Self-driving Cars Will Be On Dubai Roads
Driverless cars in dubai
Besides 13 great reasons to move to Dubai, here is another feather in its cap that will impress you big time. Dubai has made the headlines again with its move to

introduce driverless taxis on its roads by 2023.

The US firm Cruise supplied ten automated taxis, and the government aims to introduce these on the roads by late 2023. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority is undertaking rigorous testing before the launch to ensure the taxis are well prepared to face the extreme and hectic road traffic of the UAE.

The chief executive of the Public Transport Agency, Ahmed Bahrozyan, stated that marketing and publicity campaigns are planned to introduce and keep the motorists familiar with such vehicles before launching them on the Dubai roads. He also said that these automated taxis would not change the preferred driving style of other drivers but introduce new technology and infrastructure as part of modern development.

The chief legal officer of Cruise, Jeff Bleich, stated that Dubai would be the global debut for the firm outside the US and its first international innovation partner to bring in smart mobility and introduce technology for smart city systems. He further said that he expected similar support from the authorities and government globally for this positive digital transformation that will completely change the face of cars through this innovative concept.

The driverless car’s concept is also looking to seamlessly sync with the unique driving style in each city to make the transition smooth. The government looks forward to start rigorous testing of these vehicles later this year. These cars have an inbuilt laser detection and ranging system that can easily detect a safe distance between objects. In addition, close to 100 integrated sensors interacting with each other will help these cars respond and drive safely concerning other drivers.


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These cars can accommodate up to six people in one go with sufficient luggage space. UAE road trips with friends and family are now going to be smooth, relaxing and swift. The authorities also foresee a significant reduction in road accidents by introducing these driverless cars and making mobility more affordable and accessible. As per logic, more than 90% of accidents are caused by human error as people often multitask while driving. In addition, customers would benefit from the savings made through driverless cars. Therefore, the government look to introduce 4,000 driverless cars , all operating by 2030.

The authorities also brought a change in road regulations to accommodate driverless cars, which will allow manufacturers to introduce autonomous cars to the public in the coming future. In December, Abu Dhabi has already conducted a trial in the TAXI project on Yas Island. The World Government Summit also saw an intensive discussion on introducing driverless cars as part of the policies and future innovation moments. The forum stated that regulations should be able to regulate and create a safe and legal environment to accommodate future technologies like driverless cars.

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