As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023, let’s look at women’s role in one of the world’s major industries – Tourism. Women have always held a strong place when it comes to the Travel and Tourism sector. They have excelled in this field not only in India but also globally as well. Tourism is one of the rapidly growing financial industries and one of the world’s topmost employers, churning out new opportunities every day. This gives women a chance to play an essential role in shaping the future of this industry.


Challenges faced by women in the tourism sector

As with any other industry, there is gender inequality, especially in the top ranks of the travel industry. This is applicable to both low-income and high-income economies. Though there have been numerous developments in the last couple of decades, you can see lesser and lesser women in the senior roles. Relevant research shows that women make more than 70% of all traveling-related decisions and are major buyers and sellers of travel. But there is still a lot that needs to change. Some of the challenges faced by them are:

  • Even though women account for the bulk of the global tourism workforce in most regions, they still have to settle for low-paying jobs and lower positions.
  • Many women belonging to family tourism businesses tend to perform a considerable chunk of unpaid work.
  • Women entrepreneurs find it challenging to raise money for their business. The same is the case with young women entrepreneurs who are newbies or just starting.
  • Tourism is a 24/7 industry, and the onus of maintaining a healthy work-life balance falls on women.
  • Solo women travelers have to face unsafe situations often. In some cases, the destinations they travel to may not be completely safe. They may draw unnecessary attention and get into uncomfortable encounters, which may dampen the entire experience. So yes, personal safety is one of the topmost challenges faced by women while traveling alone.
  • They have to take care of all the bookings, accommodations, valuables, etc., on their own. Solo women travelers are responsible for making all their decisions in a new place. This may be difficult in certain situations, and it is always better to rely on their gut feeling.
  • Overcoming cultural barriers is another challenge that women have to face. In some countries, women are expected to follow specific rules, dress modestly, and follow a particular religion’s principles. This may sometimes hold them back from visiting such places.

Shift in dynamics

In recent years this industry has undergone a significant change, though a lot of work still needs to be done. More and more women are now attracted to tourism because of the excitement, adventure, and vibrancy it offers. There are many women-run travel agencies and companies that are slowly creating a name for themselves. Some of the most popular ones are Girls on the Go, The WOW Club, Pink Pangea, Global Experiences, Wanderful, Walking Women Holidays, Ladakhi Women Travel Company, WHOA Travel, Wandering Jane, Women on Clouds Club, Canyon Calling Tours, and Adventure Women.

In the last few years, other avenues have opened up for women in travel, such as travel writing, blogging, and vlogging. Several women have ditched their high-paying corporate jobs and have ventured into full-time traveling. It offers many female travel bloggers an ideal opportunity to convert their love for travel into a fruitful business. They can also share their experiences, recommendations, and tips with fellow travelers. They are setting out on solo vacations, women-only tours, or even setting base in another city or country for a few months. They are not only financially independent but are also enriching their lives with these experiences.

How traveling solo empowers women?

Travellers women  

In recent years, many women have taken to traveling solo and embarking on an unknown adventure. Women from all walks of life, be it entrepreneurs, homemakers, students, or mothers, are globe-trotting, exploring new places, and trying out new adventures. They experience new cultures, meet new people, and become financially independent. They not only get to learn about the history of a new place but learn a lot about themselves as well. It teaches skills like conquering one’s fears, provides life-changing experiences, and makes them liberated and confident.

Your contribution as a tourist

There are a few ways in which you can support women while traveling:

  • Book through women-owned tourism business
  • Sign up for trips that have been designed to connect women or travel with female-led groups
  • Buy arts, crafts, and other products from local female artisans while traveling to a new place. This gives a significant boost to the women who are working tirelessly to make sure you get the best handmade products
  • Request for a female tour guide as many women nowadays are overcoming gender stereotypes and taking up roles that were dominated by men earlier
  • If possible, book homestays or women-owned hotels for your next vacation
  • If you have enjoyed your stay at women-owned hotels or relished a good meal at women-owned restaurants, share reviews on travel sites about your experiences so that you can help increase their business

As you see, women empowerment and freedom are becoming more and more achievable. It allows them to see the world from a different perspective, take their own decisions, and be accountable for them. So, what are all you beautiful ladies waiting for? Pack your bags and venture on your new adventure!

A free spirited girl who loves to eat and talk about street food. During spare time, she loves to read, travel, and experiment with ingredients in kitchen, while cherishing those moments by chronicling them.

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