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Drumroll please, as we introduce you to the travel admirer and blogger who has explored every country on this planet. There are 197 nations from the United States to Russia, and Drew Binsky has ticked off each one of them — on a less-than-a-decade of travel spree.

Here are the insides of his travel journey that will make you jump off your seats.

Drew Binsky

Who is Drew Binsky?

Drew Binsky is a globetrotter, content creator and YouTuber whose extraordinary journey invokes the dreamer in you. Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, this 30-year old fellow is a full-time traveller. One can spot him by his bronze-coloured hair, small beard, smiling face, amicable warmth and a camera on his shoulder.

Drew ‘Binsky’ Goldberg

Drew was born as Drew Goldberg but later took the name ‘Binsky’ from his Jewish family. He is graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a double-major in economics and entrepreneurship.

He is famous for…


There’s no such thing as too much travel — ask Drew Binsky. His followers appreciate his art of narrating unbelievable travel stories from every corner of the world. Through his videos, he shares unfiltered and raw experiences; while meeting locals, taking on challenges and creating a new perspective of the destination. He even runs his blogs where he contributes a bouquet of ideas and advice on how to travel without breaking the bank, which countries to visit and what a travelling career looks like. Associated with reputable brands like Huffington Post, CNBC, TedX and USA Today, Drew is an inspirational blogger.

Launched his website and Youtube channel

His website, DrewBinsky.com, is a one-stop destination for budding travellers. From exposing the unique and fascinating details about the unknown place to encouraging its readers to get out of the comfort zone, his blogs and vlogs are worth time invested. He brings exceptional, untold stories from his travelogues — and throws a never-heard-before content for its audience. No wonder, his Youtube channel enjoys a staggering 2.89M subscribers.

He has the most exclusive content

One of his major goals to publish videos is to showcase the rare gems and talents from across the world. The next is he brings budget tips under one umbrella. He recommends the low-budget countries, does “how to spend a day with $10” kind-of videos, and assorts numerous information for the curious bees. He wants to let people know travelling is no longer limited to someone with money to burn.

A journey of thousand miles must begin from a step

Drew Binsky’s first step was when he went to Israel through Birthright in 2012. He went to study abroad in Prague. Drew wasn’t setting out on a big goal, all he wanted was to travel and explore. The wanderlust bug bit him when he discovered over 20 countries in Europe during his college days.

Well, to travel so much might cost a bomb. Is it?

After graduating, Drew Binsky taught English in South Korea and made a couple of thousands of dollars a month. It was a fantastic opportunity to travel overseas and earn as well. When he jetted off to Korea, he documented the vibrant neighbourhoods and nightlife. It was here he started his first travel blog, The Hungry Partier, and worked 50+hours a week to make it reach globally. After 3 years of perseverance and R&D, thousands of readers popped up on his site. Later, he branded the blog with his name, Drew Binsky.

It was 2017, when Deanna Sallao, his then-girlfriend and now fiancée, gifted him a camera. It was a push towards his Youtube channel. His documentary of a 3-day guide in North Korea became viral and earned a million views. Gradually, people started recognising and appreciating his content like the one with the last Jew of Afghanistan, the tallest humans on earth, a 99-year old traveller, disappearing country and more.

Behind the scene of his vlogs

All of this sounds like such fun and undemanding career. But what goes behind the scene is a lot of sweat and grind. Drew Binsky has even worked for 18 hours a day in the past years. Back in 2013, when he had set up his blogs, almost 6 hours were spent daily, working out how to create an audience base. Whether it was expanding his social media presence or uploading daily blogs, Binsky was jumping through hoops. The man who didn’t earn a penny till his 300 videos, today makes annual revenue in seven figures through advertising and promotions. He features consistent determination, patient behaviour and convivial approach and the fact that no problems shake his will, give him a couple of brownie points.

