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People from across the globe come to Dubai for various reasons such as job, studies, business, leisure, or to visit relatives and friends. To do so, they require a convenient and fast processing visa. A visa is an endorsement on a traveler’s passport that testifies that the traveler is allowed to freely enter, stay and leave the country for a specified period of time in a foreign country. Before you travel to the UAE, check all about

how to apply for a Dubai visa from India.

Dubai Visa for Indians Travelling to UAE

The visa regulations of Dubai states that all citizens of India have to obtain a prior visa before entering the emirate of Dubai. The Dubai visa requirements for Indian citizens are quite lenient and if all the documents are in order, getting a visa online is a matter of just 3-4 working days.

Be it a business trip or leisure travel to Dubai, Rayna is a leader in offering a hassle-free visa online for tourists, workers, or business visitors for Dubai. We provide the best deal for

Dubai tourist visa for Indians

within the right time and in the most competitive prices when it comes to getting a Dubai Tourist Visa. With Rayna tours, you can get Visa smoothly. We also help you and ensure your application process is in order so that the visa does not get rejected.

Dubai Visa Types

  • Transit Visa- Issued for travelers looking to stay in Dubai during a break journey. The minimum stoppage is at least 8 hours in Dubai and a maximum of up to 96 hours.
  • Tourist Visa- It is a special category non-renewable 30 days visa issued for a max period of 30 days.
  • Visitor Visa- One of the most popular Dubai visa for Indians, its maximum validity is for a term of 30 days for short term visas and 60 days for long term visas.
  • Employment Visa- This is applied if the Indian citizen is looking to stay and work in Dubai. The visa of the employee has to be sponsored by the employer in this case.
  • Multi-Entry Visa- Especially used for the sea route travelers, it is valid for 6 months only and is non-renewable.
  • Applying for 60 days Visa from India – Indians who want to visit Dubai on a 60-day visa need to justify the reason for the trip and documents supplementing the same.
    • Official Visit:
      • Passenger’s Passport copy
      • Confirmed flight ticket
      • hotel confirmation
      • Company covering letter
      • Host company invitation letter or Host Resident permit along with the passport copy.
    • Personal Visit (In case of a visit to family and friends):
      • Passenger’s Passport copy
      • Confirmed flight ticket
      • Host passport copy
      • Host Resident page
      • Host covering letter or guarantee letter
    • Tourism Visit:
      • Passenger’s Passport copy
      • Confirmed flight ticket
      • Confirmed Hotel Booking

In case you don’t have pre-booked tickets, don’t worry, Rayna can arrange your flight and hotel bookings according to your budget and needs. Kindly, present to us the passport copies of the friends or relatives residing in the city.

Once all the documents are furnished and verified we start the visa process by submitting the application form and the required documents for approval.

Get Dubai Visa for Indians

If you are an Indian, you can get a Dubai visa for 60 days easily. Simply complete the following steps:

  • Just complete the online form for the visa application and email us the clear scanned copy of your passport to get the Online Visa for Dubai.
  • Scan your passport size photograph with a white background. Ensure the photograph is in Jpeg or JPG format only.
  • You must show us the confirmed copy of your return ticket from Dubai.

We would be happy to help you with the hotel and flight bookings as per your requirements. We can even design an entire package exclusively for you as per your itinerary. Simply choose from our all-inclusive packages or check out our value-packed tours to compile your dream holiday in Dubai. Some offer fantastic deals with Bur Khalifa, desert safari, dhow cruise, and Dubai Miracle Garden ticket offers. For more information log on to

Dubai Visa Fees & Offers

The visa fees for Dubai is charged at the most nominal basis by us and it depends on the different type of visa selected.

There are special visa offers on various types of visas on our website. These offers allow travelers to get a visa in the most nominal rates with special savings.

About Dubai

Dubai is touted as the world entertainment and tourist destination. It is visited by millions from around the world across the year. The city has only 15% local population and the rest 85% is the expat population majorly belonging to India and the neighboring Asian countries. The city of Dubai was not long ago a small Bedouin fishing village. The discovery of oil changed its fate and the emirate became extremely rich. It is now home to some of the most jaw-dropping and record-breaking attractions. To get the best out of your Dubai visa, choose an all-inclusive pass bundled with all must-experiences in Dubai, such as the Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, Burj Al Arab Tour, and Burj Khalifa tickets, to name a few.

But instead of enjoying the swim in the uncountable wealth, the government of Dubai ensured that the future of its citizens is secure and as a result, tourism in Dubai was given a boost. The money generated from oil was channelized towards the betterment of the city and today Dubai has some of the biggest and largest manmade wonders of the world. Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm islands, Global Village Dubai, Miracle garden, Dubai Shopping, and a lot more iconic architectures attract tourists from all over the world to the mighty emirate of Dubai.

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