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The Maldives has revealed its big plans to establish a brain-shaped floating city by 2027, under the guidance of a Dutch developer. The cutting-edge urban development will feature thousands of waterfront residences and other facilities, located 10 minutes from the capital Male. All details are here.

At the beginning of the year, we heard Dubai is getting a floating resort, and the tourism world changed forever. Amidst all the buzz comes another headline, the Maldives is now expanding its vision to the sprawling floating city divided into hexagonal segments. The tropical paradise has been a popular destination for couples, with exotic beachfront resorts, floating breakfast, and an array of things to do on the sand. Furthermore, this next-generation housing for 20,000 people will add to the charm.

“It’s the world’s first true floating island city – a futuristic dreamscape finally poised to become reality,” confirmed Water studio, the Dutch architectural firm, which has taken the initiative of making this dream into reality. This is a joint undertaking where the Water studio has teamed up with the developer Dutch Docklands and the Government of Maldives.

Why Built the Maldives Floating City?

Perched in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a low-lying island country, a mere 3 feet above sea level. At the current rate of global warming and rising sea levels, the predictions claim that the island will be submerged by the end of the century.

Combatting the unfortunate future circumstances, the government has planned to offer 20,000 locals and foreigners the opportunity to shift to the floating city. The smart and dynamic structure is made to remain strong and unaffected as it will rise with the rising sea levels.

The studio said, “This first-of-its-kind island city offers a revolutionary approach to modern sustainable living perched against a backdrop of the azure Indian Ocean.”

One of the other reasons to construct this island is to open more space for housing on the mainland.

“While attempts at floating cities have been tried before, none have featured Maldives Floating City’s most compelling selling points: full-scale technical, logistical, and legal expertise,” claimed Dutch Docklands.

What Features Will Maldives Floating City Have?

Tucked in a strategic location, close to the airport, the man-made island will flaunt 5,0000 housing units. For the convenience of the residents, there will also be shops, schools, hotels, and restaurants in these buildings. The facilities are situated in the 2 sq km of the lagoon.

The walkable Maldives floating city will be well-connected by the canal network meandering between the houses. Transport is breezy with no cars allowed, but only bicycles and electric, noise-free buggies and scooters. The city will comprise modular segments linked to an outer crust of barrier islands. It will resemble the interrelated labyrinth of floating structures that provide safety, accessibility, and comfort.

Prices are expected to be USD 150,000 for a studio apartment and can hike up to USD 250,000 for a family home.

Responding to the climate crisis, the floating city is a sustainable and eco-friendly structure that will protect the marine environment. As per the developers, artificial banks will be attached underneath the city for stimulating natural coral growth. Overall, it is a mix of futuristic and healthy living with green technology.

Construction of this mega project in the Maldives will begin by the end of this year.

The Maldives Floating City is not the first of its kind, but it is most likely to be the first to be executed.

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