For him, abnormal is the normal

He has spent days with people who have nothing in common, played cricket with kids who didn’t know his language, got lost in Tokyo without a map and phone, slept through bombings in front of his window in Libya, survived India’s sandstorm and got his passport seized in Yemen.

He easily visited 160 countries without a visa, but…

Drew Binsky was fortunate that he could have made it to 160 nations without a visa. But for some other nations like North Korea, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Iraq, Venezuela and Syria, getting a visa was a tussle.

He reaps between $1,000 and $30,000 in a month, depending on views

As of 2021, Drew Binsky boasts a community of whopping 9 million followers on social media. Keep the jaws hanging, while we tell you, his videos have garnered more than 4 billion views worldwide. He earns through advertisements on Youtube and Facebook. He even runs an online merchandise store, sells travel hacking courses, links with hotels and airlines through blogs and utilises several other revenue streams.

Drew Binsky is flexible, people-person and adaptable

Although his income through advertising revenues is huge and he can stay in extravagant hotels, there are occasions when he is stuck in nowhere. A traveller has to be easy-going and accommodating — Drew Binsky has to sometimes stay in villages and mingle with the remote tribes. One of such intriguing incidents was meeting the world’s shortest tribe. It’s perhaps one of the most remarkable travel stories he has had.

His partner, Deanna Sallao

drew binsky with Deanna Sallao

Deanna and Drew met at a travel event in Bangkok in 2015 and despite being from the two ends of the world, they had an amazing time together. While he travels relentlessly, Deanna works as a digital marketer online. From eating pho in Vietnam and bungee jumping in New Zealand to attending Olympics in Rio, the duo has crossed the 7 continents hand in hand. It all gets convenient as they both work remotely; it helps them to stick by and support each other in all walks of life.

Massive fan of golf

In his several videos, Drew has exclaimed his love for the golf sport. He is even putting a golf course out of his home.

His Guinness World Record

Binsky has numerous feathers added to his cap, including the Guinness World Records for visiting the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 24 hours. He won the other one for the fastest time to pack a suitcase.

Spontaneity, no-plan and challenging travel

He doesn’t shy away from accepting the fact that he is a no-plan man. He is unprepared (most of the time) when it comes to the arrangement of his accommodation in the new destination. He is thankful to have a lot of friends, along with a huge social media fan base as well as locals who have got his back during such unpredictable times.

He thrives on his Snapchat followers

Touted as the mastermind of Snapchat, Binsky took social media by storm when he began documenting his travel shows. It was in Olympics in Rio where he just uploaded the stories and made big bucks, enough for a budget backpacker. He got a grip of Snapchat and soon the stats went through the roof.

Even the pandemic couldn’t stop him

Last year, when the entire world stopped and people were forced to lock down in their places, Drew Binsky was on the move, with maximum precautions. Internet is on the rise and the world is seizing to a 6-inch screen. Travel bloggers like Drew Binsky brought the great outdoors and beautiful landscapes from around the globe to our pockets during the pandemic. He announced his last country’s visit on October 29, 2021. The vlog is awe-inspiring, where he shares the beauty of humanity, regardless of background, religion and nationalities. It was a milestone that turned everyone’s heads in amazement.

At last, it’s all worth it

The sound of shores in Indonesia, sight of temples in Myanmar, solo backpacking in India, hot air ballooning in Turkey, beer chugging Czech Republic, island hopping in Philippines, and much much more — Drew Binsky has made a lifetime of memories.

What’s next?

Having visited the entire world is the most rewarding experience of Binsky’s life, but he is looking for more in future. Travel has changed his outlook towards life. Soon, he is going to launch a wholesome documentary of several countries, called Border 197.

Intrigued by the breathtaking beauty and unbelievable diversity around the world, Shambhavi has taken the agenda of inspiring travellers to embark on their new journeys with passion and information. She has a pen in one hand and a camera in the other. She is a food-enamoured introvert who is fond of plants, reads fiction and taps feet to Bollywood music.

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