Arenal Volcano National Park
The best way to realize how great Mother Nature is by visiting the best National Parks in the world. The only safe home to the most exotic wildlife of the world, these amazing National Parks makes you wonder why we are living in the man-made brick house at all when the actual freedom lies in the greens. To bring you closer to nature’s selective places, here’s a list of some of the

most amazing National Parks in the world


Amazing National Parks on Planet

  • Iguazu National Park, Argentina

Iguazu National Park Argentina

Situated in the Misiones Province at the end of Argentina, bordering the Brazilian state of Parana, the Iguazu National Park is one of the world’s visually most stunning natural parks on earth, thanks to its semi-circular and acoustically brilliant waterfalls. The place offers a splendid liaison between water and land and is home to more than 2000 plant species. The place has dense and lush sub-tropical vegetation and diverse fauna. Including the elusive harpy Eagle, Iguazu National Park has around 400 exotic bird species as well. It is listed as the UNESCO world heritage site, jointly with the Iguaçu National Park portion in Brazil.

  • Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano National Park Costa RicaImage Credit: sbk_20d Flickr

A world of bizarre and unique landscapes, the Arenal Volcano National Park in beautiful Costa Rica beckons you to walk into a hedge maze of tall grass and through the small twisted trees. What’s more? Find an active volcano in the middle of the dense rainforest that covers over 30000 acres with lava flowing through the sides. The Arenal Volcano National Park is filled with enormous hidden waterfalls, hot springs, and fauna, making it no less than a paradise.

  • Yosemite National Park, USA

Yosemite National ParkImage Credit: nailbender Flickr

There are few places in the world you’ve got to visit if you want to truly witness the power of natural beauty. The Yosemite National Park, USA is one such paradise. One of the biggest assets of America, this UNESCO world heritage site, has jaw-dropping views. The giant walls stripped with majestic waterfalls and the magnificently green emerald Yosemite Valley defines tranquility at its best. The half dome’s hulky profile, the unrivaled presence of the giant El Captain and the wilderness of Mariposa Grove are sure to make you bend down in devotion and respect for this place.

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  • Banff National Park, Canada

Banff National ParkImage Credit: fibia Flickr

The Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest National Park and is one of the premier tourist destinations of the world. The amazing National Park boasts of the picture-perfect postcard mountain views and emerald waters of Lake Louis. Glistening glaciers, snowcapped mountain peaks, and sweeping vistas make the National Park a must-visit destination. Step out in the wilderness of the Banff National Park, home to wolves, Caribou and grizzly bears along with many other wild creatures. The National Park has recently celebrated its 129th anniversary and is one of the finest ecosystems in the world.

  • Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park, Panama

Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park

Panama’s first national park, the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park encompasses 32,682 acres of beautiful land with 11,596 different plant and animal species. The park’s area of 28,600 acres of land is covered with water and its marine habitats. The area includes 3 colossal beaches that also serve as an important turtle nesting areas. Sea turtles are the main highlight of the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park. The remaining area includes marine inhabitants such as reef, large mangrove areas, and seagrass beds.

  • Tulum National Park, Mexico

Tulum National Park

A treasured wealth of plants and animal species along with sceneries unknown to many, the Tulum National Park in Mexico has ancient Tulum ruins that have great archeological importance. The paradise-like beaches of the National Park are a center of turtle nesting a major tourist attraction too. Home to rich sea life and marine animal and plant species, Tulum National Park is sure to leave you awestruck with its charm.

  • Jiuzhai Valley National Park, China

Jiuzhai Valley National ParkImage Credit: jeffreyngkc flickr

Jiuzhai Valley National Park is more than the spectacular scenery and breathtaking animal and plant species; it also has 9 Tibetan villages within it. Declared as the heritage site and world Biosphere reserve, theJiuzhai Valley National Park is a sight to behold with its snowcapped peaks, colorful lakes, multi-level dazzling waterfalls and rich dense forest. 7 out of the 9 villages are still populated and the inhabitants reside there in the park itself. With a classified ecosystem through temperate forests, and mixed highlands and mountain systems, the Jiuzhai Valley National Park is your treat of a natural home.

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  • Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Snowdonia National Park

The name Snowdonia National Park is derived from the highest mountain of Wales- Snowdown. The National Park offers various colors of nature with its rugged land, pristine lakes, and craggy mountains. The place is loved by biking enthusiasts and is home to a truly vibrant local Welsh culture. The national park is loved by adventure sports fanatics and you can witness some great sports activities happening here, thus adding more to your overall experience.

  • Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

Torres Del Paine National ParkImage Credit: miguelyn flickr

The Torres del Paine National Park is one of the largest and the most visited places in Chile. It is famously known as South America’s finest National Parks. Beautiful lakes, trails and breathtaking scenery make you wonder whether this place is the favorite of nature. Roaring rivers with rickety bridges and a giant blue glacier makes your trip worthwhile in every sense.

  • Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Chitwan National ParkCredits: ivo1 flickr

If you want to witness exotic species of wildlife with animals as rare as Cloud leopards with rhinos, monkeys along with Bengal tigers present in the highest concentration in the world, the Chitwan National Park is a must-visit. You would certainly not miss Africa and its wildlife here at the Chitwan National Park.

These National Parks are a sight to behold and a treat of a lifetime. With tranquility, peace, and exotica in every inch of land, these parks restore our belief that planet earth is God’s favorite creation.


Q1. What is so special about National Parks?

The world’s top national parks are the best places to experience Mother Nature’s magnificence. These incredible National Parks, the sole secure habitat for the most exotic animals on earth, make you question why we are even living in brick houses constructed by humans when the real freedom is found in the greenery.

Q2. Name some amazing National Parks.

  • Yosemite National Park, USA
  • Banff National Park, Canada
  • Tulum National Park, Mexico

Q3. What time of year is best to visit national parks?

The best time to explore a national park largely depends on the park’s location and climate.

Q4. Are there any restrictions or regulations in national parks?

Yes, each national park has its own set of regulations and restrictions that visitors must follow. It is important to check with each park’s website or visitor center for specific rules and regulations.

Q5. Can you camp in national parks?

Yes, many national parks offer camping facilities for visitors.

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