The Thailand government has issued a fresh travel advisory to ensure a safe and sound environment for all its travellers and locals. All citizens are expected to be cautious considering their overall health & vaccine status and the risk of contradicting COVID-19 while travelling to Thailand. Given the dynamic scenario of world travel, the travel restrictions may change at very short notice with additional restrictions imposed by the Thai authorities that can impact your visit.

All travellers are expected to apply in advance permission before travelling to Thailand.

You must obtain a Thailand Pass before travelling here. If the travel is urgent due to short notice, you can contact the local tour agencies for your emergency pass.

Fully vaccinated international travellers do not need to produce a negative RT-PCR status or undergo a test post-arrival in Thailand. However, a Thailand Pass is mandatory for entry along with their full vaccinated COVID-19 certificate and minimum insurance coverage of US$10,000 shared with the authorities before their entry. All the international travellers who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated must register for a Thailand pass while uploading evidence of a negative RT-PCR test or a rapid antigen test issued 72 hours before their Thailand entry. They also need to submit their insurance policy with a minimum coverage of US$10,000.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated international travellers are expected to follow the Thai government’s local health and safety protocols. All travellers who test positive during their travel are required to isolate themselves in designated government facilities or hospitals until their isolation period ends or till their symptoms wind up. If the travellers have ended up contradicting COVID-19 during their Thailand holiday, their country’s local Embassy is limited in nature to provide any assistance.

They are bound to abide by the local health and safety protocols. All passengers who have tested negative within 3 months of their travel should present a valid doctor’s certificate certifying full recovery at least 14 days before the travel date or provide proof of asymptomatic nature if the COVID-19 RT-PCR is again positive.

All international passengers should keep themselves updated with the latest travel advisory to ensure there are no last-minute disappointments or hassles for your Thailand vacation. As the COVID-19 situation continues to be very dynamic in nature, there are possibilities of sudden changes that can hamper your holiday plans, especially in terms of the restrictions imposed.

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