Dubai Creek Tower is undoubtedly its architecture. Add to this its stunning location in the upcoming, brand-new district of Dubai Creek Harbour which has been designed and developed in harmony to its beautiful surroundings in Dubai Creek. It’s placed right along the shores of the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Park which shelters Dubai’s indigenous flora and fauna with close to 500 distinct animal/bird species, particularly the striking pink flamingos.

  • Architect
The main brain behind the

Dubai Creek Harbour Tower

is Santiago Calatrava – a Spanish architect who is particularly acclaimed all over the world for his uber futuristic architectural designs. Apart from this, his renowned projects cover the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (Dallas, Texas), the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro), the Turning Torso structure (Malmö, Sweden), and the City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia).
  • Design

It’s a super sleek building whose design is a blend of the desert lily flower and traditional Islamic minarets. Expect the tower to take after the slender stem of a flower. Apart from a central column, there are subtle steel cable rays which remind one of the lily leaves’ ribbing. They not only add to the structure’s complete look but also ensure firm support to the structure. Another of its highlights is its bud-shaped part at the peak of the tower; this part will contain multiple floors along with observation decks decorated with stunning green spaces.

  • The idea behind the Design and Build

While the initial core idea behind this massive tower was to boost the look and status of the Dubai Creek Harbour, it’s now more than this. It started its construction in October 2016 and is quite swift on its way to its completion by 2020 – 2021.

  • Set to become the world’s tallest building

Dubai Creek Tower is getting ready right at the time when some of the most ambitious projects on the Arabian Peninsula are on track to take over the title of the world’s tallest building, such as Jeddah Tower (Saudi Arabia) and Madinat Al-Hareer (Kuwait). But, with the opening of this tower, Dubai is expected to retain its title as the home to the world’s tallest ever man-made structure. The initial plan was to create a structure that is 100 meters taller than Burj Khalifa which is 828 meters high. But, as per some reports, the height of Dubai Creek Tower may go beyond one kilometer, more precisely up to 1300 meters. And of course, we can’t wait to see the winner!!

  • Established new records as soon as it broke its ground

Yes, its foundation works have already created new records; most prominent among them its foundation pile cap of more than 70 meters depth and 20 meters thickness. Fascinatingly, a whopping 50,000 cubic meters of concrete have gone into its making. This weighs about 120,000 tons. Aside from 16,000 tons of steel reinforcement, it has further set a new record with its 145 barrette piles whose load has been tested to a staggering load of over 36,000 tons – the greatest of its kind held by a foundation pile.

All about Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower Opening Date

It’s expected to open before the Dubai Expo 2020.

Dubai Creek Tower Timings

This section will be updated once the tower is open.

Dubai Creek Tower Location

Dubai Creek Tower is part of the colossal Dubai Creek Harbour – a stunning waterfront development, featuring about 679 million square meters of residential (including a pair of rocket-like residential buildings that are also tallest of its kind) and over 850,000 square meters of commercial space. It will also include 20 plus hotels with over 4000 rooms. Moreover, its retail alone is expected to occupy more than 11 million square meters.

How to Reach Dubai Creek Tower?

  • Bus: Take bus number 27, C9, or 64A
  • Metro: Take M1 route
  • By Car: It’s accessible via E44 (Ras Al Khor Road)

Dubai Creek Tower Tickets

Ticket information will be updated once the tower is open.

Top Experiences at Dubai Creek Tower

While your Burj Khalifa tickets allow you to see the entire city from its observation decks, Dubai Creek Tower is well on its way to breaking records with its various attractions and experiences.

  • Scope out for the skyline views from the city’s highest vantage point: With a total of 10 observation decks, the most unparalleled views over Dubai and that too from an unequaled height await you here.
  • Take in 360-degree views from the Revolving Platforms: These actually take the form of rotating balconies, enclosed by glass. As it spins, it even gives you the chance to take in the whole of the city from its open space.
  • Enjoy the Pinnacle Room and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon: With premium sightseeing experience, the Pinnacle Room is the ultimate of all observation decks here. There are also VIP observation decks which leave you in awe with its mind-boggling interiors, modeled after the ancient wonder of Babylon’s Hanging Gardens.
  • Step into Central Plaza to Experience world-class retail and edutainment experience: On the ground level of the tower is the Central Plaza which will act as a hub of activities with numerous shopping and dining options plus a museum and an auditorium.
  • See the Beacon of Lights: As the sun goes down, the tower’s peak will display a beacon of light. As a result, this would resplendently illume its main design features including the steel cables. Movement lighting adds to the tower’s aesthetic beauty.

Facts and Things To Know About Dubai Creek Tower

  • Dubai Creek Tower forms part of the Dubai Creek Harbour which is double the size of Downtown Dubai.
  • It’s developed by Emaar which is also behind some of Dubai’s most prestigious landmarks including Burj Khalifa.
  • Emaar has described this architectural structure as an icon of the 21st
  • Following an international design pitch with some of the world’s sought-after architects, the Dubai Creek Tower’s design was chosen by HH Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Dubai’s Ruler and the UAE’s Vice President) himself.
  • The towers ground-breaking was in October 2016 and the foundation part was completed in record time.
  • Dubai Creek Tower contains 210 floors with 20 usable in its top bud-like part, which also houses 10 observation decks plus an indoor garden, hotel, and restaurants.
  • There are damper and short absorption systems installed at the tower’s various spots in order to ensure its utmost safety.
  • Facing the charming Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, the tower is directly connected to a lively retail district, known as Dubai Square.
  • The sturdy steel cables that support the tower are the longest of its kind employed in construction work.
  • It’s also noteworthy for its sustainable features:
    • Its façade comes with a self-cleaning feature, with water sourced from a sustainable cooling system.
    • Green corridors dotted all over the tower to ensure solar protection.
    • Overall, the structure is energy efficient, thanks to its integrated shading system.


With so much to see and experience in the Dubai Creek Tower, keep an eye for its completion. As it would put you right in the middle of best ever city skyline views, a visit to this Creek Tower in Dubai is definite to make your Arabian holiday one cherish and remember forever.But don’t wait till last moment; plan your Dubai holidays ahead by ensuring that all aspects of your holiday including Dubai Visit Visa procedures are in place

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