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We saw buildings touching the skies, artificially designed islands, and ATMs throwing gold. Tighten your seatbelts as we bring you details about the new floating hotel in Dubai.

The world knows that Dubai has a reputation for being a high-tech city dotted with plush and posh attractions. Billionaires from around the world flaunt their wealth here to enjoy VIP indulgences like nowhere else.

kempinski floating palace Dubai

It is home to the world’s tallest, biggest, and boldest places. From the temperature-controlled theme parks and the city-sized malls to the largest observation wheel and the palm-shaped islands, the city is already at the top of its game.

This time, Dubai is beating its own records. It is set to get a floating palace infused with smart technology, luxe amenities, and impeccable style.

Reflecting Dubai’s unprecedented luxury and unparalleled engineering, the new

Kempinski Floating Palace

adds a feather to the hat. No wonder, there will be a steep jump in the tourism world.

The mind behind this extraordinary feat is Kempinski Hotels. Kempinski is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group. Headquartered in Geneva, this hotel management company comprises 78 hotels and residences worldwide.

Kempinski Floating Palace has several eye-popping features that sweep you off your feet.

Set to open in 2023, the Kempinski Floating Palace rises majestically from the sparkling Arabian Gulf. It is anchored to the exquisite Jumeirah Beach. The hotel has 156 rooms and suites, 12 villas, multi-cuisine restaurants, lavish bars, a spa, multiple pools, boutique shops, and banquet areas.

The five-star floating resort on the Arabian Gulf is divided into four parts, with a huge glass pyramid in the center. Surrounding the property are the satellite villas, which are connected by pontoons. The villas or luxury houseboats span across two floors, featuring two, three, or four bedrooms plus an infinity pool under a rooftop terrace. Another big draw is the giant, panoramic, floor-to-ceiling windows that will offer breathtaking vistas of Dubai’s azure waters and skyline. These villas are fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and crew and staff rooms.

Is all that extravagance not enough?

Guests can reach this opulent property on a speedboat in style. Alternatively, you can hop on a private yacht. The parking deck with a capacity of 16 boats is mentioned on the blueprint.

Are you bothered traveling by road or sea? That’s a good reason why this Dubai’s floating palace comes with an over-the-water helipad. Just book your sky-high travel arrangements and you will enter the resort like royals by air.

There are discussions that lush palm trees will hem in the swimming pools and massive spas. You are definitely in for a taste of heaven!

Peacefully tucked in environmentally conscious surroundings, the floating palace is the new face of next-generation tourism and hospitality.

According to reports, the villas are designed to be environmental-friendly, coupled with solar panels and air filtration. These are independent and self-sustaining developments that offer the highest quality and safety for customers.

While most hotels are permanently docked on water, Kempinski’s new floating hotel can be pushed to new locations. Thanks to its buoyancy! Don’t jump off your seats right away; here is the bigger deal:

Not just the pivotal luxurious resorts float, but the 12 villas that branch out from the centre can even detach. What a cool world to live in, right? As the villas unhook from the dock, they will cruise at a maximum speed of 6 nautical miles. We still can’t believe what we heard!

One will be thrilled to know that the furnishings of the floating villas are being designed by the famous car company, Aston Martin.

The CEO and Founder of Seagate Shipyard, Mr Mohamed El Bahrawy is elated to join hands with the leading hotel management company. He even expressed his trust and confidence claiming this is the first time that Kempinski will manage a floating hotel of such magnitude.

The new partnership of Kempinski with Seagate Shipyard is the talk of the town. The hotel is remarkably cosmopolitan and will surpass the highest expectations.

For those who want to stay back in the villas even after the holidays are over, you must know that the villas will be partially up for sale. It sits in the lap of nature, blows you away with luxury and refreshes your senses. So, those who have the cash to burn can rent these mega residences.


Needless to say, the

Kempinski Floating Palace in Dubai

will blend rejuvenation and luxury like never before. Dubai always keeps you on the edge of your seat. There are museums, beach clubs, fountains, and other attractions under development.

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