Computer desktop flooded with files and hectic work-schedules has become a common lifestyle for every Indian. Every person is overburdened with work covers for a vacation that never actualizes. If you feel the pull to wander off to exotic places, you should definitely take time out to recuperate and create some memorable experiences. Do not worry about the visa formalities and soar into the skies. Feel the magic of vacations by landing in countries that welcome you with the facility of ‘visa on arrival’.

Visa-friendly Countries for Indian Citizens

To make your life simpler and help you plan your vacation, these 25 countries are segregated according to the continents they belong to. It will help you to pick and plan your vacations quick and better.


1.Thailand: This shopping paradise pulls travelers from the world over. Majestic mountains, serene beaches, tropical climate and great food with fascinating culture will help you unwind.

2. Indonesia: Active volcanoes, stunning beaches, and other adventure activities await you here. Witness the peaceful diversities in the local culture while you enjoy the local cuisines.

3. Cambodia: Travel far off from the rush of big cities to this blessing of white sand beaches, museums, Angkor Wat, and local villages with rice paddies.

4. Laos: This untouched beauty is refreshingly friendly. If you are looking for a laidback setting and natural beauty, this is the country that should be on top of the list.

5. Hong Kong: It is a place that every traveler would want to visit at least once. Trot in the night market or peacefully serenade into the city’s skyline; you will want it to be your second home.

6. Jordan: From world-class historic sites to cultural insights, all are available in this country. It is the nightlife that will impress you here.

7. Vietnam: There can be no blessing than witnessing a rich history that is carried on the shoulders of a country. Once you step on its land, you will be tempted to witness the treasures it holds.

8. Maldives: This world-class diving sight welcomes every adventure lover. White sand and cyan waters will actually invoke the poetry in you.

9. Macau: You will actually feel the peace when you see the Chinese alley blending harmoniously with the Portuguese influence. But it is the Vegas-like atmosphere with legal gambling that makes it popular.

10. Sri Lanka: When you are looking for a quick getaway, you should be packing for Sri Lanka. This country is a perfect fit for your desire to vacation and relax.

11. Timor-Leste: Good food and local culture will sway your heart in this idyllic country.


12. Madagascar: Isolation from its neighboring islands has allowed it to preserve its charm. Fascinating limestone reserves and rich flora- fauna will make you proud of your choice to pick it as a holiday destination.

13. Ethiopia: This oldest independent country in the world will make you feel fortunate to witness its culture. If you enjoy trekking then this should be your pick.

14. Kenya: View the wildlife at its best in Kenya. This is a great destination for beach holidays.

15. Mauritius: Azure waters and white beaches, seafood and lively music of Mauritius will make you want to stay here forever.

16. Seychelles: This is a pure paradise for the people who are overstressed and are looking for a calming escape. The crystal clear waters and white sand beaches will melt your heart.

17. Tanzania: Known for the national parks, you will witness amazing African flora-fauna here.

18. Uganda: Gorilla tracking is something that you will enjoy to do. Do not forget to try whitewater rafting and safari.


19. Jamaica: If you are a fan of Bob Marley then you have to visit Nine Mile in Jamaica. Be sure to include hiking, fishing, and snorkeling in your list of must-dos here.

20. El Salvador: Witness the rich history through their ancient structures and enjoy your vacations with great food.

21. Grenadines: It comprises several islands, and you will enjoy the savoring seafood. Visit the uninhabited island, relax on the beach, or swim with the turtles.

22. Trinidad: This mountainous place is known as the bird watching the center of the world. You will enjoy its gastronomic delights influenced by several cultures.

23. Tobago: Away from the regular hustle-bustle, this delightful island with beaches and reefs will make you surrender to its beauty.


24. Bolivia: Geographically diverse and multiethnic, this country is the heart of South America. Food and drinks are significant parts of their culture.

25. Guyana: This rainforest land with tropical weather is great for trekking. Kaieteur Falls will simply take your breath away.


Pack your bags and set out for the journey that you deserve to unwind yourself. Bring back memories and heartwarming stories of your expedition.

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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