Best Places to visit in Ajman you must visit

Best Places to visit in Ajman you must visit


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The tiny emirate of Ajman may not offer the glitz and glamour of its neighboring emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but Ajman has everything a tourist needs for a relaxed getaway. Boasting of one of the best coastline in the entire UAE, Ajman is a sought after beach destination for couples and families alike.

A quiet place for a relaxed vacation and picnic with family and friends, Ajman is comfortable and untainted by uber commercialization. The smallest of all the seven emirates, Ajman packs a big punch of fun, leisure and relaxation.

Here’s a list of the best places to visit in Ajman.

1. The beaches of Ajman
Ajman beach
In spite of not being as developed as its counterparts, Ajman is blessed with a fantastic location and some of the prettiest beaches in UAE. An absolute delight for people looking for relaxation and beach fun, Ajman’s shoreline is filled with luxury hotels who cash on the biggest attraction of their small emirate.

2. Mowaihat archaeological site
Best known for its cultural attractions, Ajman boasts of the Mowaihat archeological site situated in its outskirts. Discovered accidentally in the year 1986, the site unearthed various Umm- al- Nar ceramic vessels, tombs, various copper elements, more than 3000 beads and corpse remains of many humans. For archaeology fans, Ajman’s Mowaihat is one of the most famous sites in UAE.

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3. Ajman Museum
Ajman Museum
Ajman museum is one of the major attractions in the city. The site that today serves as a museum was in the 18th century a fortress for the defense of the city. The place offers a detailed insight of the traditional lifestyle of the locals from the ancient age. All the important excavations from the archeological sites in the neighboring areas are kept here. The fort has two watch towers, two wind towers, and a gateway fronted by two giant cannons.

4. Dhow building yard of Ajman
Dhow building yard of Ajman
Renowned as the world’s largest dhow building center, it is one of the best places to visit in Ajman. It’s a great sight to see Dhows getting built using traditional methods and tools from the experienced hands who are trained in this skill sets by their earlier generations. The most amazing part of building the Dhows are the fact that they don’t have any blueprint at all.

5. Etisalat Tower
Etisalat Tower Ajman
Turquoise and pink hues dominate the traditional mosque styled Etisalat tower that is included in the list of one of the most distinctive skyscrapers. This modern engineering marvel is an icon for the ongoing and much need development of this modern emirate. The building has a giant golf ball resembling top that’s hard to miss even from a distance.

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6. Sheikh Zayed Mosque Ajman
Sheikh Zayed Mosque Ajman
One of the major Ajman tourist attractions, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an impressive traditional architecture of sacred importance. A little on the outskirts of the city, it was officially opened by the Ajman ruler Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid. Built on a sprawling area of 37000 sq. meters, the scared mosque can accommodate 2500 worshippers at a time.

7. The forts and Castle of Ajman
Red Fort Ajman
Ajman has two major forts- the Al Mareer fort and the Red fort. The Red fort is known by this name because red plaster was used while building this fort with four room and two towers. The Al Maree fort is also a sprawling architecture with seven large rooms, a guard tower and a yard.

Another great place to visit in Ajman is the Hassa Baweid castle is beautifully located at the hill top and represents the historical heritage of the emirate of Ajman. Originally intended to offer protection to the city, the castle now is a great place to visit for its intricate architecture and marvelous white stones.

More interesting facts about Ajman

  • Based on the archeological discoveries, the history of Ajman goes back to the Bronze age.
  • Ajman emirate is divided into three sections- the town are of Ajman, which is the commercial district, Masfut- the agricultural area of Ajman, and Manama- the eastern side of the emirate.
  • The most active building yard in UAE is Ajman’s Dhow building yard.
  • For the interest of tourists, the city area of Ajman has been developed. It has a big Ajman city center shopping complex and various hotels and resorts with every modern amenity for tourists.
  • The corniche of the city of Ajman is especially popular amongst the tourists and locals for its cooler breeze, and great location for picnics.
  • The coastlines of Ajman are considered as one of the cleanest beaches in the country.
  • One of the most revered private beaches of Ajman is the Kempinski beach. Even if you are not staying at the resort, you can pay a small entrance fee for a day’s pass to enjoy the beach

Ajman may be the smallest emirate but it is slowly and steadily moving on the right path of growth. The air in the city is relaxed and no one is in a hurry to excel. The locals are happy and content in what they have and enjoy being the residents of a rather sleepy emirate. It is this characteristic feature of Ajman that makes it a perfect place for a timeless quiet break.

[Total: 164    Average: 2.4/5]