Numbeo’s City Safety Index 2024 is out, and

Abu Dhabi once again retains its number one position as the safest city

. The capital city has upheld this prestigious reputation for the eighth consecutive year. It acknowledges the city’s commitment to implementing high-end security standards, cementing its status as an undisputable leader in ensuring the safety of its visitors, residents, and nationals alike.

According to Numbeo’s website, the higher the scores in the safety index, the higher the level of a city’s safety standards. A score of over 85 is considered incredibly high, and cities with a score between 79 and 86 have made it to the top ten. Abu Dhabi emerged as the first from a pool of over 330 cities worldwide, with an impressive score of 86.7. Although Taipei came in second and Doha third in the list, other significant UAE emirates like Dubai (83.4), Ajman (83.5), and Ras Al Khaimah (83.4) have also made strategic strides in prioritizing safety with international standards.

A survey that collected data from residents living in these cities formed the basis for this ranking. Participants answered many questions, like how safe they are in the city, especially when it comes to the chances of being robbed or stepping out at night. The exceptionally low crime rates in all these aspects made Abu Dhabi the clear champion. In fact, the city has the lowest crime index of 13.1 on the list.

“Abu Dhabi’s ranking as the world’s safest city has been possible thanks to the limitless support of the wise leadership giving utmost importance to maintaining security in the emirate,” said Major General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police. “Abu Dhabi Police has invested in numerous success factors. We have trained leaders who can foresee the future and invested in innovative policing to achieve radical transformation.”

Apart from the UAE’s emirates, more cities in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) have scored well, such as Doha (84), Muscat (80.2), Riyadh (73.6), Jeddah (72.7), and Kuwait City (70.2). However, the city with the highest crime index and the lowest safety index (17.8) on the list is Caracas in Venezuela, followed by Pretoria (18.2), Durban (19.1), Johannesburg (19.3), Port Moresby (19.4), San Pedro Sula (19.8), and Rio de Janeiro (22.6).

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