With spectacular blonde beaches, naturally sculpted sandy landscapes and one of the best wreck diving arenas, the island of Aruba beckons witness millions of tourists every year to soak in its beauty. A fine island with amazing weather and astounding outdoor and water sport activities, Aruba deserves to be in your bucket list of your future travel plans.
For your upcoming visit to the beautiful island, here are some of the

best tourist attractions in Aruba

to get the most of your trip.

1. Eagle beach

Aruba Eagle

Eagle beach is rated as one of the best beaches in the world. The white sands and the sparkling water of the beach offer a breathtaking view. It is the widest beach on the island and one of the best places to visit in Aruba. Sparkling Caribbean with ample of water sport activities and loads of sunbathing opportunities, Eagle beach is flocked by tourists for most parts of the year.

2. Oranjestad


The tiny but majestic island of Aruba has an amazing capital city of Oranjestad. It is not only the main cruise port of the island, but also an admirable tourist place for its ancient colonial architecture and remarkable museum galleries. The Aruba Historical museum, National Archaeological Museum, Butterfly Farm, Numismatic Museum and Wilhelmina Park are some of the major tourist attractions of the place.

3. Boca Prins

Boca Prins A dramatic, but beautiful stretch of coast backed by colossal sand dunes boasting of sculpted peaks of the shifting sands, Boca Prins is a coastal vista that is a treat to the eyes. It has soaring cliffs of limestone and pearl green waters that attracts tourists to the place. Although swimming is considered too dangerous here, it is regarded as a great spot to picnic and relaxation.

4. Arikok National Park

National Park

If you are a trek or outdoor enthusiasts, you are surely going to love the Arikoka National Park. It beckons you to experience its cacti covered beautiful landscapes and odd rocky formations called ‘Ayo’. Witness the natural bridge formed by wave erosion and look at the old stone walls of Bushiribana ruins at your visit of the Arikoka National Park.

5. The California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse Aruba  

Famous as a postcard picture, the California Lighthouse located at the northern tip of the Aruban island is a beautiful area to visit surrounded by amazing sand dunes, cacti and a sense of tranquility. It is an ideal place to just sit and experience the calm waters of the sea on the western shore while comparing it with the rough waves coming from the eastern side. The nearby restaurant acts as a perfect place to curb your hunger with sumptuous food and satiate your soul with the essence of the surroundings.

6. Alto Vista Chapel

Alto Vista Chapel

A look at the place will give you a doubt why it is one of the most cherished tourist spots. It is a small chapel in size but holds great significance and is commonly known as the ‘Pilgrim’s Church’. Being a highly spiritual and worshipped place is not the only reason you should visit the chapel. Interestingly, it sits atop a hill that offers stunning vistas of island from all sides. The name ‘Alto Vista’ in Spanish means ‘highest view’.

7. Sites for sea divers

Sites for sea divers

If you are visiting Aruba, there’s no way you can resist diving in the beautiful crystal clear waters. With so many famous dive sites of ancient sunk ruins and beautiful reefs, the diver in you is sure spoilt for choice. While the ship wreck of ‘Antilla’ makes for the most famous dives in the Caribbean, Jane Sea freighter, Pedernales oil tanker and reefs like Skalahein, Mas Bango, and Plonco Reef offers exceptional snorkeling options.

8. Fort Zoutman Historical Museum

Historical Museum

Probably the best place to know about the past of the beautiful island of Aruba is to visit the Fort Zoutman historical museum. Witness the historic collection of rare documents that has shaped the history of Aruba and stands today as the proud symbol of the national heritage and historical past of the island.

9. Bubali Bird Sanctuary

Bird Sanctuary

Visit the bird sanctuary if you want to witness stunning vistas of over 80 species of migratory birds that have made the place its breeding and resting ground. From coots, skimmers, egrets, gulls and cormorants to herons and various duck species, Bubali bird sanctuary is worth every minute of your time.

10. Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Farm

Book an appointment for an unforgettable encounter with nature at the Butterfly farm. Meet the world’s most colorful and unique creatures wandering in the beautiful tropical garden. You can also observe the astonishing lifecycle of these butterflies from an egg to caterpillar transforming into chrysalis and finally to the Butterfly. This is surely going to be a fun and learning trip for all age groups.

Best time to visit Aruba

Although Aruba is famously beautiful all year round with warm weather and a fairly constant temperature, but the best time is during the months of April till August when the place is at the peak of its natural beauty.

Aruba is world famous for its wonderful Caribbean beaches and ideal weather, but Aruba is so much more than just crystal clear waters. Venture out of the beach to the island and discover many attractions ranging from history, spiritual and cultural. Explore the amazing local cuisine and rugged landscapes in Aruba and make your trip worthwhile.

A content writer by profession, Deepa has been writing for the travel nice for more than a decade. While she has a bucket list for the places she wants to visit, she also loves the idea of curling up on the couch with a good book. She believes that nothing can lift up your mood better than a good holiday, a great book, and your favorite dish.

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