AYA Entertainment Park Dubai
The first-of-its-kind

entertainment park in Dubai, AYA Universe,

opened on 17th December, and soon after its launch, it broke several records. Dubai is globally acknowledged for its game-changing technology and head-turning attractions. This futuristic masterpiece, set on the first floor of Wafi City Mall, is a recent landmark on the city’s skyline.

From incandescent gardens to out-of-this-world landscapes to twinkling galaxies, the wonders of AYA will leave intrepid travellers in search of unusual adventures.

Key Points of AYA:

  • This technologically-progressive park is spread over a colossal area of 40,000 sq. ft. (3,700 sq. m).
  • It has 12 immersive zones in a unique sensory environment enhanced with lights, sound, and mirrors. It is a trip to a beautiful universe where imagination meets reality.
  • The zones feature dynamic shows, light and sound choreography, and interactive experiences.
  • It is launched by HyperSpace, a future-forward entertainment company -acclaimed for creating physical parks for a digital world. The CEO of HyperSpace said, “We chose Dubai as the destination for AYA, our first immersive entertainment park – as it is a city invested in future culture, with a demanding and digitally active tourist and resident market.”

There are mega-artistic and digitally-advanced exhibits that take you on an otherworldly journey. All the twelve zones are distinctive yet eye-catching and boast spellbinding themes. Each room lets you wander, explore, touch, and witness the magic of technology like never before.

While the 230-square-foot Aurora zone has pyrotechnic pools made out of cosmic powder, the 3,250-square-foot Source zone transports you to a mystic landscape. One of the popular displays in AYA is the gravity-defying waterfall that rises upwards. There is another zone, Flora, which features a response-evoking garden oasis with illuminated grass.

Visitors can also land in a floating world with an illusionary sky. Other enthralling zones that offer an ‘alternate reality experience’ are the Drift, Outland, Pool, River, Celestia, Harmonia and Tides.

AYA also hosts special events with live music and DJs to allow the audience to have versatile entertainment. You can also dance with fun avatars and unlock unique characters.

HyperSpace says that Dubai is one of the most interesting cities in the world to set up a business like this. And the company is set to launch the House of Hype in the Dubai Mall as well.

So, if you are in Dubai this holiday, take a tour of this next-gen entertainment park.

Image Credit: hyper-space.com

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