Singapore may be best celebrated for its multicultural background, lush green setting and breathtaking attractions. But, did you know this city-state is also an adrenaline-filled destination that inspires and challenges you at the same time? Yes, you can get down to action and thrill literally the moment you land in Singapore. From the fun-packed indoor sky diving to the ultimate giant walk and vertical walk experiences, a world of epic adventure and fun moments awaits you here. Looking for more ideas? This post covers some of the top adventurous things to do in Singapore.

List of Best Adventurous Activities in Singapore

1. Sentosa Cable Car Ride

Sentosa Cable Car Ride

Be it for a dose of thrill or for the most fantastic views, this is an iconic activity that you should not miss in Singapore. The Singapore Cable Car Network has been a treasured part of Singapore’s history for about five decades, being the first of its kind ropeway system. Its route stretches all the way from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island. As the ride kicks off, it takes your breath away with the most panoramic 360 degree views of the island as well as its verdant surroundings that encompass the captivating Keppel Harbor, gleaming waters and the marvelous city skyline.

2. Sentosa Bungy Jump

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Get your fix for adrenaline and adventure at AJ Hackett Sentosa where each of its diverse attractions and experiences deserves a special mention. Bungy jump is probably the most popular among them. Take to its Bungy Jump Tower which is the first and only bungy spot in the region. Feel the wind in the face as you jump from a height of about 50 meters and freefall for about three seconds. You will plunge straight into the astonishing beauty of the island while being upside down. You can choose from different jump styles and further opt to conclude the jump with a dip in the pool below.

3. Sentosa Giant Swing

Sentosa Giant Swing Image Credit:

Adventure in Singapore can’t get better any than with a session of Giant Swing experience at AJ Hackett Sentosa. Let your friends or dear ones join you in this activity as it can accommodate three people at a time. Once you are strapped into the swing, you will be lifted 40 meters off the ground which lets you admire Siloso Beach and its pulsating environs like never before. As soon as you get the signal and the cord is pulled, you will swing at an extreme speed of more than 120 kilometers per hour. Overall, it is perfect for anyone who is looking for an activity that is milder but packs a punch.

4. Sentosa Vertical Skywalk

The Vertical Skywalk is another icon that Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett has lined up for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. The name says it all; this adventure session walks you down a vertical wall. You can imagine the unbelievable excitement and kick as you carefully keep your steps to the way down of a 45-meter-high structure like a real superhero. The bonus is the astonishing sights of sea and verdant scenery that envelop you from all sides during the activity. And did we say that it is Asia’ first ever vertical walk experience?

5. G-Max Reverse Bungy

G-Max Reverse Bungy, Singapore Image Credit:

Looking to try bungy jump with a twist? Head out to Clarke Quay where you can enjoy G-Max Reverse Bungy Jump. As indicative of its name, it doesn’t involve any terrifying jump off from a high-rise structure. Instead, you make your way into an open-air G-Max machine where you get safely fastened to the bungy cord. Once you are ready and the machine is released, you will feel like a stone flung out of a sling weapon. Following this, you will experience utmost adrenaline rush as you swing back and forth akin to a pendulum at a speed of over 120 kilometers per hour.

6. Adventure Cove Water Park

Singapore Adventure Cove Water Park

This is one of the ultimate attractions in Singapore for those seeking extreme and wild water fun during their holiday. Featuring attractions that are as amazing as the South Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster (Riptide Rocket) to its credit, this is a dream come true place for the enthusiasts of aquatic rides and slides. For that added boost of intense thrill, you can hit its Pipeline Plunge, Dueling Racer, Rainbow Reef, Spiral Washout and Splash Works, complete with a series of obstacles.

7. Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Marina Bay Sands

Want to experience utmost thrill however that is devoid of any action? Perched at a height of over 200 meters and spanning across three sky-high towers of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Marina Bay Sands Sky Park offers a distinct kind of amusement and adventure on your visit here. It appears like a huge surfboard that can effortlessly accommodate more than four A380 Jumbo Jets. One of its main highlights is the observation deck that gives you unhindered views over Singapore’s skyline and the legendary sights that encompass it, from Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay to Singapore River and Central Business District. To add to your visit here, there is also a variety of cool dining choices, refreshing gardens, and mostly a vast infinity pool with vanishing edge.

8. iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore

This is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the rush and excitement of skydiving and freefall in a safe controlled environment. Located close to Sentosa Island’s Beach Station, iFly Singapore is the world’s first and one of the largest themed indoor skydiving facilities, thanks to its vertical wind tunnel that measures 16.5 feet wide and 56.5 feet tall. Enclosed by acrylic glass walls (of 18 feet tall), it comes with a capacity to hold up to 20 flyers at a time. With the most expertly trained crew by your side, it promises an unforgettable flying experience for seasoned flyers and beginners (including first-timers) alike. It is kid-friendly as well.


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9. River Cruise Singapore

River Cruise

Uncover the charming beauty and effervescence of Singapore in the most unique way with the River Cruise Singapore. It sails you the historical Singapore River aboard a traditional bumboat. Now if you wish to add generous fun and thrill element to your water expedition in Singapore, you are luckily spoilt for choices. From the less-intense kayaking, jet skiing and stand-up paddleboard activities to the challenging of its kind flyboarding and wakeboarding, there are endless watersport options to fuel your adventure side.


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10. River Safari Singapore

River Safari

A visit to River Safari Singapore not only allows you to see one of Asia’s most unique and the region’s first of its kind wildlife attraction, but also be part of some exciting and exhilarating activities. Discover some 7,500 creatures that represent some of the world’s most popular river habitats in its ten zones. You also get to take in the world’s biggest freshwater aquarium with a spectrum of specialties including electric eel, giant river otter, and manatee. Finally, enjoy an up-close look at some of the park’s mighty inhabitants like Jaguar and Brazilian Tapir as you embark on a captivating Amazon River Quest Ride in an open-top boat.

Top Tips to Enjoy Adventure Activities in Singapore

  • Plan and pre-book your adventure tour to get the best out of it.
  • For absolute savings, choose combo tickets that encompass two or more adventure activities for a single rate.
  • Take care to wear appropriate dress (as required by the facility) as set out to try an adventure activity in Singapore.
  • Eat lighter meals before the experience.
  • Check for weather conditions and this is especially vital for outdoor and water activities.


As you are now aware of the unmissable adventurous activities in Singapore, gear up to fill up your upcoming Singapore holiday with the most terrific adventure. The rest is assured that it will knock your socks off. So, which of these above activities you would like to add in your bucketlist? Let us know your favorites in the comment section below.

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