It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me, but life at sea is better.” – Sir Francis Drake

It only takes one cruise holiday to get you hooked on this form of holiday. Cruising is one of the best ways of traveling to new places. Not only do you get the chance to see a new city but also get to have fun while traveling. For a regular holiday, you may have to travel for hours, change multiple flights, and rely on the same old movies for entertainment until you finally reach your destination. But by choosing a cruise, you can start having fun even before you reach the holiday place. So, if you are planning to travel from Dubai to Mumbai on a holiday or returning to Mumbai after your Dubai holiday, choose the Dubai-Mumbai Cordelia Cruise, where entertainment and fun await you.

What to Expect During Dubai to Mumbai Cruise?

If you choose Cordelia Cruises to travel from Dubai to Mumbai, it will take you four nights to reach your destination. But each day on the cruise promises loads of entertainment as well as leisure and adventure activities. But if this is your first cruise, you may not be aware of how things work on one. Here are the things you can expect during your Dubai to Mumbai cruise with Cordelia Cruises, a premium cruise company.


Cordelia Cruises room

A cruise is like a floating resort with comfortable rooms. The best part about a cruise is that it offers a variety of rooms. You can choose one as per your budget. If you are in your room only at night to sleep, you can choose a stateroom, which is a budget-friendly, yet comfortable, private cabin. There are interior staterooms with no view and staterooms that give you the view of the ocean. But they are comfortable, and all the basic amenities like ensuite washrooms, vanity, television, intercom, etc., are available.

Families with children can choose suite or mini suite which are more comfortable and come with queen size beds, ensuite bathrooms, ocean view, private balconies, living room/sitting area, etc. If you are aiming for the ultimate luxury experience, you must go for The Chairman’s Suite, which is like a mini home, complete with a master bedroom, dining room and large dining table, private sundeck balcony, walk-in closet, and a jacuzzi.


Cordelia Cruises Meals

One of the best things on a cruise is the meals. Just like a five-star hotel or resort, cruises also have multiple restaurants serving an array of cuisines. Foodies can rejoice as there are plenty of dishes to try onboard. Some of the all-day-dining restaurants on Cordelia Cruises are Hot Clay Tandoor, Jain Haven, Essence of India, Sugar & Spice, The International Grill, Far Eastern Kadhai, and Vegetarian Bang Street Food and The Cafe. Then there is The Starlight, which is a 2-storey, waterfront restaurant that serves 15 cuisines. Chef’s Table is for those who are looking forward to a unique dining experience. Pan-Asian cuisine lovers should check out Chopstix for its delectable dishes. All meals on the cruise are included in the package but you may have to pay extra to dine at one of the specialty restaurants.


Cordelia Cruises have multiple bars and lounges where you can treat yourself to the best collection of spirits, cocktails, mocktails, and other signature drinks. One of the most popular ones here is The Pool Bar, perfect to host your pool parties. Then there is the Connextions Bar, where you can enjoy live music and dance performances while sipping cocktails and drinks from their eclectic bar menu. The Dome is the most popular, as it serves drinks to passengers all night long. There is also the Chairman’s Club where you can host casual meetings, get-togethers, and small functions. It is crucial to note that unlike meals, drinks are not included in the cruise package. You will be charged separately for the drinks you order, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Getting a drink package would help you save money.



At no moment during your cruise journey will you get bored, as there are lots of entertainment programs available onboard. The Marquee Theatre on Cordelia Cruises has been set up to offer Broadway-style shows, theatrical plays, and music concerts to the guests. You will get to see a touch of Bollywood in all the shows and performances here. Balle Balle is for those who enjoy light comedy, while Bollywood fans would have a field time watching Romance in Bollywood. Watch the western-style dance Burlesque with the added spice of Bollywood. Both kids and adults would enjoy the Magician’s Cut, the ultimate magic show with Tejas Malode. Indian Cinemagic showcases the best of Indian cinema. Also, head up to Deck 10 to dance all night and day to the tunes of the onboard live Dj.

Leisure and Adventure:

Leisure and Adventure

Cordelia Cruises is also a great place to relax and enjoy some leisure activities. There are swimming pools where you and your kids can have a fun time. The cruise also comes with a spa where you can pamper yourself by getting an array of beauty treatments. Fitness enthusiasts do not have to pause their exercise routine, as they will find a full-fledged gymnasium in the cruise itself. Apart from this, Cordelia Cruises also offers rock climbing for adventure lovers.



The day after you leave Dubai port for Mumbai, you will reach Khor Fakkan, a port city in UAE’s Sharjah. This coastal town is endowed with rugged mountains and deep blue waters, making it one of the scenic locations of the country. This offshore excursion will give you the chance to see some of the best attractions of the place like Shees Park, Mountain Safari, Al Rafisah Dam, Al Badiyah Mosque, Khor Fakkan Waterfall, Najd Al Maqsar Heritage Village, Bitnah Oasis, etc. Please note that excursions are not included in the cruise package. You will have to pay extra for the Khor Fakkan tour. Alternatively, you can explore the place on your own too if you do not want to spend money on buying the tour package.

Who Should Choose Cordelia Cruises?

Cordelia Cruises

Cordelia Cruises is for everyone who wants to have a great time. It is apt for family holidays, as parents and kids can take part in an array of activities. There is a Kids Club onboard where kids will get to take part in different types of activities that will entertain them for hours. Apart from kids, this cruise is also great for couples on their honeymoon or a romantic holiday.

Cordelia Cruises are not just great for holidays but also for hosting events and shows. You can have corporate events like important meetings, conferences, and holidays with your clients and staff on this cruise. All the arrangements for meetings, corporate shows, team building activities, special performances, and parties can be made onboard.

This cruise can also be a unique wedding destination. You can have your entire wedding or even your pre-wedding celebrations on Cordelia Cruises. The cruise promises a magical wedding experience for you and your guests.

Are you impressed by the experiences offered by Cordelia Cruises? Are you tempted enough to book your cabin on the Dubai to Mumbai cruise from July 3 to July 7? If yes, click here to know more details about the cruise.

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