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UAE Free visa

for your vacations for a limited period annually! Under the new rule, the visa fee is completely waived for minors who are traveling to the UAE between July 15th and September 15th every year. This outstanding move by the UAE government turns out to be a great relief for families (with kids) planning for an unforgettable yet budget vacation in Dubai or UAE. Accordingly, your dependents of 18 years or below do not need a tourist visa or visit visa to enter the country during these two summer months.

So How Does The Visa Exemption For Minors Really Benefit The Visitors And Residents Alike?

  • First of all, it promotes for a super affordable Dubai vacation: Imagine a family of four including two kids (below 18 years) considering a summer holiday in Dubai. With this new visa waiver program, the families will be able to cut down the holiday expenses tremendously, as they needn’t have to pay any fee in terms of their kids’ entry to Dubai or UAE as a whole during July – September.
  • Extremely beneficial for UAE residents as well: In another scenario, the visa exemption rule comes as a boon for residents (regardless of their nationality) who wish to bring their family with little ones to the UAE for a brief period. Of course, this makes it the best time to realize their dream. After all, the country has one of the highest concentrations of ex-pat community with people from more than 200 countries working and living here.
  • Skip the complex visa application procedures: Due to the very fact that you needn’t have to worry about the documentation or fee of your minor kids’ visas, this visa program allows you to save considerable time and money.

New Visa Policy and Its Impact On The Economy

With the legalization of this visa waiver program, it’s evident that visitors to the UAE are likely to experience a great level of ease. That apart, this is expected to incredibly boost the international tourists’ influx thus giving a major facelift to Dubai’s image as a favorite family summer retreat. Needless to say, it will create an intensely progressive impact on the UAE’s economic conditions, essentially during the offseason.

Remarkably, the new visa policy came soon after the rollout of a string of significant visa reforms by the UAE Cabinet. One of the most prominent among them is the launch of the free transit 48 hours visa which further offers the opportunity to extend the transit visa for another 96 hours for a nominal amount of AED 50. Focused to accelerate the economic growth, the new legislative package also covers a six-month visa for job-seekers plus a 10-year visa for investors.

Top Reasons On Why Should Make The Most Of The New Visa Exemption Policy!

If you think that July – September months are low season in Dubai and not worth visiting, then you’re absolutely wrong. Despite the blistering heat, the reality is that things which you can experience in the off-season have their own appeal and are mostly as amazing as those you get to enjoy during the peak season. And these come with the added perk of immense savings.

  • Yes, Enjoy Excellent Deals on Almost Everything
    • This is the time when the region’s most sought after hotels and resorts offer the best deals on their choicest accommodation options. So go ahead and make your reservation in advance to bag the best deals to stay like a royal in Dubai.
    • You’ll also be able to enjoy a heavy price drop on airline tickets. Furthermore, most tour companies run exciting summer deals on their top-selling Dubai packages and activities, such as desert safari, dinner dhow cruise, etc. And the greatest news for shopaholics is that you’ll be able to shop your favorite merchandise at a killer discount of 25% to 75%, thanks to summer exclusive events such as Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) and Eid in Dubai.
    • Overall, you’ll see your dream vacation effortlessly falling within your budget on your summer visit to Dubai.


  • Less Crowded
    • Apart from school holidays, the annual vacation for most ex-pats falls during summer months, leaving Dubai almost empty in July – August.
    • It lets you explore the region’s iconic landmarks, high-end shopping malls, atmospheric souks, amusement parks, and entertainment attractions at a comfortable pace. Of course, this gives you the chance to see and experience more, ensuring you the most authentic experience of discovering Dubai.
  • Full of Family and Kids Oriented Events
    • Plan your trip around Dubai attractions like Ski Dubai, LEGOLAND Park, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and IMG Worlds of Adventure, your little ones will be excited to indulge in an array of exciting activities as part of Modhesh World, which is specially designed for families and kids.
    • Be sure that you don’t miss out on its main highlights like Hello Kitty at Modhesh World, Just Play Multisports Summer Camp, and Spin to Win.

Now that you’re aware of the new visa policy and the greatest advantages of visiting Dubai during the off-season, you better don’t forego this opportunity. Meanwhile, parents can check UAE visa status online to keep track of their plans. With the best of options all around, bring your family and kids to Dubai this summer. We’re sure that you’ll come back for more!

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