Confused about when to visit Singapore? Sort out your plans with this ultimate Singapore weather guide that will give you a glimpse of what’s happening here every month.

About Singapore

Awe-inspiring, clean and futuristic, Singapore is an island that sets the benchmark in the tourism world. With its mix of high-rises, sci-fi buildings, indoor rainforest, experimental galleries, treetop jungle bridge, walking trails and wildlife galore, the city-state keeps you on your toes.

It is chock full of activities for all kinds of travellers. The city keeps hitting the ball out of the park with its every development.

Singapore is nearly a year-round city – lots of sunshine and everything is fine. However, there are times when the weather is not on your side. Scratching your head on what’s the best time to visit Singapore?

To help you have a cheerful holiday, here is a detailed guide on Singapore’s weather. Pack your sunglasses and umbrellas as you go through the summary of the month-by-month season.

Overview of Singapore Weather

Singapore Weather

Tucked away just miles from the equator, Singapore experiences a hot and humid climate throughout the year. The sudden and abundant downpours make the environment fresh and pleasing. The temperatures remain steady between 25°C and 27°C. In a nutshell, you’ll never be cold on this small island.

Singapore’s climate is highly punctuated by the two monsoon seasons: Northeast Monsoon from December to early March and the Southwest Monsoon from June to September. In a year, an average rainfall happens in around 167 days. Also, thanks to its proximity to the sea, the city’s climate is influenced.

So, ideally, Singapore has a dry and wet season. The months from February to April are the dry season when you can wear light and breathable clothes. However, the climate is still unpredictable and the spurts of rain could awash the city at any time.

With the constant juggling of rains and sun, Singapore is blessed with a stretch of green space and endless walking trails.

  • Peak Season: Singapore is flooded with tourists in November-January. With several holiday festivals plus a pleasant climate and a flurry of business travellers, Singapore is at its best during this part of the year. Also, the Great Singapore Sale and Formula One create a buzz in July and September respectively.
  • Low Season: There is particularly no low season in Singapore. However, the months from late April to June have higher temperatures and low rainfall resulting in a slight break in tourist traffic.

When is the Best Time to Visit Singapore Month-wise?

Best Time to Visit Singapore

Deciding the best time to visit Singapore depends upon whether you want to embrace or escape the crowds, shop or hike, sightsee or celebrate. To narrow it down, here is a monthly weather report with major events and festivals.

1. January

Gardens By the Bay Singapore

The start of the new year begins with beautiful weather followed by torrential downpours. The Northeast Monsoon is on its verge and days are mostly filled with clouds. It’s not cold enough to pack your winter woollies but an umbrella can come in handy. Revel in the musical concerts at Gardens By the Bay or join the festivities of Pongal. Sharpen your elbows as the attractions are crammed.

  • Temperature: 24°C-30°C
  • Key events and festivals: Pongal, Thaipusam, Singapore Art Festival

2. February

The next month sees the Northeast Monsoon flowing out of the doors. It starts with the biggest event in the annual calendar, the Chinese New Year. The cooler weather continues, and it’s time to go out and play. February sees the lowest rainfall in Singapore, making it a vibrant month to participate in an array of grandiose festivals that create a frenetic bustle.

  • Temperature: 24°C-31°C
  • Key events and festivals: Lantern Festival, Chinese New Year, Singapore River Hong Bao

3. March

Singapore Flyer

Another good time for adventure lovers and hikers, March is the month of more sunshine. It is an ideal time for sightseeing; hopping on Singapore Flyer, marvelling at Gardens By the Bay and visiting Singapore Zoo.

  • Temperature: 25°C-31°C
  • Key events and festivals: Singapore International Jazz Festival, Singapore Design Week, St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival


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4. April

This is one of the best months to visit Singapore for budget-conscious travellers, leaving the crowd behind. There are no big events or holidays; the temperature is in its 30s and lodges slash their prices.

  • Temperature: 25°C-31°C
  • Key events and festivals: Good Friday and Easter, Qingming festival

5. May

Singapore festivals

The weather warms up and humidity increases in May. It’s one of the quietest months. An amazing event, Singapore International Arts Festival, draws the art aficionados from every corner of the globe. One of the many cultural festivals in Singapore is Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The Sumatran fires cause smoke and haze that infiltrates the air. So, someone who has respiratory-related issues should avoid visiting Singapore in this month.

  • Temperature: 26°C-32°C
  • Key events and festivals: Vesak Day, Hari Raya Puasa, International Festival of Arts

6. June

Southwest Monsoon makes a dramatic entry in June that brings showers and thunderstorms. But it’s not just the water; the discounts are raining as well. The Great Singapore Sale is live in June and sees all the shopping hustlers. Rain or shine, the indoors in Singapore offers great fun options in this month.

  • Temperature: 26°C-32°C
  • Key events and festivals: The Great Singapore Sale, Dragon Boat Festival

7. July

One of the unarguably cheap times to visit Singapore is July with a decent amount of sunshine, unexpected downpours and no big holidays. The city mellows down in tourism and you can take advantage of getting to stay where you want. All the shopaholics can get a retail therapy as the Great Singapore Sale is in its last leg. Duck into the indoor attractions like SEA Aquarium and iFly.

  • Temperature: 26°C-31°C
  • Key events and festivals: Singapore Food Festival, The Great Singapore Sale


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8. August

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The heat continues to escalate but is not excruciatingly hot. Days receive 9 hours of sunshine. Rains are increasing and the weather remains windy. It is still worth visiting Singapore in August to dive into the cultural exhibits and celebrations. Tourism ebbs and flows throughout the month. Cool off in the malls, catch the huge spectacle at Marina Bay or just plunge into waterslides.

  • Temperature: 26°C-31°C
  • Key events and festivals: Singapore National Day, Singapore Night Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, World Gourmet Summit

9. September

Unofficially the autumn season, September continues with waves of heat. The unexpected rains bring a sigh of relief. With the Sumatran fire receding and Southwest Monsoon peters out, September is a good time to be in Singapore. They have a large influx of tourists due to the adrenaline-pumping Grand Prix Season. Blend with glitzy parties and iconic nightlife; it is endless fun — probably one of the best times to visit Singapore for entertainment lovers. But this also means jacked-up hotel prices.

  • Temperature: 25°C-31°C
  • Key events and festivals: Singapore Grand Prix, Mid-Autumn Festival

10. October

Mercifully cool and an inter-monsoon period, October is an offbeat season. The afternoon thunderstorms halt most of the sightseeing experiences. Have a backup plan in case the rainfall extends longer. Also, often Deepavali falls in October and the city revs up with a burst of light.

  • Temperature: 24°C-31°C
  • Key events and festivals: Deepavali, Singapore Cocktail Festival

11. November

November brings much cooler temperatures with frequent rain spells. It’s one of the best times to hit museums, explore galleries, wear your reading hat in Library at Orchard, or unleash your inner kid.

  • Temperature: 24°C-30°C
  • Key events and festivals: Singapore Marathon, Singapore International Film Festival

12. December

Temperatures drop to manageable levels with warm days and cool nights, making it a perfect time to visit Singapore. December is a festive month throughout the world but Singapore doesn’t make you shiver in snowstorms or wrap you in bundles of coats. It is a charming cold month with long rainfall, multiple carnivals and hilarious parties.

  • Temperature: 23°C-30°C
  • Key events and festivals: Zouk Out, Christmas, Marina Bay Countdown, Disney Events

The best time to explore Singapore is any time that you want to travel. Make sure to check any weather warnings beforehand, carry a light rainproof jacket and immerse in the gorgeous views around.

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