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Dubai is synonymous with world records. The city has recently added a new world record to its cap by introducing the Hatta Mountain marker on the Hajar Mountains. It is akin to that of the US’ iconic 13.7-meter-high Hollywood marker. However, the Hatta sign is unique because it is the tallest in the world. With a height of 19.28 meters,

the Hatta marker has earned the title “The Tallest Landmark Sign” from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dubai’s new iconic Hatta sign saw its launch on September 2, 2023, in the Hajar Mountains. Visitors can admire the sign while driving across the area. A hike up to the Hatta sign takes up to 30 minutes from the Hatta Wadi Hub and is one of the best ways to see it up close. It lights up after sunset, just like its inspiration (Hollywood sign).

view of Hatta mountain

Besides Dubai’s Hatta sign size, it is also a step towards promoting the Hatta region as an upcoming tourist destination. Hatta has attracted tourists for several years with its breathtaking mountains, water bodies, and valleys. Right now, visitors can enjoy an array of adventurous activities at the Hatta site. Adventurists will be excited to participate in activities like zorbing, ziplining, mountain biking, archery, axe-throwing, and rock climbing. The resort also offers glamping opportunities, and visitors can enjoy a stay in the area in lodges, caravans, domes, and trailers.

The Hatta sign is a kick-start to the Hatta Master Development Plan, a project under the largest Dubai’s 2040 Urban Master Plan. Both Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid (the UAE’s Vice President and Ruler of Dubai) and Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed (Dubai’s Crown Prince) have shared their plans for their vision to grow Hatta into a year-round tourist destination. There are several plans under the main project, and the Hatta sign is just one of them.

Sheikh Mohammed announced it as “The Highlands of Dubai” campaign, and it promotes the pleasant climate of the Hatta region. It aims at providing diverse experiences to visitors while securing the well-being of the locals. The Hatta Souq has numerous shops, sales platforms, food kiosks, and other public facilities where locals can showcase and sell their handicrafts, agricultural produce, or commercial products.

Another dream project of the Dubai government in the Hatta area is the Hatta Beach Project. This project will include a manmade lake with a beach area, a crystal lagoon, entertainment and leisure facilities, and numerous watersports and beach activities.

Dubai’s focus on continually enhancing the tourist experience and providing visitors with something new and unique has led them to the Hatta project. While Hatta will be a full-fledged Dubai tourist destination in a few years, visitors can still enjoy the Hatta sign, Dubai’s new Guinness World Record and the other facilities now.

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