Things to do in Kiztopia Singapore

Rolling learning into fun, Kiztopia is one of the largest indoor playgrounds in Singapore. Are you ready for the excitement to unfold?

We’ve all been there – it’s a tough task to find a perfect family destination. But, Singapore has a lot to offer to its little guests. From futuristic skyscrapers and innovative parks to golden-spired temples and local hawker centres, the clean and green Singapore is one of Asia’s most fascinating cities.

With attractions like Universal Studios and SEA Aquarium, Singapore always remains in the heart of the kids. Oozing entertainment and fun, the city-state has launched the latest addition, Kiztopia. It is a great Holiday package that works for kids of all ages and personalities.


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Read all the inside details in our Kiztopia Singapore Guide for a well-planned day out with kids:

What is Kiztopia Singapore?

Embracing a record-breaking 18,000 square feet area, Kiztopia is the largest mall-based indoor playground in Singapore. Packed with immersive experiences, it welcomes all kids from tiny tots to budding teens, who are aged under 12. Kiztopia Singapore is a dream-come-true location for children. This whole warm and friendly zone is split into 18 interactive play areas with 11 exclusive characters that offer endless thrill and amusement. Dotted with fun-filled activities, obstacle courses, rides, slides, cross bridges, balancing act, AR games, ball pits, a fake beach, claw machines, and much more – this Singaporean attraction builds a strong family time.

While the littlest family members dive into the games that help them learn social, cognitive and emotional skills, parents can hop in and have a whale of a time together.

Kiztopia Singapore Timings

Kiztopia Singapore is open on Sundays to Thursdays from 10 AM to 8 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays, it operates from 10 AM to 10 PM. Kiztopia Singapore remains closed on the first Tuesday of every month for deep cleaning.

Kiztopia Singapore Price

Kiztopia Singapore tickets price starts at USD 28.

Things to do in Kiztopia Singapore

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A kaleidoscopic mix of action-packed activities at Kiztopia guarantees your little ones a fun-filled day out throughout. Focusing on the holistic development of the younger generations, here is the rundown of exciting things to do in Kiztopia Singapore:

  • There are 18 adrenaline-pumping zones – each featuring unique facilities and skills

1. Mojo Zone

Dedicated to older kids, this zone bustles with a cornucopia of segments, including twirling slides, a big ball pit and banana boats. Kids will swirl on the slides and blast out into a soft-grounded ball pit at a fast pace. Jump onto the banana boats or get pushed by your siblings that feel nothing less than sailing.

2. AR Wall

Tucked behind Mojo Zone is a white wall. It boasts advanced and hi-tech AR Games on the massive wall-like screen. They can choose from an array of colourful landscapes, and throw the ball to the targets on the wall. Kids find it hilarious when they burst the bubbles and free the trapped fishes.

3. Trampio

Which kid isn’t fond of trampolines? Trampio is a huge section housing three trampolines of differing sizes to suit all age groups. Kids cheer, shout and laugh as they bounce and plunge uncontrollably, but with softer landings.

4. Chug Eli

For all the train-obsessed kids, Chug Eli is heaven. Elephant Eli, a Kiztopia mascot, runs the fully-automated train. Kids can hop on and go for an exciting journey round and round.

5. Bouncy Tiger

Kids love to bounce – give them the right ground.

6. Pio’s Drift

Fan of Formula Race 1? Well, not similar but your kids can get behind the wheels and enjoy a drive on the miniature car. The Drift also has gas stations to add a touch of realism.

7. Raby’s Pit

You would have never experienced something like this ever. This is an indoor beach where the kids indulge in sand-like wooden cubes and spend unlimited time playing with them.

8. Cosmic Space

Let your little enthusiasts wander through the labyrinth of mazes and stairs to quench their curiosity. Cosmic Space is designed with five sets of slides that measure 5-7 meters and add another chapter of futuristic fun.

9. Alley Oop Mark

Fancy a video gaming studio? Duck into this fabulous VR Park where you can grab a small ball and fly it into the hoop stuck on the wall. This basketball game is one of the popular features of the AR wall.

10. Role Play Rooms

Take a break from all the action and take your mind to a marathon. Role Play Rooms allow your kids to expand their imagination and enjoy captivating experiences. They step into the shoes of their ideal roles and groom their motor skills.

11. Bell’s Cuisine

The entire trip would have been incomplete without a cooking-show game. We all know how kids intrude in the kitchen and pretend to help. It’s time to give them their space in a safe, fully-equipped kitchen with stoves, ovens, bread-maker and more.

12. Ninja Warrior

Crammed with hurdles, stairs and other kinetic-inspired elements, Ninja Warrior looks straight out of a warrior practice set. Kids can zip through swinging bridges and monkey bars to reach the end. It tests your kid’s stamina and gives them a good sweaty workout.

13. Tina Snips

Is your child fond of dressing up? Bring them to Tina Snips and they can become anything, from kings to superheroes behind the doors.

14. Raby’s Mart

A mini shopping mall with replicas of groceries, vegetables, fruits and other items, at Raby’s Mart your child can shop like a local. It is a real-life experience with check-out counters and fake money.

15. Sprite

Suitable for both toddlers and younger children, Sprite is a tame playground. It has a ball pit and obstacles.

16. Chichi’s Art & Honey Notes

Let your child’s imagination fly beyond his drawing book. Kids can draw on the interactive screen and boost their creativity skills. Honey Notes allow the children to get lost in the world of music as they play the tunes of projected instruments on the wall.

17. Hero Square

Another buzzing area in Kiztopia Singapore is this Hero Square. Take a breather from jumping and bouncing and meet the Kiztopia Singapore mascots.

18. Claw Machines

Use 6 different types of claws to earn rewards.

  • Besides these playful activities, there are events and programs lined up to promote a healthy lifestyle, enrich integrity and inspire young minds.
  • Once the kids run out of energy, they can join the clan in hogging sandwiches, pasta and spaghetti at Kith Café Kiztopia MS. It has a wide range of offerings to satiate all kinds of taste buds – specially curated for kids and their love for food. Another in-house restaurant that you can head to when these zones have left you famished is Bell’s Pantry. Seoul Garden Marina Square and Beyond Pancakes are the restaurants in Marina Square. Treat yourself to a delectable feast that will pump you for a more adventurous round later.
  • Reminisce the good happy memories back home with the best merchandise and souvenirs at the in-house gift shop. Buy soft toys of the mascots, sling bags, wallets, cardholders, pencil cases and more.
  • Kiztopia hosts customised celebrations and events at its two party stations. Throw a beautiful birthday party for your child at this giant playground and give him the best surprise in the world.


Depending on the type of experience and activities that you seek, you can book the Kiztopia Singapore tickets accordingly. This is going to be one unforgettable day with kids.

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