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Igloo Cafe

An igloo cafe , touted as the world’s largest of its kind, has come up at Gulmarg, a beautiful city in Jammu & Kashmir. This 44.5 feet wide, 5 feet thick and 37.5 feet high ice structure that’s been shaped into a geodesic dome and located at the foot of the famous Gulmarg’s skiing slopes is grabbing a lot of headlines. Jammu & Kashmir sits like a crown and is one of the bucket places to visit in India . Now, with the remarkable igloo café, it has become a larger centre of attraction for tourists.

It is a perfect holiday destination where you can spend quality time with your loved ones and have a blissful evening.

What is an Igloo Cafe?

An Igloo Cafe is a type of restaurant that serves food and drinks in an igloo-shaped structure. These cafes are typically found in cold-weather countries, such as Canada and Finland. They are popular tourist attractions because of their unique design and atmosphere.

What an Igloo Cafe Made Up of?

The world has witnessed some really quirky and unique cafes around the world – from the Harry Potter Theme Café in Thailand to the Cat Café in Japan. The Igloo Cafe is one of these interesting places that has been a labour of love for the past year, and we are finally seeing it come to fruition. The construction process has been fascinating to watch, and we can’t wait to see the finished product. We will continue to update the blog with photos and progress reports, so stay tuned!

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Design of the Gulmarg Igloo Cafe

Designing an Igloo Cafe is no easy feat, especially when Gulmarg often experiences a sub-zero temperature. It takes a lot of careful planning and execution to make sure that the cafe is both functional and stylish. So, the construction of an Igloo is the talk of the town, and here we’ll take a look at the design of the Igloo Cafe and how it was able to achieve its unique look.

The cafe is made in two steps using the staircase. Gulmarg’s Igloo Café has a seating capacity of 40 guests at a time. The igloo-like structure was inspired by the Inuit people’s use of igloos as temporary homes. The structure is made of plastic because it is a material that is both strong and lightweight. The cafe part of the Igloo Cafe is a more traditional-looking building with a kitchen, a seating area, and a counter. The Gulmarg’s Igloo Cafe is designed to be a place where people could come to relax and enjoy food and drink.

Gulmarg’s Igloo Café flaunts the Sheepskin rugs placed on the snow seat, along with small side-table carved out of ice and snow. The place is kept minimal with cultural artefacts and a blend of local and foreign cultures.

The World's Largest Igloo Cafe

Why did the owner decide to build a cafe in an Igloo?

The Igloo Cafe ownes have dreamed of building a cafe in an igloo since long. The man behind India’s first Igloo Café, Syed Waseem Shah shared how the entire architecture was completed in 64 days. It took 25 people working day and night. He stated that he was inspired by a similar concept in Switzerland which was equipped with modern facilities. He further added that he then thought since Gulmarg sees a lot of snow, why not bring that concept here.

It is the coolest place to hang out and have a cup of coffee. Besides visiting famous sites in the state like Vaishno Devi Mandir, Dal Lake and Apharwat Peak, people would appreciate the unique experience of eating and winding down in an igloo.

Menu at The World’s Largest Igloo Cafe in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is home to the world’s largest igloo cafe, which is a popular tourist destination. The cafe is made entirely of ice and snow and is decorated with colourful lights. You will be served Saffron Kehwa, sandwiches, hot chocolates, tikkas and a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

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