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The Harry Potter movies based on J.K. Rowling’s books hit the screens two decades ago, creating a buzz among people across various age groups. People loved the wizarding world and wanted to experience this magic and be a part of this wizardly world in their daily set of activities. There has always been a strong sense of desire among the Harry Potter fan population to explore something that is uniquely dedicated to this wizardly world of Harry Porter. Thailand’s Hog’s Head Pub brings you the magical world of wizards as you enjoy the surroundings and ambience of this awesome place.

Nestled in the ancient Thai town of Phuket,

the Hogwarts-Themed café

is a must-visit destination for all Harry Potter fans. Every detail in this café is referenced to the Harry Potter world; whether it is about the delicately designed interiors or the dazzling exteriors, you will never feel that you are out of the sets of Harry Potter. The vibes are spooky and dark in nature, teleporting you to the fantasy world of wizards and witches.

One of the café rooms is decorated in a look-alike old inn with wooden furniture. At the back door, you will see a building that resembles a magic wand shop. It is decorated with crooked facades, giving you a nostalgic feeling about the Hogwarts series. The bar counter has a dragon skeleton on top, one of the most striking aspects of the interior décor. Even the desserts offered in this themed café have a spooky texture. Dining in this themed café is one of the most enchanting culinary experiences you can ever indulge in your lifetime.

Coming to the food being served here, all the menu items listed in the café are named with references to the magical world of Harry Potter. Several drinks like the Butter Beer are a must-try among the various coffee and drinks served on the menu. If you dig deep into the menu, you will see the signature cocktails, a great accompaniment to your main meal. If you are a Thai cuisine lover, you will find several variations to indulge in. There are other international cuisines also served here.

The ambience and surroundings of this café are the major reasons that draw you to this remarkably themed café. But don’t forget to capture these moments, as such rare moments are major memory blocks of your experience. So, if you are visiting or planning to explore Phuket anytime soon, do take a trip down memory lane by living dream that any Potterhead would love.

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