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Imagine soils with uncountable stories witnessed over the millenniums, an unparalleled historical treasure that has made them what they are, and magnificent architectures that offer a sneak peek into the long lost world. These are the oldest cities in the world who are still living with inhabitants to tell the tales of their past to the present world. Let’s read about some of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world, proving that humanity sure goes a long way. Read On.

Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities

  • Beirut in Lebanon
Beirut in Lebanon

The capital of Lebanon, also popularly known as the “Paris of Middle East’ has been expected to be inhabited since 3000 BC. Scarred by wars and centuries of political unrest, it is one of the oldest cities in the world that boasts of rich cultural heritage, amazing cuisine and vibrant people with tales to tell about their ancestors.

  • Aleppo in Syria
Aleepoo Syria

One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world colonized around 6th millennium BC, Aleppo in Syria has been under the reign of many rulers. From being under the control of Hittite till 800 BC, it went on to be ruled by the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, and Mongolians too. The city is one of the most populated cities of Syria today and boasts of all the modern amenities.

  • Damascus in Syria
Damascus in Syria

Damascus is believed by many to be the oldest inhabited city in the world. Although the title is still debatable, it is undoubtedly one of the oldest cities in the world. The evidence of the existence of the city dates back to 11000 years. Famously known as the Arab capital of culture, the city has tales waiting to be untold to the present generation.

  • Jericho in West Bank
Jericho in West Bank

Fortifications that date back to 6800BC, Jericho proudly makes it to the list of the oldest inhabited cities of the world. The city has many magnificent things related to it including the fact that it is located way below the sea level but is still dry and inhabited by 20000 people approximately. The city is the lowest inhabited city on Earth to date.

  • Byblos in Lebanon
Byblos in Lebanon

Believed to be a continuously living city since around 5000 BC, Byblos also lends the inspiration for the name ‘Bible’ as papyrus that was imported through Greece came through Byblos. The centuries of debris that has formed successive layers of debris attracts a lot of archaeologists to the city. It is said to have displayed the first-ever examples of uniform-sized houses offering a kick-off to town concept.

  • Athens in Greece
Athens in Greece

The largest city and the celebrated capital of Greece have its history dating back to the era of 5000 BC. It was a powerful city back then and today as well. Popularly referred to as the birthplace of democracy, the city has a treasure of rich history and mighty tales of some of the bravest wars and warriors of history. The city has been a prosperous inhabitance from its start and has re-emerged as a winner after every test of time.

  • Susa in Iran
Susa in Iran

The ancient city of the Persian, Elamite and the Parthian empires, Susa city of Iran has been inhabited approximately around 4400BC. The ancient Susa is now the ground in the modern town of the Shush County of Khuzestan province in Iran. With a relatively low population, the place is struggling to survive, but its ancient ruins tell a lot many untold tales of the bygone era.

  • Plovdiv in Bulgaria
Plovdiv in Bulgaria

Once a major city of the Roman Empire, Plovdiv was ruled by Ottomans for a very long time and thus, boasts of rich history and mixed culture. With its inhabitation evidence dating back between 3000- 4000BC, Plovdiv still lives today in style and is the 2nd largest city of Bulgaria while being a significant economic, cultural, and historic destination in the world.

  • Faiyum in Egypt
Faiyum in Egypt

Believed to be founded in 4000 BC, the Faiyum city of Egypt is not only the oldest city of Egypt but also in Africa. The town has inhabitants with tales to tell about the city’s renaming twice during its existence and the worship of the crocodile as God. The ancient ruins of the city speak volumes of its Egyptian history and culture.

  • Gaziantep in Turkey
Gaziantep in Turkey

Believed to be continuously inhabited since 3650 BC, Gaziantep city located in the South East, Turkey, has been in the reigns of Hittite, before being captured by the Turkish tribes followed by the Britishers and finally by the French before being taken back by the Turks. Today it is the 6th most populous city of Turkey and home to lacs of people.

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  • Delhi in India
Delhi in India

Ruled by several empires over the centuries and still the most powerful city of the country, the capital city of India- Delhi is believed to be founded around 3500 BC. The excavations and findings also match the time of its birth. The magnificent city has superb architectures built centuries back and still standing tall to amaze the world. Destroyed and rebuilt many times since its inception, the city has magical tales to be told of reigns, war, betrayal, and dynasties.

  • Sidon in Lebanon
Sidon in Lebanon

Believed to be inhabited around 4000BC, this 3rd largest city of Lebanon boasts of Daydah port, one of the busiest ports of Lebanon. Although the way the city is occupied, makes it very difficult for the archaeologists to dig it further for evidence, Sidon for sure makes it to our list of the oldest inhabited cities of the world.

We all know that the earliest civilizations were established in Mesopotamia, but these inhabited places have so much more to tell about the inspirational growth of human civilization from the days of cattle grazing to the present day of the world wide web.

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